How Do You Market Text Messages

Since text messaging is a more intimate way to connect with someone, it is an excellent way to advance your business’s marketing efforts quickly and efficiently.

SMS marketing, or text message marketing, is a great way to begin expanding your marketing messages from more traditional methods into a more accessible and easy to use format.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of text message marketing and just how much these marketing campaigns can benefit your business.

What is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is a short message service that involves sending text messages from your business to your customers.

Since this content is being sent in the form of text messages, your message will go directly to the phone numbers of your clients.

Similar to email marketing campaigns, text message marketing is a way to send out short form content to your customers in a timely manner.

However, there are a few key differences between SMS marketing and email marketing:

  • Send messages directly to mobile devices

  • Send bulk text messages to a designated text message inbox

  • Create promotional messages through bulk SMS

  • Write SMS messages that include images, emojis, and other text variations

  • Craft a list of SMS subscribers that will receive your content

  • Create multiple channels and text campaigns to reach different audiences through your text message marketing

  • Gauge customer interests through the metrics provided by existing customers

  • Contribute to the sales cycle through transactional SMS

  • Build brand awareness through social media and website linking

Text message marketing is unique in many ways, but the most important distinction between SMS marketing and other marketing channels is the versatility of the text message itself.

Let’s take a deeper look into the SMS text message marketing realm and see how an SMS marketing program can improve a variety of areas within your business.

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How Does SMS Marketing Help My Business?

As you begin to develop your text message marketing strategy, it’s important to notice the gaps that exist within your current methods first.

It’s likely that right now you are relying on long form content, email marketing, and social media platforms in order to advance your product or service.

Are you effectively reaching your targeted audience?

These forms of mobile marketing are helpful and can do a lot for your business, but adding an SMS marketing campaign into your digital marketing strategy will do wonders for both your marketing and sales efforts.

The main goal of SMS marketing platforms is to help you reach your customers quickly, and this is where a text message marketing campaign comes into play.

Once you obtain your SMS contacts, you’ll be able to begin creating and sending your SMS campaigns out through a designated marketing channel.

Since SMS marketing software specializes in mass text messaging and “EZ texting,” you’ll soon see how to engage customers with every marketing message and begin to grow into creating your SMS marketing best practices.

What are Marketing Messages Used For?

The main goal of your SMS text messages and text message marketing is to convey relevant information to your clients on a reliable basis.

Part of what makes an SMS message so special lies in the fact that it is quick, easy and accessible as a simple text message.

Generally, small business owners will collect phone numbers both from potential customers and existing customers in order to begin their text message marketing campaigns.

Once an SMS list has been made, you can send your first message to all your customers, but this first message is unique and extremely important.

In accordance with the telephone consumer protection act (TCPA), written consent to receive text messages from your business must be obtained from each and every phone number on your SMS list before you can begin sending them consistent SMS.

What this means is that explicit consent to receive both SMS and MMS messages must be recorded on your SMS platform through an opt in feature before you can begin sending messages to that phone number.

This opt in will account for incoming SMS messages, eCommerce marketers, and any other short code that you are sending through your text marketing campaigns.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has also implemented a rule that each message must contain an unsubscribe link as well in case the individual wants to exit your marketing channel.

Once you have obtained consent through the opt in, you can begin sending text messages to any phone numbers that have indicated that they would like to partake in text messaging with your business.

Let’s review how best to add SMS marketing into your overall text message marketing strategy and how to use the text message to your advantage.

How Do I Implement Text Message Marketing Into My Marketing Approach?

Here are some of the best practices to keep in mind when you are creating your SMS marketing program:

  • Make sure that your client is at the center of your SMS messaging

  • Employ SMS customer service techniques

  • Use your SMS marketing messages to advance a designated goal

  • Ensure that each text message has value

  • Construct your SMS marketing campaigns with a specific marketing message in mind

  • Keep your text marketing short– it’s not email marketing!

  • Think about how a text message could increase sales

  • Include other aspects of your small business in your SMS campaign and marketing channels

  • When in doubt, keep it short and sweet

The best thing to remember is that your text message marketing campaign is multifaceted, but should always have the client at the forefront of each message.

Since SMS marketing refers to any SMS campaign that takes place in a text message format, make sure to distinguish your SMS marketing campaign from any email messages you are also sending out.

A text message coming from your business should be simple, short, and memorable– text marketing relies on the intimate format of the text message, so embrace it!

Outside of the actual SMS marketing that you’ll be doing, many SMS marketing platforms also provide you with marketing software that stores all of the data from your marketing campaign in a google sheet.

As long as you include an unsubscribe link within every message in your SMS campaigns along with a short and sweet text message, you should be ready to reach your client base in a timely and personable manner.

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How Kennected Uses SMS Marketing

At Kennected, we know just how important it is to use SMS marketing and a carefully crafted marketing campaign to your advantage.

We always keep the interests of our customers at the center of our text messages, making sure that our text message marketing is focused, cohesive, and full of value.

Like many other businesses, we have used and continue to use email marketing campaigns alongside our text messages, using them in conjunction to help us adequately reach our audiences.

We recommend using text messages and text message marketing platforms to expand your marketing efforts into the digital sphere even more. 

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