LinkedIn Stories: How Long Do They Stay Public?

So you’re ready to use LinkedIn Stories. Now you need to know everything about this new storytelling platform, so you can use it right and get the best results.

LinkedIn Stories have the potential to boost your sales by maximizing your reach and increasing engagement. So here we will talk about what LinkedIn Stories are and how you can use them to reach your audience.

You may have noticed that most social networking platforms have incorporated the Stories feature. It all started with Snapchat, but now it has been adapted by other popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course, LinkedIn.

The reason this feature is so popular among users is because social media stories are short, visual content that are easy to consume and interesting to watch. On the side of marketers and content creators, stories are easy to make and can reach a wide audience.

As long as you can make creative and engaging content, people will keep viewing your Stories. You can use this as a new marketing channel where you can promote your brand, establish thought leadership, and build your community.

But you need to keep in mind that Stories are completely different from the usual content that people use for content marketing. You have to approach it with a different mindset. Let’s take a closer look.

How Long are LinkedIn Stories?​

LinkedIn Stories are either pictures or short videos. You can post any number of LinkedIn Stories, but your videos can only be 20 seconds long. Because Stories are short, you need to make every second count.

The challenge is to come up with eye-catching and informative content that’s easy to digest. As a marketer or business owner, you can use this to take your brand to new heights. Stories can keep your audience engaged by giving them regular updates, news, content, tips, life hacks, etc.

If you are used to creating long form articles and highly detailed content, you will have to compress them into the most important bits of information.

Alternatively, you can make one LinkedIn Story for each point you want to make—and give your audience more reason to keep watching. Instead of a long list of tips, for example, you can make a 20-second video for each tip. It’s quick and easy, and your audience will get to decide if they want to keep watching or not.

LinkedIn Stories are supposed to be short and sweet, so you don’t have to do massive editing for each one. This makes content creation easier.

The type of content you post in your LinkedIn Stories will ultimately depend on your marketing strategies. Try to switch it up every now and then to keep things fresh. In between your informative content, you can offer behind the scenes pictures of your office environment. You can give your audience a sneak peek of your work culture.

Occasionally, you can use LinkedIn Stories to promote your new products or announce your events.

How Long Do LinkedIn Stories Stay Visible?​

LinkedIn Stories are similar to stories in other social networking platforms. They will only stay up for 24 hours after being posted. After 24 hours, your content will disappear forever.

This is one of the primary benefits of stories. You can share content as often as you’d like without fear of clogging up your profile with tons of posts.

Take advantage of this 24 hour duration by posting early and often. By posting early, you can maximize the uptime of your LinkedIn Stories and make sure that a lot of people will see them throughout the day.

Keep a consistent posting schedule. Not only will this prove to your audience that you are committed to your cause, it will also display your professionalism. You can prepare Stories ahead of time in order to maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Even though LinkedIn Stories are just bite-sized content, you can still get a ton of engagement from them. Your Stories will be viewed by your connections as well as the people who follow you on LinkedIn. Expanding your network will allow you to reach more people with your Stories.

Always create valuable content about topics that are relevant to your audience’s interests. Use LinkedIn Stories to establish yourself as an industry leader. You can even post about new trends and industry news.

Don’t be afraid to add a few stickers here and there to make the Story more eye-catching, especially if you’re only posting a photo. Unlike traditional content, LinkedIn Stories can be a bit more casual. Use it as an opportunity to show off your brand and identity.

Use these tips to reach more people via your LinkedIn Stories and boost your engagement today.

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