How To Use LinkedIn to Sell More Life Insurance

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking tool in the world. In fact, it has reached over 675 million users—nearly half of which are visiting the site on a daily basis. This means LinkedIn is your best bet when it comes to generating leads if you are a life insurance agent.

LinkedIn is a great way to put yourself in front of consumers who may be interested in buying a policy from you. All you have to do is learn how to sell more life insurance through this amazing social platform.

Yes You Can Sell More Life Insurance Directly from LinkedIn​

Gone are the days when social networking sites are only for teenagers and college kids. When LinkedIn stepped into the scene, it proved that a social network can provide huge benefits to business people in every industry.

A lot of insurance professionals are using LinkedIn to their advantage. In fact, according to James Burnette, LinkedIn’s Director of Marketing Solutions, more than 400,000 insurance professionals have profiles on LinkedIn. In general, insurance professionals are 38 percent more connected than the average LinkedIn user. So yes, you can sell more life insurance directly from LinkedIn—and if you’re not being active on the platform, you might be getting left behind.

How to Sell Life Insurance on LinkedIn

To sell more life insurance on LinkedIn, you need to build up your profile and your network. Having a good LinkedIn profile can attract connections while you are busy doing other things. Building your network gives you a wider reach and a larger audience. To make the most out of LinkedIn you need to do both of these things.

Optimize your profile to show prospects that you are an organized and trustworthy agent. It’s easier to build working relationships if they know exactly who you are. You can use your profile to showcase your achievements and credentials.

Write a comprehensive title and summary. Use keywords that explain your business in detail, just as you would with your website. Add a link to your website and vice-versa.

A good profile will serve as social proof and establish your authority. Another good way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry is to publish content. With informative and helpful content, you can attract the attention of prospects and also prove that you know what you’re talking about.

Using LinkedIn as a publishing platform is a great idea. But you can also try publishing content on your website and sharing the link on your LinkedIn to drive more traffic to your website.

Setting up a profile and posting high quality content are not enough to sell insurance policies. For that you need to find leads and connect with them. You can join LinkedIn groups to find professionals who may be interested in buying from you.

You can also take the time to send connection requests to your current email contacts to further expand your network. Better yet, use Kennected to make your lead generation efforts more efficient. You don’t have to connect with people manually when you can automate the process.

Kennected uses LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to help you find your ideal clients. This automation tool brings you fresh and qualified leads, giving you a steady stream of connections, sales, and appointments. Kennected fine tunes your outreach. With it, you can set up and send personalized messages to more people. With Kennected’s personalized approach, you can increase your chances of getting a response, and making that sale. Book a demo today to learn more!

Social Selling & How To Sell Life Insurance Online

Social Selling is really buzzing right now. What is social selling and how can you leverage it to sell more life insurance? Social selling is truly about understanding how to approach and talk to people online as you would in the real world. If you were at a real life party, would you go up to each person right off the bat and say, “Hi I’m Stephen with xyz insurance company. Tell me do you currently have a plan in place if you were to do, that your loved ones wold be taken care of?” 

I’m hoping your answer is no. We all know those people. Those people are annoying. Social media is like being at a party. People want to get to know you a little bit and feel like you are truly interested in them. Build rapport and a relationship first. Bring value to their life first. Introduce someone that can help them do whatever it is that they are interested in. The famous business thought leader Zig Zeigler once stated, “you can have everything that you want once you help enough people get what they want.” 

That statement is 100% factual. Now that we understand that you need to provide value, you also need to know when its good to ask for a meeting and how to “pitch” or show value in what you sell. 

Learn How To Sell Life Insurance By Telling Stories

Arguably the greatest story-teller of all time was a name by the name of Jesus. Maybe you’ve heard of him. He used parables or stories to get his point across. You can do the same thing. Stories tell, and the rest try to sell. Learn how to use persuasion architecture in your meetings and you will succeed. 

Ask For The Sale - Top Life insurance Coaches or Courses

You can’t close if you can’t confidently ask for the sale. Understanding that you offer something that can provide peace of mind, and that can take care of someone’s most prized people after they are gone. Life insurance is incredible. You have to truly internalize that you are doing great work by talking to these people. Check out this truly incredible list of how to sell more life insurance at

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