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Some of the best LinkedIn prospecting tools include:

  • Expandi

  • Cloud Kennect

  • Dux-Soup

  • WeConnect

Your LinkedIn prospecting campaigns should be based on sales, period. LinkedIn is the #1 channel for B2B marketers to distribute content, network, and generate leads.

Many businesses (57 million to be exact) use LinkedIn for various purposes, making it a sea of accurate & genuine information.

The world’s decision-makers & influencers are at YOUR fingertips. LinkedIn says four out of five LinkedIn users make business decisions. 

Through LinkedIn’s plethora of features, you get all the info you need. Here are some of the best LinkedIn automation tools.

Does Prospecting On LinkedIn Work?

Yes, LinkedIn prospecting works IF you:

  • Define your ideal customer profile & buyer persona

  • Find LinkedIn members who fit your customer profile

  • Create a LinkedIn outreach campaign & set goals 

  • Send customized messages to your targeted prospects

You’ll get a lot of qualified leads that will make you more likely to land long-term clients. 

When Should You Use LinkedIn Prospecting Tools?

LinkedIn automation can save you HOURS of outreach & prospecting. Automation lets you send the connection request & follow-ups on autopilot while you work. 

If you did it manually, you’d have to write out each prospect’s first name, company name, and other info. 

How Do You Use LinkedIn As A Prospecting Tool?

Automation is handy when you’re running long or widespread prospecting campaigns.

You can save TONS of time by automating things like sending connection requests, prospect filtering, and follow-up messages.

With outreach automation, you can quickly reach specific segments of prospects with tailored messages.

Prospecting tools simplify the lead generation process by analyzing your target audience’s demographics & leveraging that information to engage them more closely.

You’ll close more deals that way. The free LinkedIn membership may not qualify as a powerful prospecting tool, but LinkedIn Sales Navigator DOES.

If you have ambitious sales targets, you might only scratch the surface using LinkedIn. 

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Can You Get Banned From LinkedIn?

Yes, you can get BANNED on LinkedIn. This is especially true if you’re using LinkedIn automation to connect with 100+ people an hour.

LinkedIn can detect when you’re doing inhumane things & guess it’s an automation tool.

How Do You Get More Leads Without Getting Banned?

Personalized cold messages, cold message templates, planning your campaigns, using Sales Navigator for more specific leads, & finally, using the right LinkedIn automation tool to avoid your account being restricted are all helpful. 

Engage The Relevant Leads

Make sure you know your buyer persona before you send InMails, connection requests, or niche content. You’ll get optimum results by targeting your prospecting efforts.

Don’t pitch your product at the first interaction or right after since LinkedIn users hate that stuff.

Be Genuine

It’s one of the biggest pet peeves when it comes to LinkedIn marketing: People keep using the same old outreach templates.

There’s something about how they’re so excited to be in touch with you & share all the latest marketing & LinkedIn growth hacks.

Tips On LinkedIn Messaging

Here are a few tips when it comes to messaging connections on LinkedIn:


  • Stick to a few manual connection requests daily & slowly build them up to avoid detection.

  • Connect with people you have mutual connections with.

  • Send personalized, custom, and engaging private messages that don’t sound spammy.

  • Delete old & pending LinkedIn connection requests.

Cloud-Based Vs. Browser Extension Tools

Browser extensions can be downloaded from your browser’s store & integrated with LinkedIn. Dux-Soup is one example.

These automation tools can take over your LinkedIn account once you run them & put it at risk of being shut down. 

Cloud-based tools are hosted in the cloud, so you don’t have to download them. You get more customization options & they’re relatively SAFE.

You can automate basic LinkedIn actions like viewing profiles, managing prospects, downloading profile details, and using browser tools. But we recommend cloud tools.  


WeConnect helps you find, nurture, and close more deals on LinkedIn. Because it’s cloud-based, it’s already more secure than some automation tools.

For most people, WeConnect is a convenient LinkedIn tool. It’s PERFECT for sales teams, marketers, recruiters, and other professionals.

Smart Reply Management

You can see & reply to your prospects all in ONE place. Connect with new people, discover new opportunities, and endorse skills.

Easy User Management

Get a bird’s eye view of your LinkedIn campaign reports, & monitor everything in one place.

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Expandi was built with marketing & growth hacking in mind. Expandi is designed for agency owners & growth hackers. No other LinkedIn tool offers as many benefits.

You can create marketing campaigns with follow-ups, hyperpersonalize your messages, and get key insights using marketing metrics. 

Managing LinkedIn accounts has never been easier with an easy-to-use dashboard & the ability to switch between different accounts in seconds.


Webhooks let you connect Expandi to other marketing tools. Zapier can even help you create a powerful omnichannel growth hack.

Smart Inbox

LinkedIn’s native inbox management is a pain. Messages get lost, filters are limited, and managing multiple accounts makes everything difficult.

Expandi has an inbox feature that boosts customer engagement & makes sure you don’t miss anything.

Lead Recommendations

Find the right people with a customized list of leads. 

Advanced Lead & Company Search

Discover more relevant prospects with a search experience that delivers more relevant results.

Save Search Lists

Connect to your leads with different lead searches or import the URL directly into Expandi.

Dedicated IP

Every time you log into LinkedIn, it’ll be from the same IP.

When you log into most LinkedIn tools, your IP is different, so LinkedIn can tell where you’re logging in from. 

Expandi gives you a dedicated, personal IP address.

Advanced Filtering, CRM Integration, And More

Sync to your favorite CRM, add custom notes & tags to your leads’ profiles, and more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a sales prospecting tool you can’t ignore. Think of Sales Navigator as a more advanced version of LinkedIn with more features.

It’s got a great search experience that lets you find the most relevant leads for your business. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is for people who already use LinkedIn & want advanced features.

Sales Navigator might be worth it for people who want to tap into LinkedIn’s network, get more leads, and close more deals.

Get the tool only if you’re already familiar with LinkedIn & want to step it up. 

You’ll use Sales Navigator to take your prospecting game to the next level. Here’s what they have:


  • Advanced lead and company search

  • Lead recommendations

  • CRM integration

  • Real-time sales update


PhantomBuster uses “ghosts” to extract data & automate stuff.

PhantomBuster has tons of cool features & automation hacks. You should use it with a LinkedIn automation tool. 

Here are some key features of LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Profile Scraper

Gather LinkedIn profiles’ information (names, titles, positions, etc.). 

LinkedIn Message Sender

LinkedIn connections get personalized messages automatically.

LinkedIn Auto Commenter/Liker

Engage with your connections & other LinkedIn users automatically. 

LinkedIn Network Booster

Connect with a list of LinkedIn users automatically.

Check out our blog post on using LinkedIn for lead generation to learn more about prospecting software.


You can scale your LinkedIn outreach with GrowthLead, a B2B social selling tool. Send invites, follow-up messages, and InMails automatically.

Answer them inside the app’s Inbox with AI reply detection, filtering, and tagging.

Identifying & Finding Prospects

Find your target audience on LinkedIn with advanced filters. It’s compatible with Sales Navigator & LinkedIn Recruiter.

Automating Outreach

Make multiple outreach campaigns for different markets. You can also manage multiple LinkedIn accounts with this.


MeetAlfred, formerly Leonard, is a decent jack-of-all-trades LinkedIn automation tool mainly for end-to-end social selling campaigns.

You can manage your team better, build LinkedIn campaigns, and automate some outreach with Alfred.


This cloud-based outreach automation tool works splendidly with LinkedIn Premium & LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

With this, you don’t have to use your existing paid InMails to contact your leads. 

Zopto is mostly for startups & sales teams looking to improve lead generation. You should know sales & LinkedIn automation to get the most out of the tool.

You might also need LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator. Things might get pricey fast. 

Managing Leads

You can track your leads on your live dashboard, which gives you detailed info & statistics about your LinkedIn campaign.

Zopto has all the essential LinkedIn automation features, plus some unique ones like Twitter engagement, InMail messages, and advanced reporting.


The Dux-Soup LinkedIn lead generation tool was born out of necessity in 2016.

One of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools is Dux-Soup. It connects you with prospects & makes it EASY to engage with them. It’s also a Chrome extension.

To use the tool, you’ll need to keep LinkedIn open all the time, in the background, in your browser.

Prospecting Chrome Extension

Dux-Soup is convenient for those short on time.

Endorsing their skills, sending personalized connection requests, and even sending delayed personalized direct messages engages prospects on your behalf. 

You still have full control & visibility over the prospects it’s engaging with, even though it automates most of the engagement. 

Download Profile Details

Easily find LinkedIn profiles & their info, and upload them to your CRM. 

Prospecting, Automation, Etc.

Visit profiles, send personalized messages, support connections, etc. While most LinkedIn automation tools don’t, Dux-Soup also has excellent customer support. 


With LinkedHelper, you can automate various LinkedIn functions like inviting people to connect & messaging 1st connections

The tool has to be downloaded manually from their site & then imported into your browser. Google Chrome Web Store no longer has LinkedHelper because of security reasons.

The new & revamped LinkedInHelper (Version 2) automates most of your sales prospecting tasks through its convenient features like profile auto followers, InMails to 2nd & 3rd level contacts, inviting first-level connections to join a LinkedIn group, LinkedIn event, or webinar.

Message LinkedIn Group Members

Even if they’re your 2nd or 3rd connection, you can message other members of a LinkedIn group.

Export & Manage LinkedIn Contacts

You can export your search results or import your custom CSV results into LinkedIn’s tool for better targeting. 

Octopus CRM

One of the BEST sales prospecting tools for Linkedin is Octopus CRM. It automates so many things for you, including:


  • Send connection requests to your 2nd & 3rd level contacts in bulk

  • Mass message hundreds of LinkedIn contacts

  • Auto endorse skills of your connections on LinkedIn


You can fully automate most of your lead generation tasks with AeroLeads.

Install the Chrome plugin once you’ve signed up with AeroLeads to pull emails from any LinkedIn profile you visit. 

The data can also be exported to Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, etc.

Start filling your sales pipeline today


TexAu can be used alone, OR you can scrape data & integrate a separate LinkedIn automation tool to prospect better. TexAu’s primary focus is getting all the info you need for growth hacking.

Thanks to its built-in data enrichment functions, you can also check your emails & use them as a CRM.

What Is The Best LinkedIn Automation Tool?

According to HubSpot, 61% of companies name their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads.

If you’re part of that 61%, keep reading because what you’re about to discover could be a game-changer for you and your business (like it has for thousands of people before you).

So many business owners & sales professionals that come to us are struggling to get ahead because they’re stuck relying on referrals, lead lists, or manual prospecting.

This is taking up too much of their time and isn’t creating the consistent income they’re looking for to fund the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

So they developed a new way of getting qualified leads that turn into new customers on the #1 platform for B2B lead generation… LinkedIn.

In the four years since we developed this lead gen strategy, we’ve earned a spot on the Inc. 5,000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America.

And more importantly, it helped over 17,000 businesses get new leads and sales for THEIR businesses.

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