How Do You Make A Text Club

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A text club is your list of SMS subscribers, and you can compile this through collecting phone numbers and contacts from your clients through social media, email, or other outreach.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What a text club is

  • What SMS marketing is and what it is used for

  • How to best use text messages for your business

  • Outlining what you need for a text club

  • Detailing messages from your clients and how to handle them

Read on to learn all about text clubs and how they are used within the context of SMS marketing and direct communication.

What is a Text Club?

A text club is another way to refer to your SMS subscriber list.

When you are involved in bulk texting for your business, you need to have a designated SMS list of individuals who will be receiving your messages.

This list of people is what makes up your text club.

Your text marketing allows you to send a text message to anyone within your SMS list, so always be thinking about the needs and wants of the individuals who are subscribed to your SMS.

These groups will receive texts from your business, and also have the option to respond with their own text messaging.

Before we dive into the different aspects of the text club, let’s take a step back and review the additional features of SMS marketing and automatic texts that you’ll be sending through text campaigns.

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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a service rooted in aiding your business text messaging and bulk texting efforts.

Each text message you send from your company will be enabled via SMS software to go directly to your clients via their cell phone numbers.

Your specific software will also provide important updates, many different types of special offers, databases for organization, and groups for you to track engagement and other feedback that you receive.

Some data rates apply for this service, but the benefits that you receive from your text messaging outweigh the costs and help to drive sales as well as marketing efforts.

Let’s outline the best ways to reach your audience through text messaging and how to use text messages to your advantage.

How Do I Use Text Messages For My Business?

Text messaging for your company is a great way to accomplish a variety of communications for your marketing and sales efforts.

Here are a few of the ways that a text message can be used effectively:

  • Send appointment reminders

  • Include a call to action that suggests a response from the client

  • Use text marketing to reach new customers and your existing audience

  • Send mobile coupons to enhance value of your SMS

  • Link to your website and social media through a message

  • Give customers access to different tools and the opportunity to connect with you and each other through messaging

  • Demonstrate brand loyalty through feedback and other features

The best part about text marketing is that it is a truly customizable service, and can be structured however you want it to look like, depending on the needs of your company.

Do I Need Phone Numbers For a Text Club?

Yes, you do need phone numbers to create your SMS list.

Businesses can obtain these numbers through their website, existing contacts, and other methods, but each number has to explicitly sign up for your SMS.

Obtaining consent to send texts is a necessity when it comes to text marketing, so make sure that each individual in each of your groups has written consent and the power to leave or join a channel at any time.

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Incoming Messages For SMS

Ideally, your customers will be responding to any given message and have access to you through this messaging channel.

Make sure that the customers in your club can contact you through your account and connect with you at any time.

A benefit of creating this messaging channel is the ability to contact those within your club and have them be able to join and create their own message to send back.

Be sure to keep track of your messaging and not to let any important updates or messages from your club slip through the cracks.

How Kennected Uses SMS Messaging

Here at Kennected, we have seen the benefit of a strong text club as well as the power of a great texting platform firsthand.

To us, the benefits of texting are far and wide, and we personally have seen great success with our service.

Making sure your customers have access to you through a communication channel is extremely important, and texting channels help you do that.

Make sure to check the engagement of your texting and always be striving for improvement!

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