When Does LinkedIn Weekly Limit Reset

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LinkedIn invitation limits will reset at the beginning of each week. The weekly invitation limit on LinkedIn is 100 requests per week.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What the LinkedIn weekly invite limit means for your business

  • Rules to know about your LinkedIn profile

  • What a connection request entails

  • Best practices for connection requests and invites

  • How Kennected uses software to aid in weekly invitation limits

Read on to learn all about the LinkedIn invitation limit and how you can structure your LinkedIn outreach campaign to support these rules.

What is the LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limit?

The weekly invitation limit on LinkedIn is 100 connection requests.

These weekly invite limits are designed to help support more meaningful connections and eliminate the usage of automation tools, but there is automation software that exists to navigate these limits effectively.

With software like LinkedIn sales navigator, you have the ability to do the following, all while having to bypass LinkedIn’s limit:

  • Engage in LinkedIn prospecting strategy

  • Monitor pending invitations

  • Send invitations and unsend after a certain period of time

  • Find quality connections

  • The ability to automatically pause as per the weekly invitation limit

  • Use LinkedIn helper to monitor pending invites

Using LinkedIn support representatives and software to send connection requests and direct messages is a very valuable asset to your business, and especially when the software knows the rules and guidelines of the platform.

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Rules to Know Concerning Your LinkedIn Account

Aside from the LinkedIn weekly invite limit, there are a few other rules you should be aware of when deciding on software implementation.

If you don’t know the rules, your account may be temporarily restricted, so here are the other guidelines you should be aware of:

  • More than one account per name or company profile

  • False information on any profile

  • Limits on messaging and engagement

  • Sending more invitations after receiving an alert message

Sending invitations is a great way to reach new connections and potential clients, but the invite limit ensures that automation software cannot take over the platform.

With that in mind, choose a software that supports these limits and allows your profile to remain active.

What a Connection Request is Classified As

A connection request is when one profile sends an invitation to another profile hoping to engage with their content and posts.

The LinkedIn invitation limit ensures that only 100 of these requests can be made from your own account per week, as a non-automated approach would fall well within these parameters.

Software like LinkedIn sales navigator helps you to stay within these parameters and keeps your account safe and protected from suspension.

Overall, LinkedIn does not endorse automation software on their platform.

With messages and open profiles playing a huge part in LinkedIn performance, be sure that the software automation supports these guidelines.

Best Practices for Connection Requests

With the invitation restriction in place, it is always a good idea to remain within the weekly quota.

Ensure that your software is also as “human-like” as possible, especially as you begin to send more requests and reach more group members.

Keep your automation user friendly and personalized to ensure success.

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How Kennected Uses Software to Aid in Weekly Invitation Limits

Here at Kennected, we have created software to behave in a human manner while giving us software results.

Our platform, Cloud Kennect, is used to help automate lead flow and ensure that your lead generation efforts are supported.

Our software knows the guidelines of the platform and ensures that your account will avoid suspension.

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