How Can I Make My Video More Entertaining?


Now that everyone has realized the power and potential of video marketing, everyone is doing it. Entrepreneurs and marketers from every single industry are using videos to promote their brand, products, and services.

Videos are undeniably effective—and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Most people are spending their time online watching videos. But the problem is that it’s now way more difficult to stand out from the crowd with your own content.

In fact, there are so many ways to create videos that are lifeless and dull. It’s easy for people to just skip those videos and watch something else. That’s a big problem if you’re spending lots of time and resources on creating video content. You want people to pay attention. You want them to listen to what you’re saying and hear your call to action.

Video marketing has incredible potential, and your videos can even go viral. But the only way to make the most out of this marketing strategy is to make sure people are watching and engaging with your videos.

So here we’re going to talk about how to make your videos less dull and more entertaining.

There are techniques you can implement no matter what type of video you are creating. And they are all related to the psychology of viewers.

You don’t need fancy equipment and you don’t need to be a professional videographer to create interesting videos. Just follow the tips we have below to instantly improve your video marketing strategy.

Spark their Curiosity

Whether your content is great or not, people can instantly decide for themselves if a video is interesting to them. Most of the time, people decide if they are going to enjoy a video before they even watch it.

So the only way to get them to click in the first place is to spark their curiosity. This can be done with your thumbnail, your title, and your description. If your title immediately bores them, then they won’t give your content a chance. The same applies if your thumbnail looks unprofessional.

Optimizing these key parts of your video will create an expectation around your content.

Use your target audience’s curiosity to your advantage. This means you need to create content that people actually want to see and are curious about. Choose the topic of your videos wisely. Think about what will give people value—that’s the number one rule of video marketing.

Create a Strong First Impression

If a person watches the first three seconds of your video, they are more likely to keep watching for at least 30 seconds. This is why leaving a strong first impression is very important when publishing content. The first ten seconds of your video should have a hook that gives viewers more reason to keep watching.

The human attention span isn’t long enough to be entertained by boring content. If they can’t immediately tell what the video is about, they’re going to keep scrolling. There is a sea of video content out there: viewers won’t hesitate to click away from a boring video.

Have the narrator talk about the main point of the video immediately. Some content creators copy an interesting clip from the middle part of the video and place it at the very beginning to serve as a hook. Hooks grab your viewers’ attention, allowing your video to generate interest.

Shoot from Different Angles

Avoid static shots at all costs. As a rule of thumb, your video should switch angles at least once every 10 seconds—but of course this depends on the video you’re creating. But having just one static shot that’s basically a talking picture is not a good idea. You risk losing your audience’s interest very quickly.

If your video is just a single, unbroken piece of footage, you may want to add some effects or use text to break the monotony. Or better yet, shoot from different angles so you can freely switch from one view to another as you narrate your content.

Videos are effective for marketing because of their visual nature, so make sure you’re using it to its fullest extent. You can get creative and make every video visually-appealing every single time. That’s the beauty of video marketing.

Even if your video is just one person talking for an hour, there are ways to keep the video moving and flowing without letting your viewers fall asleep. Experiment on camera angles, effects, and other cinematic tricks. It’s all about visual storytelling.

If you have the equipment to do it, try moving the camera during takes. This does not mean you should publish videos with shaky or jerky camera work. This may take some practice. But some camera movement can make your shots look dynamic and professional.

Of course, you also need to keep in mind that not every shot needs to be a moving shot. You don’t want to make your viewers dizzy from all that movement. Striking that balance and knowing where to apply certain techniques is a skill that you need to develop as a videographer.

When applicable, use staircases, ladders, and other vantage points to shoot from. This creates a unique perspective that makes your video that much more interesting.

Choose an Interesting Background

Sometimes all you need is a plain white wall in your office to serve as the background for a quick sales video. But since the goal here is to make videos that are more entertaining, it’s time to start experimenting with your background choices.

Adding certain elements to the simplest background can make it a lot more fascinating. If your office has decorations that are aesthetically-pleasing but not distracting, you can add them to your background to create a sense of space within your video.

Add something to the foreground and the background to give your video some depth. This way, your video will look like it was shot in a real location rather than a random void.

Depending on what you’re making a video about, you can even shoot on a location that is related to your topic. You can find a nice open space outdoors, or somewhere with interesting architecture. Your background choice is very important because it gives people something to look at while you’re covering the topic that you want to discuss.

Your video’s background helps you tell your story and paint a clearer image in your viewers’ heads. This is one major detail you shouldn’t overlook because it’s another storytelling opportunity that can make your video more exciting.

Tell a Story

Speaking of storytelling, this is another important element of video marketing that is often missing in people’s content. Viewers love hearing stories. They get emotionally invested in the stories they hear—and that’s why they stick around to watch videos even if they’re too long.

If your story is interesting, people will stick around, and you will also get a good amount of engagement out of it. Even if you’re producing tutorials and how-to videos, find a way to infuse a bit of storytelling into your format. Find a way to make your content relatable on a human level.

Provide Valuable Information

With that in mind, you need to stop selling for a second and focus on giving value to your viewers. Whether that’s in the form of information, entertainment, or both, your priority should be on giving people something worth their time. People hate being sold to and they will instantly lose interest if you start your video by promoting your product.

Tell a story, get people invested, and earn their trust. As a business owner, you know the importance of trust when it comes to building relationships with leads, clients, and customers. They won’t buy your product if they don’t trust you. But that’s one of the main benefits of video marketing. You can earn people’s trust by giving them useful information.

This is why tutorials and webinars are so popular. People want to pick up practical knowledge from the videos they watch. This gives you an opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. If viewers see you as an industry leader, they are more likely to trust you with their money. They know that you can deliver value, whether it’s in the form of a professionally-made video or a high quality product.

Inject Some Humor into It

Some brands can get away with a little bit of humor in their video content. Others have built their brand around being funny. In any case, humor can add a bit of personality and lightheartedness to your content. It shows that you’re not boring and you don’t take yourself too seriously. If your video allows you to add some humor, go for it. It can make your content more interesting and memorable.

Motivate Your Viewers

Inspiring your audience is another good way to capture and keep their attention. This allows you to connect with your viewers on a deeper level, gaining their trust while also helping them build confidence in what they are doing. When you inspire other people through your content, you are effectively giving them value on an emotional level.

People make a lot of emotional decisions when purchasing things. They also use their emotions when developing brand preferences.

By motivating your viewers, you form a stronger community of people who are invested in what you are doing. Choosing your favorite brand is like choosing your best friend. People prefer to hang out with those who make them feel good. That’s who they engage with the most. You can apply the same principle to your video marketing campaign.

Try creating more videos that give feelings of warmth, happiness, hope, and excitement. Viewers will be more likely to stick around.

Get to the Point

A lot of the time, the most exciting and impactful videos are the ones that are short and simple. There’s a reason why TikTok is so popular—it’s full of short videos that are fun, entertaining, and easy to digest. That’s the same reason why Vine was such a hit when it came out—it had a unique, 6-second video format that encouraged people to be as creative as possible with the given restriction.

Short videos are memorable and they are always worth sharing. That’s why they easily go viral. They catch people’s attention, they get to the point quickly, and then the video ends. The viewer can move on to the next. It’s that simple.

Your sales video doesn’t have to be six seconds long to make it impactful. Of course you can take much longer than that. Depending on the type of content you are posting, you can make 30-second, 1-minute, 2-minute, 5-minute, or even 10-minute videos. As long as you don’t go in circles and you make good use of your time, people are going to pay attention.

Edit tightly and remove all the unnecessary clips that don’t move your story forward. Add some humor or inspirational talk. Cut away everything else.

If you have four hours’ worth of content, do not post everything into your page. People have short attention spans. Try to cut it down to the most essential and interesting parts.

These are some of the best ways to make your videos more entertaining. There are plenty of other techniques to try, so don’t be afraid to experiment and engage with your viewers in new ways.

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