How Do I List Myself As A Freelancer On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a networking platform that lets business owners, executives, and professionals connect with their peers. However, more and more people are seeing the potential of self-employment and realizing that it can be more promising than holding a traditional job.

LinkedIn can still help build a network of clients, partners, and even employees, and consultants for self-employed individuals. Unfortunately, many freelancers are still seriously under-utilizing the site. Used properly, LinkedIn is a gold mine of quality clients. If you are targeting any type of business, they are more than likely on this networking site.

While there is no formal way to classify yourself as self-employed on LinkedIn, it is possible to note your status on your LinkedIn profile so that people would still see it.

Setting this up properly is important because a good LinkedIn profile will help you stand out and get found by potential connections. Even if the freelancer is not actively on the platform, people using LinkedIn can still view their profile and reach out.

Setting Your Status

To set your status as self-employed on your profile, you can visit the LinkedIn site and sign in using your email address and password. Click on your name on the top right corner once you are logged in. Next, click on “Edit Profile” and select the “Edit” prompt to the right of your name on the first line of your profile.

Here you can type “Self-Employed” followed by the type of work you do in the “Headline” field. This can also be used if you are a consultant or an independent contractor. You may indicate one of those instead of writing Self-Employed. Users should also consider typing a more specific status such as Self-Employed Web Designer or Self-Employed Management Consultant in the text box. This paints a clearer picture for your profile’s visitors.

Save Changes

Once you have chosen a fitting status, click the “Save Changes” button to return to your main profile page. To make it more detailed, click the “Add a Current Position” prompt under the positions you have listed on your main profile. Type “Self-Employed” in the Company Name field on the Add Position dialog box that appears after that. If applicable, you may enter your website address and select the industry in which you work in the respective fields. Select the date and year when you started your self-employment, if you wish to list this information. Use the Description field wisely. By describing your line of work and the kind of value you provide, you allow profile visitors to get to know you before they even start communicating. This Description may catch their attention by showing them your scope of services. Click “Save Changes” to return to your main profile page.


Scroll down to the “Summary” section and click on the “Edit” button. Add a line or two that includes the word “Self-Employed” and include your industry and services. Click “Save Changes” once you are done.

Now you can look over your newly edited profile and make some final changes if necessary. Fix any errors, add information, and click Save Changes.

LinkedIn is a gold mine of connections and potential clients, even for self-employed individuals. Use it properly to connect with the right audience and you can make the most out of this website.

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