Marketing Strategies Behind Paris Fashion Week

Luxury players hit hard during Paris Fashion Month. During Paris Women’s Fashion Week, which ended on Oct. 4, fashion brands showed their power.

Labels have multiplied viral images by combining know-how, creativity, and surprise celebrities more than ever to maximize Fashion Week’s visibility. 

With their eminent marketing power, shows turn brands into luxury superstars.

Here’s what the article states –

“Balmain’s spring/summer 2023 fashion show at the Jean Bouin Stadium was the latest in a series of shows guided by an entertainment marketing strategy aimed at uniting its community – professionals and consumers alike – around a festive brand image. For the occasion, the label and its influential artistic director, Olivier Rousteing, surprised everyone by closing the event with special guest, singer Cher. The American star will be accompanying Balmain for the launch of a new line of leather bags.

The Parisian house’s event brought together the haute couture and men’s/women’s ready-to-wear collections, incorporating the craftsmanship of the former into the latter. Notable elements were the use of quilting, draping and braiding, as well as sculptural pieces and prints inspired by Renaissance masterpieces – some of which recalled the work of Jean Paul Gaultier, with whom Rousteing recently collaborated. To this controlled opulence, typical of Balmain, fluid pieces and oversized cuts were added here, signature characteristics of the designer’s style.”

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