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LinkedIn messages can be used for a variety of reasons within the platform. For that reason, LinkedIn automation exists to provide message templates for sending a LinkedIn connection request, messaging within the same LinkedIn group, and messaging your professional network.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What a LinkedIn message is for

  • How to create LinkedIn message templates

  • How to message mutual connections

  • How to use a LinkedIn group

  • What a connection request template does for your business needs

  • How Kennected uses message templates

Read on to learn all about a LinkedIn connection request message and how a message template for your LinkedIn profile is an essential piece of seeing success on the platform.

What is a LinkedIn Message For?

A LinkedIn message can be used for many purposes.

Here are just a few of the times where sending a LinkedIn message is appropriate while on the platform:

  • Alongside connection requests

  • Strengthening LinkedIn outreach strategy

  • Helping to foster professional relationships

  • Reaching your target audience

  • Encouraging a networking event

  • Ensuring you stay up to date in the LinkedIn algorithm

  • Sending the same message to multiple LinkedIn groups

Sending LinkedIn connection requests is one of the most common functions you’ll be performing on the platform.

Developing templates in order to send personalized connection requests will make your profile stronger and ensure that your LinkedIn outreach is more successful.

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How to Create LinkedIn Message Templates

The best way to create LinkedIn message templates is to use a LinkedIn automation tool.

These tools will allow you to build LinkedIn inmail templates, conversation starters, and a subject line for every personalized message you choose to send.

When you are building a professional network on LinkedIn, it is extremely important to practice great speaking habits and to get more leads through your message templates.

With this in mind, here are a few best practices for connecting with other professionals in the same industry:

  • Finding like minded individuals to connect with

  • Including more detail in messages

  • Establishing common ground

  • Creating a template with personalized message options

  • Incorporating statements like “I would love to connect” and other personal statements

  • Finding the right person to connect with

LinkedIn automation tools will help you with each of the above techniques and more.

Having a follow up sequence in place, along with message templates for every situation, will increase your likelihood of obtaining more sales from the platform, as well as a long term relationship with leads.

How to Message a Mutual Connection

Once you have established a LinkedIn connection with any given individual, your messaging efforts will have to shift slightly from the automated approach to a more structured method.

However, you may still use templates within these connection messages, and it is a good idea to do so.

Mutual connections are usually built upon the idea of working together in the future or simply for networking purposes.

When you are messaging a mutual connection, you can still use a message template for your interactions, though it may require more personalization as your conversation progresses.

You can create templates for scenarios, but be sure that your words match the message you want to get across for this given interaction.

How to Use a LinkedIn Group

A LinkedIn group is another great place to utilize message templates.

Once you join a LinkedIn group, you can use templates to help with the following:

  • Connect with others from the same group

  • Promote a LinkedIn event

  • Reach all LinkedIn members simultaneously

  • Gauge which of your new contacts you may want to connect with further

  • Bounce ideas within the group

  • Use the tool to see which members genuinely care about your messaging

Each LinkedIn connection you make is valuable, so use these individuals to test the efficacy of your templates and to develop a relationship with.

Make sure to always follow up with connections and be authentic in your messaging.

What a Connection Request Template Can Do For Your Business

When you employ LinkedIn automation, you can adjust the settings of your software to create an automated connection request template that is sent alongside your request.

Having LinkedIn connection requests complete with a personalized message encourages a mutual connection and also the idea for open conversation starters.

The message template will get professionals interested in what you have to offer them, and the same is true for any member of your target audience.

Using a software like sales navigator helps you to create a brand image through just a simple message template and connection request.

Make sure that your templates display your brand voice well and that you personalize your messages as much as possible.

This will ensure that your connection requests are accepted and you can now converse freely with your connections on the platform.

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How Kennected Uses LinkedIn Messaging Templates

Here at Kennected, LinkedIn messaging and marketing are extremely central to what we do every single day.

We use automation to help our clients reach their goals, as well as to reach our own.

Personalized messages and frequent outreach have the ability to change the scope of your business, so get started with automation and message templates today. 

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