Should I Share LinkedIn Stories Or A YouTube Video Link?

Storytelling plays an important role in content marketing because people love hearing stories. Stories help you connect with people on an emotional level. Stories allow you to build the relationships you need to achieve your career goals, whether you are trying to find new clients, build your brand, or increase your revenue.

Social media is the best platform for storytelling because it provides a large audience for your content. It’s all a matter of producing high quality content, reaching the right people, and having a clear message.

Of course, it is also very important to choose the right channel for your content so you can maximize your engagement. So here we will be comparing two of the best channels for your content: LinkedIn Stories and YouTube.

If you want to tell your story, you will want to use either of these platforms. But which one should you focus on? Let’s take a closer look.

Should I Use LinkedIn Stories or Share My YouTube Videos on LinkedIn?​

Social media stories have become very popular recently. Stories were first introduced by Snapchat, and were later adapted by other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Marketers immediately recognized the potential of these short and simple pieces of visual content.

Social media stories are perfect for content marketing because they are easy to make and easy to consume. They can allow marketers to build a narrative consistently and connect with their customers on a deeper level.

Stories are fleeting visual experiences. They typically only last for 24 hours after being posted, after which they disappear forever. This format enables marketers to post short and simple content without fear of clogging up their profiles with tons of posts. Additionally, stories also give valuable insight and help users identify their most engaged audience.

LinkedIn Stories were introduced in October 2020, and is only accessible through the mobile app. On the other hand, YouTube is the most popular video sharing site online. Which one should you use for storytelling purposes?

Benefits of LinkedIn Stories​

Stories have become a very common storytelling format. Even LinkedIn, which is considered a professional social networking platform, offers this feature now. That’s because it allows users to add content throughout the day while keeping them all in one place.

The possibilities are endless: you can use it to announce promos, introduce new products, share informative content, or even show off your workplace culture.

Stories fit the social media landscape very nicely and cater to the busy and fast-paced lifestyle of modern day professionals. Most people are busy throughout the day and only have a few minutes to browse social media. Stories let you catch their attention without demanding too much of their time.

Use LinkedIn Stories properly and you can increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and increase your engagement without too much effort.

Benefits of YouTube​

On the other hand, we have a well-known and widely used video sharing platform: YouTube. While LinkedIn Stories are still quite new, YouTube has been a consistently effective platform for marketers for years.

YouTube gives the audience more content. Because videos here are not limited to 20 seconds, you can post content that are more substantial and informative. With great video editing skills, you can keep your audience engaged for a much longer time. It is also more effective when it comes to establishing thought leadership.

If your videos can help your audience solve their problems, they will stick around longer. This is the best way to establish trust and start building a relationship with your community.

Just like LinkedIn Stories, YouTube videos are visual in nature, meaning they can appeal to a large audience. Of course, YouTube videos are also a bigger time commitment on the viewer’s part, so it is very important to keep them entertained throughout the video.

Why Not Do Both?​

Should you stop using YouTube to focus on 20-second LinkedIn Stories? The answer is no. Savvy marketers should know that the best approach is to use both channels to their advantage.

As you can see, both YouTube and LinkedIn Stories have their benefits and limitations. LinkedIn Stories are short and simple, but limited in value compared to what YouTube videos can provide.

On the other hand, YouTube videos are a much bigger commitment because you have to spend more time making them. So to get the best results from your content creation efforts, use both channels.

Create a YouTube video, chop it up to 20 seconds and then post it as a LinkedIn Story. You can reach a much larger audience by tapping into YouTube’s and LinkedIn’s user base. Give the audience more content. If they are impressed by what they see in your LinkedIn Stories, you can easily encourage them to check out your YouTube channel.

Using all of these marketing tools on social media will help you reach your career goals. Adopt these popular features today and start boosting your engagement!

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