Can Someone See If You Looked At Their LinkedIn Profile?

When it comes to LinkedIn, one of the things people want to know is whether or not people can see if they view another person’s profile. The short answer is yes, if a user views a profile on LinkedIn, that person will receive a notification that their profile was viewed.

It is recorded in profile history, meaning people can view who visited their LinkedIn profile—it is all registered as part of their profile history and vice versa. But sometimes users want to view another person’s profile without revealing themselves: whether they are curious but not looking to make a connection; they are researching about their competition, or just want to remain hidden for any other reason. Thankfully, LinkedIn does offer a way to go anonymous.

Basic LinkedIn Account

For those who are using a basic LinkedIn account and are not in private mode, you cannot eliminate your information from appearing in other people’s profile history—but you can limit it. To do this, go to your LinkedIn homepage and look for your privacy settings.

1. Click the Me Icon at the top of the page.

2. Click on the middle banner that reads ‘Privacy’.

3. In the first section, Profile Privacy, scroll down to Profile Viewing options and click ‘Change’.

4. Select what others see when you have viewed their profile, and choose your preferred option.

You can even choose if you want your name and headline to appear in a user’s profile history. You can opt to just leave your title and where you work.

Private Mode

For those who are using the private mode, this reduces the amount of information about them that is available to other people. With private mode, the user only appears as an “Anonymous LinkedIn member”. This means that when you view a user’s profile, they will still get a notification in their profile history, but your own profile information will not be given. So while you will still appear in their profile history, and they will know someone visited them, they will not know who it was.

The private mode has its downsides, however. Choosing to view profiles in private mode disables the user’s ability to see who has viewed their profile. It also erases your total viewer history. While you may be anonymous to the profiles that you are viewing, you will also be unable to receive information on who is viewing your profile.

The only way around this is by getting a Premium LinkedIn account. With a Premium account, you will still be able to see your profile history, even while hiding your own profile viewing activities. There is a limitation though: if someone views your profile in private mode, it will not show up in your profile history.

LinkedIn makes it possible for users to see who viewed their profile so that they may use it as an opportunity to expand their network. Your profile history may help you find new opportunities, new resources, and new connections that will help you grow your career.

Nowadays, LinkedIn is a perfect example of how a social networking site can be used to make meaningful connections. If used wisely, it can greatly benefit your career and help you build your brand.

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