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With LinkedIn automation, you can automate your recruiting by mimicking the actions you’d normally do on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network. The platform has helped 89% of recruiters hire employees.

This article will show you how to find your next “superstar” employee with LinkedIn recruiting automation.

Learn how to search for talent using LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Recruiter & how to send personalized outreach messages via Kennected for LinkedIn automation.

You can find many people on LinkedIn who are the exact opposite of a qualified hire. Candidate profiles need to be carefully reviewed BEFORE taking a step.

Using traditional methods, you can’t filter candidates fast enough to meet your hiring needs. That’s why LinkedIn automation is so important. 

What Are LinkedIn Automation Tools?

Automation tools for LinkedIn mimic human behavior & human actions to carry out important tasks for YOU. 

What Is LinkedIn Message Automation?

In LinkedIn message automation, you send messages automatically to your connections. You can send connection requests, prospecting messages, and whatever else you want on LinkedIn.

It’s important to automate LinkedIn messages safely.

LinkedIn Automation For A Recruiter

Automation makes processes MORE efficient by eliminating redundant tasks. It’s EASY to recruit via LinkedIn. Unlike other platforms, you can easily get into candidates’ inboxes.

LinkedIn automation tools can make your hiring processes faster, more efficient, and more scalable.

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Can You Personalize Messages With LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation lets you tailor your message to each candidate. You can train your bot to pull information from their LinkedIn profile, like:

  • Candidate’s name

  • Company name

  • Tenure at company

  • Job title

  • Target city

  • Shared connections 

With LinkedIn outreach tools, you can provide faster-customized messages without wasting valuable time.

Kennected, for instance, lets you automate follow-up messages, so you don’t have to follow up manually.

Simply create different outreach messages, set the criteria, and the tool will do the rest.

If You're Not First, You're Last

You’ve got to be willing to pursue the best candidates, even if they haven’t applied or viewed your job opening.

With LinkedIn’s advanced search, companies can filter passive candidates who make up 80% of their user base.

In addition, career opportunities are the TOP reason people change jobs. Using job titles, years of experience, etc., you can find the TOP candidates.

LinkedIn’s advanced filters let recruiters experiment with different keywords across multiple searches.

What Is A LinkedIn Automation Chrome Extension?

You’ll find some LinkedIn automation tools as Chrome extensions. These tools work as LinkedIn automation tools that work in Chrome.

You need to be logged into your LinkedIn account to use the Chrome extension. 

Cloud-Based LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools that work with your LinkedIn account are safer. From your automation tool, you can log in to your LinkedIn account & automate activities.

Post Job Notifications

LinkedIn job notifications are a helpful way to connect with active job seekers. Users can set their job-seeking preferences so recruiters can see who is open to upcoming positions.

Even if passive candidates are willing to leave their current roles, they may not see your job ads because they have existing jobs. 

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Social Recruiting

HR managers know it’s tough to find passive candidates, send cold messages, manage follow-ups, conduct interviews, and onboard new employees.

Recruiting automation, however, improves the hiring process exponentially, enabling organizations to access candidates at scale. 

Social media is already used by 84% of companies to recruit employees & 9% plan to use it in the future. Additionally, 62% of job seekers use social media to evaluate companies.

Your candidates are probably already on social media in their personal lives, so why not reach them there?

You can use social media recruiting strategies to reach job seekers in your area in several ways. 

You can reach potential candidates by automating your recruitment social media posts and launching recruiting campaigns.

You can find potential candidates by scanning your employees’ connections & aggregating & sorting social networking data.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn are disrupting the hiring process.

LinkedIn Company Pages

Management Today says LinkedIn company profiles show a company’s values & goals.

People are less likely to accept job offers from companies without a LinkedIn profile. 

Recruiters & companies can use LinkedIn to share employee testimonials, articles, videos, and career opportunities.

If you get a LinkedIn message from a recruiter, you’ll probably look at the company’s profile first. 

Any potential candidate you’ve contacted can follow your company’s page regardless of the recruitment result, so it’s a small contribution.

Customer Tracking

Recruiters use these systems to track the recruitment process in hiring databases. Tracking starts when a candidate applies for an open role.

It continues through the hiring process so recruiters & hiring managers can collaborate & see where a candidate is at. 

With so many candidates competing for many positions, this type of solution keeps you organized & ensures you don’t lose track of anyone.

Why Are LinkedIn Automation Tools Worth It?

Sending a request for a connection takes an average of one minute. Recruiters will have to spend over four hours a week sending 50 connection messages. That sounds boring, doesn’t it?

However, LinkedIn automation tools like Kennected can be invaluable in helping recruiters automate their personalized outreach campaigns. 

HR managers can automate LinkedIn connection requests & follow-up messages without wasting hours.

Automate Multiple-Segmented Campaigns

Whether you’re using emails or LinkedIn, segmented campaigns usually work. The only downside is that they take a lot of work.

That’s why you should use a LinkedIn automation tool to eliminate as many redundant tasks as possible from creating & running segmented campaigns. 

Your team can focus on things that will make a REAL difference in the campaign’s performance instead of wasting your team’s time on trivial stuff. 

Automate multiple segments at once. The result is an automated candidate flow, so the recruitment team can focus on interviews. That’s the dream scenario!

Attracting The Right Candidates On LinkedIn

There’s a lot of competition on LinkedIn when it comes to recruiting. Companies & recruiters from around the world approach candidates too.

You can’t just use a LinkedIn automation tool to send connection messages. 

Your company profile must be optimized AND up-to-date with relevant information about your products & services to attract candidates.

How Safe Is It To Use A LinkedIn Automation Tool?

If you use a reliable LinkedIn automation tool like Kennected, you can automate some features on LinkedIn.

Even though there are already automation tools on the market, Kennected is a cloud-based solution that makes connecting to other LinkedIn members easier. 

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Should You Use LinkedIn Automation For Your Recruitment Agency?

You might find automation daunting initially, but investing in quality LinkedIn automation tools can help.

When you use automation, make sure you don’t seem spammy to your target audience. Engage your connections in a way that piques their interest & past the bots. 

With the best LinkedIn automation tools, you’ll have TOTAL control over your automated bots. You decide where to take over the interaction from your bots. 

Since LinkedIn automation tools are a dime a dozen (& many don’t deliver), picking the right one can be tough.

To make your job easier, we compiled this list of the BEST LinkedIn automation tools. Choose the one that resonates with YOU.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you want more filters, you can get LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Recruiter.

LinkedIn talent solutions give you up-to-date insights into recommended candidates more open to filling the opening. 

A list of the best LinkedIn automation tools wouldn’t be complete without LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

If you’re already using LinkedIn & want more advanced features, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is for you. LinkedIn only allows manual submissions.

If you want, you can integrate it with other LinkedIn automation tools like Expandi


Another LinkedIn prospecting tool you need to check out is LinkedFusion.

Being a LinkedIn lead generation tool, it integrates well with other tools like HubSpot, Zapier, Google Sheets, and many other apps. 

You’ll also get unlimited sequences & unlimited campaigns, among other things.

Octopus CRM

To build a SOLID LinkedIn network, you need a lot of hands. Enter Octopus CRM. Designed specifically for LinkedIn, Octopus lets you connect & reach out to your target audience. 


Lempod helps automate one primary LinkedIn activity – driving engagement. Posts that get the most engagement are shown to more people in the LinkedIn algorithm.

You get more profile views & connection requests, resulting in a WIDER LinkedIn network. Use Lempod to find & join pods in your industry.

You automatically receive likes & comments when you post content. 


Salesflow is one tool you should consider for LinkedIn automation. Salesflow is built specifically for LinkedIn prospecting. It has (almost) everything you need. 

With the tool, you can create a LinkedIn profile that attracts leads. You can also run multiple campaigns, schedule unlimited messages, and more.

Lead Connect

Having trouble growing your LinkedIn network & generating leads? Meet Lead Connect. You can schedule up to 100 personalized invite messages with Lead Connect.

You can also follow up with new connections who haven’t responded to your initial message. 

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Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred, formerly Leonard, is a powerful social selling tool that automates LinkedIn tasks.

Meet Alfred has a built-in LinkedIn CRM that lets you manage your outreach team & campaigns.

Send your connections emails from your GSuite account, so your campaigns get more mileage.


This Chrome plugin & desktop application automate a bunch of LinkedIn tasks, like connecting people, messaging 1st connections, creating autoresponders for new connections, inviting 1st connections to groups, and so on.

You’ll grow your market share & get more customers. LinkedHelper has one caveat: you can’t use the same license on two LinkedIn accounts simultaneously.

You can switch between accounts, though.

How Many LinkedIn Connections Can You Send In A Day?

You can send several connection requests daily depending on your LinkedIn account type. 

What Should You Say When You Connect With Someone On LinkedIn?

People you connect with on LinkedIn are usually total strangers. You need to engage them & earn their trust. That’s why your first message is so significant.

Personalize your message to do that.

The Bottom Line

HRs & recruiters are just getting started with LinkedIn automation. The recruiting process has changed thanks to several powerful technologies.

You can improve your filtration, engagement, and filtering processes by using the right LinkedIn automation tools for hiring. 

Whether you hire THOUSANDS of candidates or just a few, LinkedIn automation lets you reach out to MULTIPLE candidates without losing “human” personalization.

Additionally, 68% of recruiting professionals say investing in new recruiting technology improves performance. 

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