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LinkedIn outreach tools reach out to LinkedIn users you have no prior connection with on your behalf.

LinkedIn takes the lead generation crown among all the sources. About 96% of B2B marketers use this platform for sales & marketing efforts. Why so many?

Using this giant, you can network with people, build meaningful connections with businesses worldwide, and find new clients. Prospecting on LinkedIn isn’t easy.

Nerves & time go into it. That’s why we recommend automation. Using the right LinkedIn automation tool can create professional, personalized LinkedIn messages on autopilot.

It’s imperative to send your automated messages at intervals that mimic human actions. 

Sending bulk messages will make it obvious that you’re using third-party tools, & your LinkedIn account will be suspended.

Are you curious to learn more? You’ll learn how to automate your workflow, engage prospects at scale, and personalize your outreach with LinkedIn automation tools.

In addition, we’ll discuss how to ensure your LinkedIn outreach efforts are effective. 

What Are LinkedIn Automation Tools?

LinkedIn automation tools work alongside LinkedIn to automate your lead generation activities.

Some tools connect with your account & automatically connect with prospects – so you don’t have to spend hours doing it manually.

What Is LinkedIn Message Automation?

LinkedIn message automation involves automating your messages. You can send connection requests, prospecting messages, and other LinkedIn messages.

Automating LinkedIn messages must be done safely. Don’t bombard your connections with messages. LinkedIn will BAN you for spamming. 

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Why Do People Use A LinkedIn Automation Tool?

Business leads can be generated on LinkedIn, but marketers often overlook it.  Yet it’s the easiest one among the social media platforms to generate leads.  

B2B leads come from social media more than 80% of the time. Results are possible if YOU put in the effort.

What Are LinkedIn Campaigns?

Advertising on LinkedIn is objective-based, which helps advertisers target specific business objectives. All three stages of a sales funnel can be worked through.

What Is A LinkedIn Automation Chrome Extension?

Some LinkedIn automation tools are Chrome extensions. These are simply LinkedIn automation tools that work in Chrome.

You’ll need to log into your LinkedIn account to use a LinkedIn Chrome extension.

What Are Cloud-Based LinkedIn Automation Tools?

As they integrate with your LinkedIn account, cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools are safer.

Log into your LinkedIn account from your automation tool & set filters & parameters. Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools offer the following benefits: 


  • Dedicated IP address

  • Access to advanced features that boost conversion rates

How Many InMails Can You Send Through Your LinkedIn Account?

The InMail feature allows LinkedIn Premium users to message other LinkedIn users they’re not connected to.

Those with a basic or free LinkedIn account can only send direct messages to LinkedIn accounts they’re connected to, so upgrading to Premium is required to use InMail

Premium members get a certain number of InMail credits based on their subscriptions. 

How Many LinkedIn Connections Can You Send In One Day?

Depending on your account type, you can send a certain number of LinkedIn connection requests daily. 

  • Free Account: No more than 50 connections daily

  • LinkedIn Premium: Between 100-125

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Between 200-225

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How Do You Personalize LinkedIn Outreach?

Advanced dynamic personalization is the answer. Why advanced? LinkedIn campaigns use dynamic tags to personalize them. You need to be different to stand out from the crowd.

You need to be strategic when sending cold outreach messages on LinkedIn. Optimizing your LinkedIn campaigns for high response & conversion rates requires personalization.

Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Automation Tools

In addition to saving you time, LinkedIn automation tools offer: 

  • Personalized campaigns

  • Data collection

  • Integration with other marketing tools

Emails can be too mainstream, so marketers prefer LinkedIn for mass reach with potential customers. You can no longer guarantee a human presence 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is another advantage of using LinkedIn automation tools. It is efficient enough to hold a fully contextual & hyper-personal discussion.

LinkedIn automation tools do a lot of intelligent groundwork & automate monotonous tasks.

What Are The Best LinkedIn Automation Tools?

Here are a few LinkedIn automation tools worth looking into:


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Using LinkedIn automation, you should have a Sales Navigator account.

Your account won’t be suspended with Sales Navigator, & you’ll get cool features like advanced search, FREE InMails, and CRM integration.

Get suggestions for targeting based on your existing prospect lists, set up alerts, and add notes to prospects.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn has a manual-only policy. You can integrate it with other LinkedIn automation tools like Expandi. Using Hyperise’s integration will enhance your personalization.

It’s one of the best LinkedIn automation tools, which is why it’s so high on the list.

Advanced Lead & Company Search

Discover more relevant prospects with a search experience that delivers more relevant results.

Lead Recommendations

Find the right people with suggestions tailored to you.

Advanced Filtering, CRM Integration, And More

You can automatically save leads & accounts, log sales activity, connect to your CRM, and add custom notes.

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You can connect & engage with your prospects with Dux-Soup, one of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools. It’s also a Chrome extension. 

The tool lives in your browser, so you’ll need LinkedIn open all the time in your browser, in the background, to make it work.

Dux-Soup is also really EASY to use & has a lot of support for beginners. You can start with a 30-day FREE trial & cancel whenever.

Downloading Profile Details

Upload LinkedIn profiles & their information into your CRM.

Outreach, Automation, And More

Send personalized messages, endorse connections, and more.

LinkedIn drip campaigns end when prospects respond. Being a Chrome extension, it only works when logged in.

Most LinkedIn automation tools include these features, but Dux-Soup offers highly responsive customer support. 


If you’re a startup or sales team looking to boost lead generation & get MORE qualified leads from LinkedIn into your sales funnel, Zopto is a wise choice from this list of LinkedIn automation tools.

Setting up Zopto, a cloud-based software, takes less than FIVE minutes.

Zopto gives you a dashboard where you can see insights & statistics about the campaigns you are running on LinkedIn for lead generation.

The tool automates your lead generation process and helps you capture new markets. 

Among other things, Zopto offers contact/company filtering, customizable engagement levels, and easy data-driven lead management.

Whether you’re a startup or a marketing/sales team, Zopto is an essential LinkedIn automation tool. Use it with Hyperise for the BEST results.

Levels of Engagement

After selecting a filter for your target audience, you can turn on the relevant features like connection invites, message sequences, free InMails, etc. 

Managing Leads

Your live dashboard will give you detailed information & statistics about your LinkedIn campaign.


Any sales rep who wants to build analytically-driven campaigns with their prospects list should check out Evaboot.

It filters, refines, and extracts all the searches in your Sales Navigator account, making it a great lead generation tool. 

It saves you HOURS of lead generation by getting emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

Prospect Maximizer

You can run outreach campaigns from multiple accounts simultaneously, making it convenient for teams.

Since it’s a cloud-based LinkedIn tool, you can use it even when you’re not actively prospecting on LinkedIn.


Lusha is purely a prospecting tool. Use this browser extension to find prospects’ email addresses & mobile numbers. It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.


  • Prospect on social media networks, including LinkedIn

  • Create bulk lists of contacts inside Lusha

  • Save your prospect data in your CRM


Another LinkedIn prospecting tool to keep an eye on is LinkedFusion.

Because it’s a LinkedIn lead generation tool, it’s designed to work with other tools like HubSpot, Zapier, Google Sheets, and many others.

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PhantomBuster is one of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools. This code-free software can scrape audiences, generate leads, and boost growth.

LinkedIn URL Finder

This tool helps you find LinkedIn profile URLs from first & last names & company names.

LinkedIn Network Booster

Send LinkedIn invitations & connect to a list.

LinkedIn Profile Scraper

Gather LinkedIn profile data (name, title, position, etc.). 

LinkedIn Message Sender

Send LinkedIn connections personalized messages.


LiProspect uses its humanized algorithm to handle outreach & follow-ups for you. Get noticed by viewing more profiles on autopilot.

Automate LinkedIn connection requests & follow-ups to target accounts.

Octopus CRM

With Octopus CRM, businesses of all sizes can automate safely. Integrate Octopus CRM with Zapier to streamline your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Thanks to the huge number of safety measures, you can be confident your LinkedIn outreach is genuine & won’t mess up your account.


Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool designed to keep your account from being suspended. It’s made itself one of the safest LinkedIn automation tools.

Its auto-warm-up feature gradually increases daily limits, mimicking human behavior. With the tool, you won’t exceed LinkedIn’s daily limit for connection requests & messages.

Its random delay between activities fools LinkedIn’s algorithms.

It was designed for growth hackers, agency owners, and people managing multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Among the features are a dedicated IP address, randomized delays between actions, activity limits, and account warm-ups to make everything seem natural.

You can also manage multiple accounts from the same dashboard.


Webhooks let you connect Expandi to other marketing tools. Zapier can even help you create omni-channel growth hacks with hyper-personalization.


The Growthleads tool generates B2B LinkedIn leads on autopilot. You can find your target audience on LinkedIn using advanced filters with Growthleads.

Your contact list can also be segmented for multiple outreach campaigns.


The We-Connect platform is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool. Being cloud-based makes it MORE secure than some browser tools.

Let’s see what it offers in terms of its main features. 

Powerful Campaign Manager

Run multiple campaigns using a customized target audience.

Smart Reply Management

Your prospects are all in one place. Create new connections, discover new opportunities, and endorse skills. 

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TexAu is a combination of text & automation.

Like PhantomBuster, TexAu is a growth automation platform that helps your business scale faster by extracting data & automating certain tasks. 

Additionally, the platform offers automation for multiple websites (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and more). 


You can’t use the same license on two LinkedIn accounts simultaneously with LinkedHelper. Switching between accounts is possible.

It’s one of the most user-friendly LinkedIn tools.

Autoresponder For LinkedIn

Set up an outreach campaign, create templates, and run an autoresponder to contact your 2nd & 3rd-degree contacts.

Message LinkedIn Group Members

If you’re a member of a LinkedIn group, you can collect the information of other members & contact them even if they’re 2nd or 3rd connections. is another Chrome extension that has built a reputation on LinkedIn. is designed specifically for sales teams to find & save LinkedIn profiles that fit their ideal customer profile. You can use them immediately OR save them for later. 

Meet Alfred

You can manage your LinkedIn search & outreach campaigns from one place with Alfred. LinkedIn search is built-in, so you can search for prospects that match your ICP. 

Meet Alfred automates outreach campaigns for LinkedIn, Twitter, and email.

You can run automated multi-step sequences with a list, including endorsements, InMails, and even emails.

Campaign Manager

Run LinkedIn messages with all the classic personalization tags.

Alfred CRM

Its LinkedIn CRM lets you manage leads & connections.

Email Campaign Sequences

Connect your GSuite account & engage with prospects via email.


Dripify is an advanced LinkedIn automation software for building sales funnels. Advanced algorithms are used for prospect analysis.

Leads can be imported from CSV files & a foolproof prospecting sequence can be built.

What's The Safest LinkedIn Automation Tool?

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