How To See How Many People Viewed My LinkedIn Story

If you want a simple and easy way to share updates to your social media followers—without having to attach them permanently to your profile—sharing Stories is the way to go.

Most social networking sites now offer this feature, because it is a good way to let users post small updates while keeping their profile clean and organized. Even LinkedIn has Stories now. And because Stories are only shared for 24 hours, they serve as a great option for users who want to express themselves or share professional moments with their LinkedIn network.

Stories are images and short videos that only remain in circulation for a limited period of time. They are great for increasing brand awareness and engagement. Stories can show people that you are an active presence in the platform.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more recently, Twitter, all offer the Stories feature. Used correctly, Stories can help you build meaningful relationships within your network.

How to Find LinkedIn Story Views​

Keep in mind that LinkedIn only lets you post Stories through the mobile app, which means you will have to install it into your device if you want to use this feature. If you want to get a good idea of how Stories work and how you should use them, try to view the Stories of your connections first.

To view Stories, make sure you have updated your LinkedIn app. You are allowed to view Stories posted by your connections as well as the people and Pages you follow.

Similarly, only people in your network and people who follow you will be able to view the Stories you create. Within the 24 hour period that your LinkedIn Story is live, you may view Insights for each of your posts. This way, you can gauge the reach of your content.

Reach is measured by the total number of unique viewers who clicked on your Story. A unique viewer is someone who views your Story at least once. They are only counted once even if they view your post multiple times.

LinkedIn shows you the viewer’s name, known job title, and current company. However, this is affected by their privacy settings, so the data may not be available all the time.

To view your Story’s Insights, go to your LinkedIn homepage and go to the Stories section at the top. Select the Profile photo icon associated with the Story you would like to see insights for. Tap the Views icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and you will be taken to the Insights screen.

You can see each post’s total number of unique viewers, as well as a list of the people who viewed your Story.

Take note that LinkedIn Stories are currently unavailable for members located in China.

How to Post LinkedIn Stories​

Stories are designed to increase mobile engagement. They were initially introduced by the social network Snapchat, but it was popularized by Facebook and Instagram.

Knowing who viewed your Stories can help you identify your most engaged followers. You can use it to find new leads or just improve your relationship with the people in your network.

Any individual LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn Page admin can create and post images or videos to their Stories.

To create your own LinkedIn Story, just open the mobile app and tap your profile photo with the plus icon (+) in the top left corner. A camera view will open and you can use it to take a photo or record a video using the app.

Alternatively, you can upload an image or a short video from your Gallery. Videos can only be 20 seconds long. LinkedIn lets you add stickers and text to your Story to make them look more interesting. You can also tag people in your post by using the @ symbol followed by their name.

After creating your post, you will see your Story among the other LinkedIn Stories posted by your network at the top of your LinkedIn screen. If you don’t have LinkedIn Stories, you may have to update the app.

What Should You Post on LinkedIn Stories?​

The Story feature is a simple and easy way to produce engaging content. Using it can greatly benefit your social media and marketing strategy. It can increase brand awareness and boost engagement within your community. You can even use Stories to drive traffic to other landing pages or content.

But what should you post? For starters, you can use LinkedIn Stories to share announcements about new products or company updates. However, using Stories exclusively for advertising defeats the purpose of this feature.  You also need to use this channel to share authentic work-life moments.

Don’t be afraid to post more casual stuff here. You can even use it to showcase your work culture.

If you’re posting short videos, you can give advice or share tips that are related to your industry. It’s another opportunity to show that you are a thought leader. Your goal is to use Stories to start conversations.

Get creative with your LinkedIn Stories and increase your engagement today!

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