LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Pricing- What You Need To Know

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: These Are The Five Things Every Enterprise Level Customer Needs To Know:

LinkedIn is a very valuable social network for businesses, professionals, and especially B2B sales reps. While Twitter and Facebook hold a lot of value when it comes to social selling, many organizations still gravitate towards LinkedIn because it is designed for the purpose of building connections between professionals.

LinkedIn recognizes this advantage and has taken many steps to maintain this reputation. Its Sales Navigator feature is another bid to secure its spot as the top social networking platform for B2B marketing. It was made to empower sales professionals and help them establish relationships with customers and prospects.

“Tapping into the power of our network of 313 million members, and the data that underlies it, we make it easy for sales professionals to stay updated about key accounts, focus on the right people, and build trusted relationships along the way,” said Mike Derezin, Vice President of Sales Solutions at LinkedIn.

Here are a few important things users should know about the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is Now a Standalone Product

LinkedIn’s newer Navigator feature has its own separate login, which provides a more standalone social selling experience. It also reduces the need for a lot of manual searches from the previous version. Before this standalone product, LinkedIn already offered a Sales Navigator that sales reps could access via their normal LinkedIn accounts. The new version makes it significantly more convenient. Whats even more convenient than copy and paste prospecting? Leveraging Kennected’s LinkedIn automation platform! Of course! We work with Sales Navigator if you’re already a user. Not a SN user? No problem! We can still help you scale up your lead generation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Provides Recommendations

As a new standalone product, LinkedIn Sales Navigator now has recommendations as part of its package. Lead recommendations are among the new features made available. The Navigator recommends lead contacts based on past history and then sends updates on decision-makers that work with those contacts. This helps users ensure that they are connected with the right people.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Allows Users to Filter Updates

Similar to the normal LinkedIn news feed, the Navigator product has a home page that presents updates from contacts and accounts in the user’s network. But some of these updates may not be relevant to the user’s interests or business, so there is an option to filter these quickly and reliably. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s filter feature can sort by company updates, content, and general contact updates such as work anniversaries or role changes. This helps narrow the user’s focus and allows them to more easily stay in touch with their contacts.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a Premium Offering

The Sales Navigator is not free, although LinkedIn membership still is. Pricing for teams is set on a per-seat basis, while pricing for individuals begins with a 30-day free trial, followed by $79.99 per month. There is also an option to purchase annually at an additional discount.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers Options for Premium Profiles

While the product is not free, it offers many significant benefits for B2B marketers. For example, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides premium profile options such as larger headshots and background images in addition to other improvements. This helps users create a better first impression, which could go a long way in building relationships and forming connections on LinkedIn.

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