Is LinkedIn A Waste Of Time?

LinkedIn has been around since 2003. Nowadays it is considered one of the best platforms for professional networking and lead generation. If you are looking to expand your network, you need to be on LinkedIn.

But is the website really that important, or is it just a waste of time? Is LinkedIn still relevant these days or are you better off focusing on other platforms? Here we will take a closer look.

Can LinkedIn Be a Waste Of Time?

The answer is yes: LinkedIn could be a waste of time—if you don’t use it properly. This applies to every other social networking site out there. If you are not optimizing your lead generation and social marketing efforts, then you’re not making the most out of it.

LinkedIn is a huge platform that has millions of users. If you are not using it right, you are missing out. Being effective on LinkedIn involves optimizing your searches, messages, and other activities, so that you don’t squander your precious hours.

Used correctly, LinkedIn can help develop your career, expand your network, and build your brand.

For starters, if you are planning to upgrade to a premium account, you need to do your research and find the plan that is right for you. For example, the Job Seeker Premium lets you see who’s viewed your profile and how you compare to other applicants. This plan is only great for job seekers, of course. You need to take into consideration what your business needs and choose the right LinkedIn Premium plan so that you don’t invest on the wrong one.

The Benefits of LinkedIn

Having a LinkedIn profile is very important. Even if you choose not to spend a lot of time on it, you can still benefit from just completing your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters and hiring managers can find you more easily.

But for those who are actively on the site, looking for leads, they can maximize LinkedIn’s benefits and create more opportunities for themselves.

LinkedIn is an easy, modern way to develop strong relationships and create new connections. These connections can open up many different paths for your career or business. At first, you will want to focus on connecting with only the people you know personally. Later on, you can try to expand your network by sending personalized connection requests to 2nd-degree or 3rd-degree connections. You can also try inviting fellow members of the LinkedIn groups you are participating in.

If you want to make LinkedIn work for you, you need to remember that its purpose is not just to socialize. It is not the place for personal things like pictures of your pets, or funny YouTube videos. It is a social networking site, but it has a more professional approach.

For those who are only starting out, you may be tempted to do too much too soon. But in the beginning, you want to create a strong foundation first. Try focusing on the quality of relationships you have on LinkedIn, and not the quantity—that will come naturally later on. You want to build a network with people you trust, and people who see the value of your work.

LinkedIn automation tools can help save a lot of your time by handling all the mundane and repetitive tasks that eat up your hours. A high quality automation tool like Kennected lets you focus on more important matters like managing your business or upgrading your product.

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