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Each LinkedIn connection request you send should have a message and subject line attached to it, and this is also a good rule of thumb for when you are messaging a potential lead. Your subject line is the first impression of the message, so take great care in crafting it.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What LinkedIn messages are used for

  • What subject lines should contain

  • Best practices and subject line examples

  • How automation can help with writing subject lines and your business can avoid generic subject lines

  • How Kennected uses automation to created inmail messages and subject lines

Read on to learn all about LinkedIn message subject lines and how a catchy subject line can make all of the difference for your messaging efforts.

What are LinkedIn Messages Used For?

LinkedIn messages are sent and received on the platform for a variety of reasons.

Here are just a few of the instances where messaging occurs on the platform:

  • Alongside a blog post

  • To boost LinkedIn inmail credits

  • When conversing with a mutual connection

  • Providing a brief introduction to a professional network

  • Networking purposes

  • Lead generation and prospecting

  • Posting job opportunity or hiring messages

LinkedIn is all about connecting with different people on the platform.

Much like an email subject line, each of your messages on the platform should follow a set subject line formula, as well as the most common closing line.

Let’s outline the most important LinkedIn inmail tip and how messaging with your mutual connections is extremely important for your business success.

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What a Subject Line Should Contain

Each subject line you write should contain an element of personalization, coupled with the purpose of the message in an informal way.

If you are messaging a potential lead with the intention of fostering a relationship with this individual, make sure to send messages with a personal greeting attached to them.

A personalized inmail subject line helps this individual realize that you are not only excited to message them, but you are also genuinely interested in what they might have to say in response.

When messaging a like minded business professional, be sure to emphasize a shared connection and establish rapport in the subject line.

This will add a personal touch and capture attention and interest.

Though the main body of the message will contain the majority of your sentiments, the importance of a personal greeting and well-crafted subject line cannot be understated.

Let’s take a moment to outline some best practices for LinkedIn inmail subject lines, as well as some subject line examples for different messaging situations.

Best Practices for LinkedIn Inmail Subject Lines

Ideally, your goal should be to maximize the LinkedIn inmail response rates from your profile.

One of the best ways to do this is to utilize creative and attention grabbing subject lines.

Here are some ways to add personalization to subject lines to increase the response rate:

  • Establish a common connection

  • Use one line that emphasizes common ground

  • Build trust

  • Include company name

  • Include the prospect’s company if applicable

  • Mention the candidate’s career path

  • Include unique details about the individual

If you are hosting a LinkedIn event, include an exclusive invitation along with the message.

Share a recent blog post to a lead along with a personal greeting.

Each messaging situation will vary slightly, and your subject lines will too.

Make sure to use appropriate and personalized subject lines for every messaging scenario you encounter on the LinkedIn platform.

How Kennected Uses Automation for Each Inmail Subject Line and Message Content

Here at Kennected, we have seen the benefits of using automation to help with subject line and message creation.

There are tools that exist to help you reach more people and message more individuals without the extra time and energy associated with prospecting.

You can alter your settings to make your messaging and subject lines more personalized, and you’ll see great benefits from this change.

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