Can You Automate LinkedIn Messages?

LinkedIn has many helpful features, but messaging remains one of its most important ones. Messaging is the same in all social media channels: you send someone a message, and ideally, they read it and reply. In a social networking site that is built for professionals and brands, messaging serves as one of the key functions. There is no social selling without socialization.

In LinkedIn, users encounter many different prospects, leads, and potential customers. But before they can sell their product, or get hired by a company, or expand their network, they need to send that crucial first message.

There are two ways to do it: one is by manually sending a single introductory message, and the other is by using a LinkedIn automation tool. LinkedIn automation tools make it possible for users to automate messages. LinkedIn is a huge platform, so the importance of automation becomes more and more apparent as the user expands their reach.

Manually sending messages to prospects quickly becomes tedious and tiring, especially if there are hundreds of people to connect to. This drains valuable time and takes your focus away from more important tasks such as managing your business or improving your products and services.
For people who want to take their business to the next level, automation tools can give them the boost they need.

Messaging with LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools can make it much easier for business owners and professionals to connect with prospects and leads. But to make the most out of these messaging tools, users need to know how to properly use automation.

For LinkedIn messaging automation tools like Kennected, it is important to recognize what needs to be automated, and what needs to be done manually. For starters, conversations cannot be automated. Prospects will not engage in a conversation with someone who feels inauthentic. In other words, you do not want your messages to feel like spam. Users should only automate repetitive tasks.

Kennected is one of the best software for generating leads online. Users can simply upload CSV to define their target audience. It will then use the same search query for the process of automation. Most importantly, Kennected recognizes the importance of a personalized touch.

Kennected lets users personalize and schedule their messages so that it still feels authentic for every contact. Once the person responds and a connection has been made, the user should take it from there and start a real conversation. Building genuine relationships is the core of social selling. LinkedIn users need to stay active and show off the human side of your business. Avoid starting off with a pitch as it will definitely turn off your prospects.

Automation is oftentimes necessary because sending all those introductory messages to all your new connections can be time-consuming. It is an absurd amount of effort that can easily be avoided with the proper automation tool. Not to mention sending follow-up messages is just as tiring. Thankfully, Kennected also allows users to set and send personalized follow-ups. Business owners can set up to six follow up messages for each person.

Nowadays, LinkedIn is the authority on digital marketing. If used properly, it can take your brand to the next level—and LinkedIn automation is one of the best ways to utilize it.

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