Is Something Better Than Nothing? Are Low Cost LinkedIn Automation Tools Detrimental To Your Business?

It can be difficult to grow your LinkedIn network, especially if you are mostly relying on manual prospecting for your lead generation efforts. For those who want to make the most out of LinkedIn, automation is the best way to go.

But is something better than nothing? By this, we’re referring to low cost LinkedIn automation tools that are not guaranteed to give users a lot of value. Sometimes, instead of being helpful, these tools can end up being harmful for your business. So in this regard, we can say that sometimes nothing is better than something.

If you are going to automate on LinkedIn, you need to do it right. Go big or go home. LinkedIn is a platform that is constantly evolving and rapidly developing. More and more people are joining the platform, and every day it gets harder to keep up with the competition.

Tools like Kennected can speed up your progress. But this is only because Kennected is a high quality automation tool. With the right automation tool, you can boost your networking and lead generation efforts.

Are Low Cost LinkedIn Tools Risky?

LinkedIn automation is great because you can conduct searches and send out invites on auto-pilot. This gives you time to focus on more important tasks like improving your product or managing your business. Low cost LinkedIn tools, however, are usually against LinkedIn Terms and Conditions, meaning they carry a risk. These low cost tools can compromise your LinkedIn account.

The problem with most of these tools is that they don’t choose what actions to automate. Not everything on LinkedIn should be automated. Kennected, for example, recognizes the importance of having real conversations with people. Social marketing is all about making real connections and building rapport. This is why Kennected only automates invitations and follow-ups. Once the person accepts the connection, you need to start having a real conversation with them.

Kennected uses laser accurate data to find ideal clients for you and your business.

Don't Risk Your LinkedIn Account with Subpar Tools that Aren't Updated

LinkedIn automation tools come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend doing your research on the automation tool you want to try before actually using them. You don’t want to end up wasting money on a low cost but subpar tool. These low cost tools are usually not updated or no longer supported by the developers.

Make sure that when automating on LinkedIn, you are still putting in the same amount of work that a human can do within a reasonable timeframe. Automate tasks that are repetitive and mundane so you can focus on other pressing matters.

The problem with automation starts when people start pushing it, sending large numbers of emails and getting blocked by LinkedIn. As long as you are in the safe usage limits, then LinkedIn should not restrict or block you.

Most Low End Tools Don't Have Support & Updated Tech

When you go for low end tools, you get what you pay for. Since you are interested in expanding your network and making the most out of LinkedIn, you might as well do it right. Invest in a proper LinkedIn automation tool such as Kennected. Kennected is updated and maintained by a professional team.

Marketing tools and automation tools can only be as successful as the strategy and tactics you employ while using them. With the right strategy, you can get the best results. Do not cut corners when it comes to LinkedIn automation and prospecting.

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