Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

Because LinkedIn Premium does not come cheap, it is a hard sell for many users. But those who do pay for it say that the service is worth the investment. So it’s worth discussing why many people still pay for it on a monthly basis.

A LinkedIn subscription may cost you $30, $60, $80, or $120 per month, but why should you consider signing up for it? The short answer is that it gives you access to more data and analytics, as well as a handful of convenient features. If you are serious about making the most out of LinkedIn, then Premium is definitely something you should think about.

Data shows that 39 percent of LinkedIn’s users subscribe to LinkedIn Premium. Premium subscribers are mostly made up of LinkedIn users from the United States, India, China, and the UK.

LinkedIn Premium is popular among marketers, business owners, and recruiters because it gives them an edge over the competition. The additional features can help them accomplish their goals.

Why Invest in LinkedIn?​

LinkedIn is the biggest social networking platform for professionals online. In fact, it now has over 706 million users around the world. Because of its focus on professional and business relationships, LinkedIn plays an important role in lead generation and B2B marketing.

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn in 2016, the social networking site added even more features to its Premium plans. As a social network, LinkedIn is still growing. This makes it the perfect time to invest on a Premium subscription.

Even though you can still get a lot of value out of the free version, investing on LinkedIn Premium is a wise decision. If your goal is to expand your network, reach a wider audience, increase your revenue, boost brand awareness, and make meaningful connections, then the Premium plans are worth it.

Choose a plan that suits your needs and goals. In fact, no matter which plan you choose, you can demo it for free for one month. All tiers can be demoed for a month, so that should help you make your decision. If it’s not a good fit for you, you can always return to the free version.

What Will You Get Out of LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is available in four tiers, ranging from $29.99 to $119.95 per month. If you go for the annual billing, you can enjoy a discount.

The base version, which costs $29.99 a month, is called Premium Career, and it is aimed at job seekers. It includes three InMail messages, additional details on profile visitors, and additional tools to help your profile stand out to recruiters. It costs $239.88 when billed annually.

LinkedIn’s InMail feature is very helpful because it allows you to send a message to any LinkedIn user, even if you are not connected. With this you can introduce yourself to potential new connections.

The next tier is called Premium Business and it costs $59.99 a month. With this plan, you get 15 InMail messages instead of just three. It also gives you unlimited searches in your extended network, in addition to advanced search filters. You also get helpful company data. If you go for the annual billing, it only costs $575.88.

The LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator is the third tier and it costs $79.99 per month, or $779.88 as an annual payment. It gives you 20 InMail messages and real-time insights on leads. It also has a lead-builder tool. This tier comes in handy for marketers and business owners who want to generate more leads on LinkedIn.

Sales Navigator also has multi-seat versions called Sales Navigator Team and Sales Navigator Enterprise. Sales Navigator Team includes 30 InMail messages and 25 out-of-network profile unlocks. Meanwhile the Sales Navigator Enterprise offers 50 InMail messages and unlimited seats. If you have a sales team, these subscriptions will be very useful.

The final tier is called LinkedIn Premium Recruiter Lite. As the name suggests, it is perfect for recruiters looking for highly qualified talents on LinkedIn. It costs $119.95 per month, and gives you 30 InMail messages. Other features include: unlimited visibility of your extended network, advanced search, and candidate tracking features. It costs $1,199.40 as a one-time, annual payment.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?​

If the features and functions sound good to you, then you should consider investing in LinkedIn Premium. It’s safe to say that the Premium subscription plans are a good investment for what they are worth. The analytics and insights, for example, can help guide your decisions.

However, it also depends on how you are planning to use the additional features. What do you want to do with LinkedIn Premium once you have made the investment? Use the free demo versions to see if you can make the most out of the subscription plans.

Also consider that the benefits of LinkedIn Premium are not always immediately apparent. Your results will depend on how you use it and how you are planning to maintain it. When running a business, you can treat LinkedIn Premium like any other utility.

Regardless of your marketing strategies, if you are planning to use LinkedIn for career development, these plans can work wonders for you. The decision is ultimately up to you.

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