How To Get Results With LinkedIn Outreach 2021 (Detailed Masterclass)

This article was transcribed from the original YouTube video. Please forgive any minor transcription errors.

Hey, everybody, welcome to this training, I’m super excited to go into this. So, if you followed my channel for a long time, you know that I’m a massive fan of LinkedIn. And one of the main things that we do here in Kennected is help people leverage LinkedIn to grow their business. And obviously, there’s been lots of changes within LinkedIn.

And so, I thought I would go into this screen share, because I think it’s the best way to educate and get my thoughts out and for you to understand, and just go through some tips and tricks to help you get better results from the LinkedIn platform. And just share some of the insights that we’ve been using here at Kennected, because we have about 60 sales reps. And honestly, 80% of our lead gen actually comes from the LinkedIn platform, leveraging all of our teams. So, we found some a lot of insightful things.

So, I’m going to dive into this with you today. So that means that let’s just go ahead and dive right in. And so, here’s what we’re going to cover, we’re going to start by going over LinkedIn outreach changes, because this is kind of the big thing that’s happened, we went from being able to send 100 a day to now only 100 a week, and a lot of people think this is a bad thing. But we don’t really find it being a bad thing. Yes, it does hurt the amount of outreach, you know, the quantity of outreach that you can do, but we have ways to work around it and still see massive results from LinkedIn.

I’ll also share one thing that we’re working on within Kennected to get around that that’s coming soon. So that’d be super exciting. We’re going to talk about, we’ll just briefly go over the old way of doing outreach on LinkedIn. And then the new way, we’ll go over how to adapt to LinkedIn and see results in 2021.

Leverage Video Outreach and Automation

We’re going to talk about how to leverage video outreach, how to leverage automation as well. And then we’re going to have a free bonus here at the end. Okay. So, let’s go ahead and dive in. So, LinkedIn outreach changes, I just mentioned that so no more than 100 invites in a single week is now the new normal people think that this is just a recent thing. LinkedIn actually had this in plans months ago. And they just kind of now everyone’s just now really getting hit by that, right. So what you’ll probably see is a pop up warning image that comes up, and it’ll basically make it so you can’t really do outreach for a specific amount of time. Right. And really, the causes of this is you’re under the weekly limit of 100, invites, you’ve sent too many invitations within a short amount of time, many of your invitations have been rejected or left pending, and the receipts.

So basically, whenever you go into LinkedIn, you basically whenever you send a connection request, what can cause this pop up and the warning bar to make your account being like a cooldown period is because same a couple months ago, you sent out a whole bunch of connection requests, and nobody actually accepted those requests. And then you have a whole bunch of them outstanding.

Go Into Your Profile

So, one way to get around that is to go into your profile. And then you’ll be able to find pending requests and go through those old ones and just cancel them out. And really the rule of thumb is stay below 200 outstanding invitations at a time. I also would honestly say 1000 is probably better to be fair. But make sure your pending invitations are below 1000. Okay, so the old way of doing outreach, right, this is for the majority of people that leverage LinkedIn a lot to do outreach all the time. Most of the time, people were just doing mass messages to a big audience and not adding personalization, right.


I think automation is incredible. But automation used in the right way, if you followed my channel, you know that I’ve always talked about social selling, and just leveraging automation to do the upfront work. But then you still need to go in and build the relationship and be genuine to really see a lot of the results. But this is kind of the old way is you could do mass amount, big audience and be very generic and still get results and not even have a lot of personalization. But moving forward, it’s going to be very important to have very specific lists, and segment those down and try to get super personal with those, because we don’t have as much of the outreach that we could do previously.

So, the outreach we are doing is just very important that we’re strategic with that. Okay, so this one, I’ll actually kind of remove this. I still like the discovery call. So, I’ll share this over.

LinkedIn Sales Funnel

This is called the LinkedIn sales funnel. This is a methodology that we always have run through, right, it goes from know like and trust, which is a funnel, right? So, marketing funnel is the journey someone goes through from not knowing who you are to becoming a paying client. So, you could also call it awareness, engagement, conversion. I’d like to break it down from known like and trust you.

Our Process

So, our process from LinkedIn is starting with hunting, right, we find our target customer, which now is being more diligent with how we target our customers is even more important, right? So, we target and then engaging. So, we start that conversation. And then eventually we get them to the stage where it’s a nurture slash close. So, getting a target customer on the phone, to build rapport and then closing them as a client taking them down, you know, the buyer journey, okay.

And the process starts with profile optimization, I like to give this analogy is that this is gonna be a very broad one. But say, Tony Robbins connects with you on LinkedIn, and it’s super salesy. But as I want to get on the phone with you, and you knew as Tony Robbins, you would honestly remove everything in your calendar if you get on the phone with Tony Robbins, because he has a credible, credible, and he’s authoritative figure. And so how can we replicate the same authority within our profile as the first step, because people don’t want to get on the phone with people that don’t have value, or credibility, or they feel like is worth their time, you know, so updating our profile and making ourselves look like an authority in our space. And adding our credibility is always a very first step in the description.

Profile Optimization Checklist

In this video, I’m going to have a free gift for you. It’s a profile optimization checklist that you can have. And then you can go through that and check off the boxes as you update your profile. And then from profile, then we go to LinkedIn search, which I’ll go into the new targeting here in a minute. And then obviously, we send the connection now we send the connection message, intro messages, follow ups, we use automation to do this process, which still works beautifully. I’ll go into that. And then typically, we have a couple back and forth in between this section right here, we want to get on to discovery call, which is social selling just to build the relationship, get to know the individual. And then if they’re qualified for our product or service.

Typically, we schedule a sales call some kind of demo, whatever makes sense for the offer that you have. Maybe this is a coffee meeting where we talk, if you’re a financial advisor to go over plans, etc. And then to a close deal. This is the high-level framework of how we’ve been able to grow to 15,000 clients in a little over two years, using this model. Okay. Moving down.

LinkedIn Success

So how do we get around and still see success on LinkedIn? So, number one, the strategy has changed to be more of a personal approach, and making smaller audiences and being more specific with smaller audience groups. So, what do I mean by that? Okay, let me pull up LinkedIn and give you an example. Okay. Here’s kind of the old way of doing things. Right, we could go to people here president. And then we could do say, second and third. And we say president and say, and using Boolean search.

Building Search

So, what I’m doing here is called Building search, it’s an easier way to target. You can use this on Sales Navigator as well. But this goes to learn how to do this Boolean search LinkedIn. And then there’s a full help article, right here, I can put this in the description. But before we could get away with President and say, real estate, right, and then we would have all these people we change, say, the location United States. Right, we’d have 932 people here. And then if we were leveraging automation, we could plug this in and let it go through and be more of a broad term. So, what do I mean by being more specific now?

What I mean is, you know, really thinking about our target prospects. And then I would say for, you know, a couple weeks focusing on this one persona. So how can I make this different, I would probably go, I would do say CEO and real estate. And then I would get even deeper with more filters now. And maybe add something like a college or a school, so say University of Bloomington, and then I might actually so I would do the second connections instead of third. I would change the location to start with Indiana, which is where I’m at. Right?

Search. So now it’s only 3800 results, I would try to go deeper. I would select University of Bloomington. So now we even have a school here. So now we have a smaller list of 760 and it’s a more of a controlled audience. So then whenever we go with our outreach and our messaging, even if we’re using Say automation, we can add more personalization, like, you know, we can add in the fact of what school that they went to add those different connection points, I’m going to go into video here in a second. But this is what I mean by still seeing results on LinkedIn is not doing mass audiences. And just going after a bunch of people get more specific and build smaller audience groups, and then going after those individuals, leveraging, say, automation again. So next thing is social selling is more important now than ever.

Social Selling

So, I’ll briefly go social selling is just a methodology of not going out there and just pitching your products like crazy, you know, people love to buy things, but people don’t like to be sold things. And so, the importance of, you know, basically just come from a place of curiosity, and value, right? So, like, how can we give value and build relationships with these people and not just be on the platform, just taking and trying to sell, because that’s not going to work very well.

Discovery Call

That’s why we talk about the discovery call, is because that discovery call is really in place to get people off of the platform onto a phone call, and they don’t feel like they’re being pitched. It’s more of a Hey, how can I get to I want to learn about you, What’s your story? How did you get into business? You know, what can I do? What kind of introductions Can I make? Right? This is also giving them free value, giving them free content, you know, coming from a place of building a relationship and building rapport, before actually trying to sell your product or service. Because on LinkedIn, if we optimize our profile correctly, they’re already going to know what we do. And if you, do it the right way, they’re going to know who you are, and how you can help.

So, whenever you’re sending them messages, whenever you’re having a conversation over chat, that goes to be getting them off the platform, and either onto a phone call, we recommend zoom, and then also integrating video, because a lot of communication is way better when you use video. Because, you know, you can’t really build a relationship over chat, you can do a good job by not coming across in a bad way and social in wanting to give value and build the relationship. But we want to get them off the phone onto a call or an in-person meeting, etc.

So, we need to focus on giving value and being genuinely interested in these individuals for ever introducing them or talking about your product or your service. That’s the idea of social selling. Okay, next value driven approach. What I mean by value driven is, you know, clearly the people you’re reaching out to you have you solve a pain point, you solve a problem for a specific individual. That’s why you’re reaching out because they could buy your product or your service. Correct. So, what I mean by value is, say, for example, I’m creating value content right now, trying to help you solve the problem getting better results on the dead, right.

Value Approach

So, I’m giving value approach, even though I do have, you know, we can go to it another step further. And we can help you take this to the next level if you buy my products or my services. But I’m not directly selling you that I’m giving you value in free information. Number one, because I care. And I want to see you get results, even if you don’t come and pay me. But number two is because this is a way to build trust. And actually, for me to stand out with my competition to show you, especially in these, you know, today’s age where there’s so much competition, especially in the lead gen space that I know what I’m talking about. And I practice what I preach, right. So, I’m building a relationship and trust with you, before ever introducing you to my products or services, right, value driven approach, do that on LinkedIn, from content, etc. Next thing to still see success on LinkedIn. So, if you use automation, you know, or if you just do normal outreach, you don’t have to use automation, we just really love it, because it saves you time. And I believe time is the most valuable asset that individuals have. And that’s why, you know, we help people with that, but having multiple accounts.

So, what I mean is, say you have friends or family or somebody that maybe doesn’t even use their LinkedIn, it needs to be a real person, you can’t create fake accounts. But if you want your outreach to be better, you can get them and set up their LinkedIn accounts within your company and do outreach through their accounts. And then lead them to say at lead magnets or you know, free training videos that then turn them into a lead, things like that. Also, if you’re using automation, within the automation tool, especially like we have that Kennected, you can add team members and then now your outreach goes up.

So, you’re not stuck with just 100 a week. Now your output, say if you add one new team member, you’re doing 200 a week and then etc, etc, etc. Okay. So multiple accounts is also going to help you there. Also, there is a workaround. So, this is one strategy to be able to, you know, see better results on LinkedIn. I mean, to be able to increase your outreach limits. There’s a way that you can download. You have to have their emails This is a strategy that whenever I wrote this up, isn’t super applicable anymore, because we actually have a workaround that we’re that we’re developing, which I’ll talk about in a second. Next thing, I would focus on niche specific groups, so LinkedIn groups are super powerful.

If you go into LinkedIn, you can find, I would go into niche specific groups for who your target customer is to say, your target audience is real estate agents, I would find some real estate agents groups where they’re all communicating and talking inside of this group, I would go in there and then say, Make posts and collaborate with people inside of that group, post videos, post valuable content, and then encourage those people to reach out and connect with you. We’ve seen amazing results with leveraging LinkedIn groups. And honestly, same thing social selling there, I would make free resources, make a post that gives them value to help them in their business that’s correlated to your product or service. So don’t be afraid to give away free things in that group. Because then people will just reach out to you and say, Hey, I really love that I want more LinkedIn groups are really powerful. Okay.

First-Degree Contacts

Next thing is, you know, you’ve built up connections over the years, I would leverage a first-degree contacts, right, I would go through LinkedIn, and then select your target, say, people in real estate, and then I would change to first degree, and I would leverage first degree contacts, and see what you can get out of those.

Video Response and Comments

Okay. Next thing, video response and comments. So, what I mean by this is, say on your newsfeed, somebody has a really insightful post, I would say maybe an influencer. So let’s just say, just like Gary Vee, pull type in Gary Vaynerchuk. So, here’s an influencer, right? I would say like going to his activity, get a post. Well, so as an example, he posts something, make a little video. So, I’m gonna get into this in a second.

Kennected Video

But this is Kennected video, you can create amazing videos straight on demand from your laptop, I’ll have the link down in the description as well for you to see this. But I would create a little video, like a screen share as an example, this will just make a URL. And I would make a video response and post it inside of the comments. Giving your thoughts about the posts, what you thought about it, how you feel, and then introduce yourself and encourage people to connect with you. And then I would post it in the comments on specific influencers, posts, we’ve gotten amazing amounts of results doing that next thing, sending niche specific content with video. What I mean by this, I kind of already covered this from the value-based approach. I love video just because it allows you to connect with people in a whole different level, they get to see your energy, they get to see your passion, they get to, you know, people actually remember 90% more of what they watch versus what they read.

So, it makes you memorable, it can build your brand a lot easier, I would start making some value-based content for your specific niche, which will help you become an authoritative figure and want people to connect with you and do business with you more. So, we leverage video very highly within Kennected, next thing is email follow up. So don’t just rely on LinkedIn as the only channel.

So, I would add email follow up to your game, we leverage automation. So, what Kennected is gonna do is whenever it automates all the outreach for you. As soon as someone accepts we grab their name, email, and their phone number. And our platform can allow you to integrate with say any with any major CRM. So, you can say Okay, once someone accepts our requests on LinkedIn, send that to my CRM, and then trigger an automated email follow up. And then in that email, follow up, I would, you know, introduce yourself, say,

Hey, we got Kennected on LinkedIn, I would make another little screen share video that just said want to put a face to the name where you’re introducing yourself talking about your business and saying we’d love to connect sometime soon. Put that in the email, follow up, and then leverage email, as well as LinkedIn. And we can do that through Kennected. Like I said, there’s something in the description for you to go and book a demo.

Leverage Your Emails

Next thing leverage your emails, we find that people don’t really leverage emails out much for some reason, but I think it’s important for people to leverage those emails now. So, leverage those emails with people that you find to be highly qualified prospects to help you with your with your outreach there, okay. To in your profile, and post leverage client success stories. This has been incredible for us Truthfully; I don’t understand why people don’t do this more. But, you know, ask your clients for video testimonials. I think video testimonial are way better because they’re harder to fake, right. So, if you have a client that sees amazing results, ask them for a quick video testimonial, you know, like, and then put them inside of your profile pull up. Mine as an example, I’ll show you how I have my client testimonials. And I’ve gotten people that have watched these and they’re like, wow. And then they’ve actually reached out. So, you’ll see here I have Zack Hesterberg, client testimonial, right. And he talks highly of my product and my service and how it was able to transform his business.

So, I would do the same thing for you, I would ask your clients for video testimonials, add those into your profile. And everywhere here, okay. And then also in post, I’d make a post if someone has amazing results with what you do, I’d make a post talking about the case study, and then posting that on your LinkedIn feed as well.

Value-Based Content

Next, creating value-based content. I’ve already talked about this. Clearly, this is one of the biggest points that I’m trying to make here. creating value-based content letting clients come to you it’s just an inbound approach will work super super well. One idea, just really quick, some more value, how do you figure out pieces of content to make Google has all the info. So, this is a free way, I would go to Semrush.

If you want to do the other like a more in depth way. This tool, you can type in specific keywords, think about the main problems, you know, say your niche and your keywords or lead gen for real estate agents, I would type that keyword in and then it’s going to give you actual headlines for videos that people are typing in, and then take the headline, and then build the content around the headline that you just received.

Another free way to do that is going to just Google and say, well just do lead generation for real estate. Right. And you scroll down you’ll see people also ask, this is what people are actually typing in and getting search volume. And if you click it, click up, it gives you even more. And I would copy and paste these, put them into something like a content library spreadsheet, pre populate them, and then create a schedule to go through every week and make a video and then a post for that. Okay. But creating value-based content, so smart building your personal brand, and establishing yourself as a credible figure. By creating that content and giving it to them. It’ll change the game.

Invite People to Webinars

So next thing is inviting people to webinars and live free trainings, and also getting people to say lead magnets and things like that. So, we’ve seen amazing results with this, especially on the first like leveraging our first degree connections, inviting them to come to a live masterclass and put together like a little training and give value. And then at the very end have a call to action where they either book a phone call with you, you can either sell a product or service, things like that, we’ve had a lot of sales. Also, LinkedIn groups, promoting your webinars and LinkedIn groups is super powerful. And so, I would do live events and webinars inside of LinkedIn very easy to do this, you can just go create an event inside of LinkedIn, put all the details in there and then be able to invite all of your LinkedIn contacts. So, I would be doing also live webinars and events as well. Cool.

Personalized Video

Next thing is personalized video. So, this is our new platform, it’s called Kennected video. Basically, connect to video is video marketing software that allows you to record video from your lousy to screenshare, record content from your webcam on your computer, your iPhone, you know, and all that stuff. Hold on, I’ll just go to a really quick. You can also create landing pages with this personalized video, you can add call to actions, you can track the analytics, you can collect the lead information, you can bring reports. So the powerful thing with this is as soon as you record a video, this is a random one, I’ll just click on here gives you a link that you can send out straight to your prospects. You can edit it; you can trim it down.

And so whenever you’re doing outreach, say with Kennected and then your sequences, right, and you want to send like a personalized introduction video, I highly encourage doing this, because you can track the results of it and see like who actually watched it the watch time and get better and everything like that. And it’s just a simple link. You don’t have to spend a lot of time you know, like this video, I’m actually recording it here because it’s more of a long form training.

So, I’m using a software called OBS I have to cut this down, edit the video and then you know, re upload it to YouTube then get a link which clearly looks like it was it was fake. So, I mean you know a lot of work went into it takes a lot The time so I would use this, you can just with one click of a button, start recording, and then it’ll create a custom URL link, and then send it out, right. And then you can design landing pages here, you can put your videos on it inside of the landing pages, you have the ability to add, say your calendar link for them to connect with you links to webinars, your email, your phone number, things like that, which is super cool.

Leverage Kennected Video

So, I would be leveraging Kennected video. And then how we do this is leveraging it. So as an example, I would make a video if I was connecting with real estate agents, presidents, right that went to University of Indianapolis and say I was using it within Kennected automated platform, I would make a video that looks like it was personal. But it’s very generic, where as soon as they accept the request, the follow up goes to them with the link to the video. And it just says is this like, Hey, what’s going on? What did it make you this personalized video, it’s super great to connect with you? I finally did kind of hard with just doing chat to really build a relationship, I would love for you to look through my connections, check out the content, check out what I do, and see if there’s any introductions or any value, I can add to you. Also, I would love for you to send me a message back I would love to get to know you your business, your story, how you got into everything.

So just want to make this really quick just so I can put a face to the name and get to know you. So, with that being said, I would love to connect with you soon. See, that was just very off the cuff and random. But something like that, to where it’s just personalized, and you get way better results. And we leverage Kennected video to do that. Next thing here, and we’re briefly going over this, we’re almost wrapping up. But automation still works, right? And why would we use automation is because you have the ability to track and measure the results and split test your outreach, their sequences saves you time, you know, and it will, it’ll save you a lot of money too as well.

Leveraging video and your sequences whenever that using influencers and niche groups. So, on Kennected, what we can do is we can now target niche specific groups and posts. So, I’ll give you an example. You know how is on Gary V’s, we can actually his work super well. So, find it an influencer or authoritative figure in your space. Right? So, like there was 574 people who like this, right? I can copy this post. Right, I can create a Kennected sequence. And I can actually target these individuals, right. So first and second degree.

I would give it a name. But I’ll set my working hours for when I want the automation to run. I’ll hit next. And I can literally enter in this post, Enter. And then I can comment. So, it’s going to go and connect with everyone who liked Gary V’s post here. Boom, I can hit next. And then I can set my connection. No, it can be super personalized. Hey, I saw you like Gary V’s posts, I really love that too, would love to connect with you see how now it’s personalized. But then we can still leverage automation.

This is also another strategy with automation that works very well. If you follow my channel for a while, honestly, Kennected looks very different. Now we have so many new incredible features on this. So, if you want to check that out, I won’t waste the time going super in depth into our platform. But if you want there was a free demo and also the walk you through a strategy session if you just check the link in the description. But anyways, leveraging posts, and then targeting and reaching out to those individuals with automation. Here leveraging first degree, so we can-do first-degree blast within automation as well.

So, you can create a list of say real estate agents that are first degree and then I would blast out to those individuals, asking them to connect, ask them to go on a free training that you put together for real estate agents, etc, etc. Also, this is I’ll wrap up with this, we’ve been working really hard. And we actually in about a week, we will have a workaround to the 100 per day. So, you can just book a demo if you’re interested in that. We’ll have that done here in about a week. But we have a workaround to actually get back to the 100 a day and for you to be completely safe. So, keep a lookout for that.

So, with that being said, that’s everything all the main updates for how you can start to see better results and continue to see results from LinkedIn outreach even though we had changes. That being said, thank you guys so much for watching. I look forward to seeing you the following videos.

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