How To Make A LinkedIn Profile That Magnetically Attracts Dream Clients | 2020

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What’s going on guys? Welcome back to a brand new video Today we’re gonna be talking about LinkedIn. But specifically, how do we make our LinkedIn profile so that it attracts our ideal clients?

My name is Elliot Drake, and this channel is all about how to grow your business and succeed online. And if you’ve been following me for a while, you know, I’ve been talking a lot about LinkedIn. And for really good reason. Right? LinkedIn is seriously right now the most powerful platform you can be utilizing to grow your business.

I, you know, LinkedIn is skyrocketed our business as well. You know, we actually have a company, a software company that is around LinkedIn. But this video is super important, because it’s all about first impressions, there was a survey done. And it said that 80% of professionals say that it’s hard to basically recover after a bad first impression. And so on LinkedIn, what is our first impression, it’s going to be our profile.

Optimize Your Profile​

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So our profile needs to be optimized the right way. And I see so many people doing it wrong. So that’s what we’re going to be going really deep into in this video, LinkedIn can do a lot of amazing things for you. It can help you to generate more leads and clients, right. It can help you attract strategic partnerships, it can help you build influence, it can also help you get media and other speaking opportunities. 

So when we’re going into first impressions, you have three seconds on LinkedIn to make that good first impression that’s going to lead into the next point is the very first thing that people are going to see on LinkedIn when whether you’re doing direct outreach, or if clients are just searching and they happen to find your profile, they’re going to see your banner photo, your headline, and your profile picture, right. 

That’s where they’re going to judge right away, if you’re somebody who they would want to work with. And LinkedIn is all about keywords. And a lot of cases, I have every single week, probably three to four actual clients that I never reached out to, they just found me through a LinkedIn search based on specific keywords like, you know, I put in there that we help people with the lead gen process on LinkedIn. And so I get a lot of people who are looking for a lead gen expert on LinkedIn, find me and then direct messaged me and say, Hey, I see you do this yada, yada, yada, I’d love to work with you. That’s like a complete inbound lead that comes from me having my profile setup, right? Also, it does benefit really well. It’s just the very first stage. 

Okay. And so whenever we start with the first stage, we have to go back to one of my mentors has always taught me, you know, a triangle is the strongest shape. It’s what they use for buildings and things like that. But it’s same thing applies with in business. And so it really comes down for our business strategy is what is our goals? What is our content? And then what is our targeting? 

Knowing Your Target​

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So when we’re going into LinkedIn, and we’re making a part of our strategy, start with what is our goal, right? If it’s to get more, you know, digital marketing clients, what, what is that goal is it to get more speaking engagements to get more media pieces? Do you know because LinkedIn actually allows you to get traffic on like Facebook and Instagram, which Instagram is going down, just like Facebook, LinkedIn is in a place, just how Facebook was back in 2012 2013, where you can make a post from your page, and they would actually give you organic reach. Right? So starting with, what is our goal? 

What is Your Goal?​

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So be clear on what that goal is? What is the content? So what is the messaging? What kind of content can we put out there? To the right audience, that then overall, we’ll get our goal, right? So it’s goals content, and targeting. Point number one I’m going to move into is our headline. So for the majority of you, you guys are watching this video, because you want more clients for your thing, right? So the very first headline that I encourage you guys to use is a very client centric headline, it needs to be who you help, how you help them and what you do, right. So who they are, who is your client, right?

How do you help them? And then what is basically what is that thing is it makes sense. So like, I help blank by blank to blank, and this is super important. That’s the first one which we call a client centric. A lot of people will take LinkedIn and they think it just needs to be all about you, which is not how it’s supposed to be. It needs to be about obviously, who you are, but more so how do you help that exact person to where when someone comes onto your page, that headline is straight to the point very clear, that is your hook. 

So they say like you have three seconds to hook them in. So if they’re looking at the headline first How do we need to structure that headline, so then it hooks them in. And hooking people comes from curiosity, hitting on a pain point problem challenge, right. And so, in that headline, you want it to showcase that the next thing is a different type of headline, we call it more so like the ego headline. And this is for someone who maybe you already have an established brand or an author, you’re, you know, CEO of a massive company, things like that. You can structure your headline a little bit different. But all comes back to what we said first, which is the goal. 

So whatever that goal is, is going to determine which headline you pick, most of you are going to pick the client centric headline. But the ego headline would be if we’re a best selling author, we just want to keep growing the brand, yada, yada, we’re not really, you know, we don’t really need as many new clients coming from LinkedIn, that’s something you could say, I’m a best selling author, you know, I’m a speaker, those types of things, you can put that in your headline there. But like I said, just comes back to what your goal really is. The last one that I’ll touch on this one’s kind of unique, is basically a vision headline. So this is for somebody who, you know, really wants to advance a cause they have a company, or a mission that’s like bigger than themselves, those headlines actually work really well. But it’s more so having your headline showcasing your vision, mission and values to a bigger cause. 

Vision Headline

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So like I said, I’m gonna keep saying it, whatever your goal is, whatever you’re trying to achieve with LinkedIn, you can use a vision board basically headline that showcases, you know, for instance, I’m dedicated. My name is Ellie Drake, and the CEO of this nonprofit. And our vision is to help reform education system, because we believe we can make a massive impact, right, you get my point. So that’s kind of the last three. So we got number one, client centered, which is going to be most of you, you know, who who you are, who you help how you help them. Right? That should be your headline for client centric. 

Next thing is, like, egocentric, so someone who already has a massive following things like that. And really, you’re just wanting to grow your brand and exposure, not as much for straight Legion. That’s something where you know, best selling author, speaker yada, yada, yada, get the point. Last one is for somebody who, you know, you have just a really big, like mission and vision as I kind of bigger than yourself. That headline can just be around what that vision is. Yeah. Alright, so moving into point number two is your cover photo, this cover banner is so so important. It’s what grabs our attention. So number one, just very, make it look good, right? One little hack that I can show you is go to And it’s, it’s free, and they have LinkedIn templates. So you can go and customize your own banner.

But the main purpose of what that banner needs to achieve is it needs to be who you are, what you do, and what you’re known for. Right. And a lot of times.

Call to Action​

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I will also add a call to action. So mine is basically saying three bullet points, how we help and then a link to a call to action. So I say more leads and sales, save time and money collect valuable data, we help you simplify and automate lead generation. And then it has a link to the site. And then I have a picture of myself, or I know we have a picture of me speaking. So I’m adding authority showcases that, you know, I know what I’m doing. And then right here, it’s very clear, as soon as they land on my page, you’ll be able to see, you know, basically what I can do for that client, because I follow the client, you know, centric profile model.

About Section​

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Moving on to point number three is our about section, right. This is where we paint the picture of how we can help our dream clients. And the goal here is to get people to know us like us and trust us. So we’ve already done a good job. Once they land, we have those three seconds that we have to get them interested. And we do that from hooking them with our banner, our cover photo, and then as well our headline, then they’re going to scroll down and they actually want to read a little bit more, right. And so in this about, like I said earlier, if if your goal is you know, my goal always and most of your goal is going to be client centric, we want to generate leads here on and so in that about we want to add showcase authority, your credibility. So you know, have you been in publications have you done these things right. Next thing is experience. So who have you done this for right? Next thing is you need to identify in the paragraph in your about section, who your target customer is to the tee include things like problems that they have and why you work with them. Then at the last part, which people miss out on is have a call to action where what action Do you want them to do. So for us, we send them to a funnel, right? So we send them to a page where they can scroll through, they know exactly about our company and our software and how we can help. And then it gives them the option to book a call. So if you follow those things, and you’re about, you’re going to be well on your way, and I recommend, just a tip is find some other people in your industry that are doing well.

And just go and read their about sections and get some bits and pieces and some ideas to how you can structure yours, don’t copy them, but just use it as an example. But point number four is be the authority, you know, online, and especially in the age we live in, there’s the space is so crowded with other people who are doing the same thing as you. And so how do we stand out? and standing out comes from being the authority in that space? You are the one who is looked to for the advice, you are the one who’s better than everybody else? And that’s done through publishing content. 

So whenever you are on your profile, do you have already articles written that solves a pain points showcases that you really know what you’re talking about? 

Client Testimonials​

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Do you have client testimonials on there, right? That’s where you can build authority. And so this one’s kind of gonna be a ramble. But it’s like if we publish content, we start to build a brand on LinkedIn. And we have 1000s of followers on LinkedIn verse, an individual who doesn’t have a client centric profile, doesn’t have any credibility isn’t really the authority, but they’re both in the same. So we have LinkedIn expert here with 1000s of followers, they’ve given lots of value through content, they have lots of skilled endorsements, they have lots of recommendations, all of that stuff. And then we someone comes to a profile that is just, you know, half assed put together does not showcase those things. Right, who are they going to work with, they’re going to work with the person with authority, because authority is what allows you to take them from knowing you like you and trust you people are going to trust an individual who’s the authority. 

So I encourage you to make content that solves a problem and showcase who you are, and start to build the authority inside of your market on LinkedIn branding on on that is like 9 billion impressions are served on the LinkedIn newsfeed every single week, but with only 3 million craters. So what that means is that there’s not high competition, right? LinkedIn algorithm is a place where Facebook, like I said earlier was in 12, like 2012 and 2013, where your stuff will actually get viewed. So start to make content, I guarantee it’s going to transform your business as well. If you follow what I said in this video about your profile, your business is going to take a complete change your outreach on LinkedIn, direct outreach is going to perform way better. And then as well, you’re going to get clients that are coming to you that’s going to be it for this video, everybody. Thank you so much. Comment down below your experience with LinkedIn so far. And any other questions that I can answer for you on LinkedIn, I’d love to help. Okay, so thank you guys so much. Again, make sure to subscribe to the channel like this video if you got value and then make sure to comment down below.

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