LinkedIn Marketing: Strategies & Services To Help You Win On LinkedIn

LinkedIn now has over 740 million members around the world—and it is still growing. In fact, it has become the largest social networking platform for professionals.

What makes LinkedIn special is the fact that it was specifically designed to develop and foster professional and business relationships. That’s what sets it apart from other social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can think of LinkedIn as a large networking event that everyone from every industry is attending. It’s safe to say that if you’re not on LinkedIn, you are missing out on some amazing networking opportunities.

If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer, LinkedIn can offer incredible benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. There are plenty of opportunities to expand your network on this platform and give your business a significant boost.

But what LinkedIn marketing strategies should you use to achieve this growth? How do you use LinkedIn to its fullest potential? How do you increase brand awareness, generate more leads, convert more prospects into paying customers, and boost your revenue?

Today we’re going to talk about how you can make the most out of LinkedIn. If you’re not on the platform yet, now is a good time to start. Do not underutilize this social network because it can be extremely powerful. Let’s take a closer look.

What is LinkedIn Marketing: What You Need to Know​

It’s important to strike while the iron is hot and use LinkedIn right now while it’s the biggest platform for digital marketing. It has grown significantly since it was launched in 2003 and it is still growing.

At first, LinkedIn was solely built for networking and career building. But LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunters and recruiters anymore. You can now share content with other professionals, and even use it for lead generation.

Having your business on LinkedIn is very powerful. It is now one of the most potent marketing tools in your arsenal, so make sure you use it.

LinkedIn marketing is all about using the social networking platform to generate leads, expand your network, share content, drive traffic to your website, and achieve all your business goals. The key to success here is knowing everything LinkedIn has to offer and figuring out how to apply them to your own marketing strategies.

Best Practices & Tactics for LinkedIn Marketing​

There are a lot of strategies you can use for LinkedIn marketing so you can get the best results for your business. Here we’re going over some of the best tactics, tips, and tricks to implement into your own strategies.

Because it lets you reach a wide array of business goals, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for marketing your business. Whether you have a personal page, a business page, or both, you can use the tips below to utilize LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re serious about using LinkedIn marketing to achieve your business goals, you need to start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

This first step is very important because it shows everyone that you mean business. If someone visits your profile and it’s practically empty, then they won’t take you seriously. They might not even consider working with you.

You need to make sure your LinkedIn profile has all the information about you, your business, and your brand. This way, people can take one look at your profile and see what it’s all about. They can easily understand who you are and what you can do for them.

Add a professional-looking profile picture and don’t forget to add a background photo to your profile as well. The background photo feature was first introduced in 2014 when LinkedIn finally decided to adopt it into its own professional platform.

Background photos are perfect for showing your personality or what sets your brand apart from everyone else in your industry. They’re basically free billboards right inside your profile—so choose an appropriate photo.

The recommended size for a background photo on LinkedIn is 1584 x 396 pixels. Remember that it needs to be a PNG, JGP, or GIF file that is no bigger than 8MB.

Next consider adding a customized URL for your public profile. This will make your profile look more professional—and it will also be easier to share. You won’t have a bunch of random letters and numbers at the end of your URL. Instead it would be your name, your business name, or anything else people can easily associate with your brand.

Go to View Profile and then click on Edit Public Profile and URL. This is where you can add the customized URL that you want—as long as it hasn’t been taken by another user.

You can also rearrange your LinkedIn profile freely. You can add or remove sections in order to highlight the information you want visitors to see. In edit mode, simply use your mouse to hover over the double-sided arrow in each section. You can just drag and drop the sections to another position in your profile.

Endorse Your Connections For Their Skills

Remember the phrase “its better to give than to receive”? Well in this case it actually is. When you endorse your connections, you engage two things. One, is that you trigger the law of reciprocity which basically means that when you give someone something, societal norms “force” the other person into returning the deed in like manner. This means that if you endorse someone, chances are they will feel like they have to endorse you as well. Building up your endorsements builds personal and brand credibility.  The second thing is that they will get an alert and view your profile, which depending on your goal (sales or just networking) is massively beneficial. 

Ask For Endorsements For Your Skills

Remember what we said about the law of reciprocity? Well some people won’t endorse you, simply because you endorsed them. No big deal. Just simply reach out and ask for that endorsement. Especially if you have worked for or with them, this should not be. ahuge ask. Dont feel bad about it. Its good to be selfish in this scenario. As the fictitious character, Gordon Gekko famously said in the movie Wall Street, “greed is good”. 

Highlight Your Press Mentions or Articles

Have a quote in Forbes, Entrepreneur or other industry websites that showcase you or your brand? Highlight those on your LinkedIn profile. Have a sales page or ClickFunnels offer? Put that on there as well.

Arrange Your LinkedIn Sections To Best Convert Visitors

You can now re-arrange your profile to better suit your needs. Customize it to help create the “LinkedIn sales funnel” that we always talk about. Drive traffic, then convert them with persuasion architecture. 

You Are An Enterprise - Be Known Immediately

In the words of the rap legend Jay-Z, “a man (or woman) is an enterprise. In the age of personal branding, this has never been more true. When people search for you on LinkedIn they should find a nice clean big image of you front and center. Don’t have a tiny thumbnail photo that people have to guess who is in there. Be found easily. You are a brand. 

Create and Share Your Own Content​

Being a social media platform, LinkedIn is great for content creation and sharing. But because it is specifically designed as a networking platform for professionals, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Back when LinkedIn was new, only LinkedIn Influencers were allowed to publish content. But that’s not the case anymore. Anyone can share their articles on the platform. And if you use it to promote high quality content on a regular basis, you will earn the trust of your audience and even attract new leads.

The better your content, the more visitors will be attracted to your profile—the more opportunities you get to promote your brand and develop relationships.

Use LinkedIn’s publishing platform to support your marketing goals. Try different types of content: long articles, quick blog entries, videos, pictures, etc.—and then see what people engage with the most.

Use Search Engine Optimization​

One good way to make the most out of the content you create is by using SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is all about using keywords to optimize your content for search engine results. The higher you rank in search results, the more traffic you get. That’s why marketers are always competing for the top spot in the most searched keywords.

Find out the best keywords for your niche and start applying them into your content to boost your traffic and engagement. This will open up a lot of opportunities for conversion.

You can also apply SEO to your LinkedIn profile—it’s not limited to content. SEO can be used on your LinkedIn profile so that you are more likely to be found by people who are looking for your products or services. Use your headline, summary, and other LinkedIn profile sections to rank higher in search results.

Reach Out to People You Are Not Yet Connected to​

LinkedIn marketing isn’t just about attracting people to your profile. It also involves taking the proactive approach and reaching out to your leads. In order to thrive on LinkedIn, you need to branch out and make new connections, whether its potential customers, or business partners, or other industry leaders.

To make sure you get a response and people don’t think you’re just spamming them, always personalize your messages.

Just keep in mind that you can’t actually send messages to people outside of your network unless you’re contacting people who are in the same LinkedIn Group as you. So the only way around this is by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator—the premium version on LinkedIn—that gives you access to InMails. InMails let you contact people directly in their LinkedIn inbox even if you are not yet connected.

Use your InMails wisely: introduce yourself and get to the point. Tell them why you would like to connect and what value you can provide. If you’re serious about LinkedIn marketing, you should upgrade your account to premium anyway.

Become an Active Member of LinkedIn Groups

Speaking of LinkedIn Groups, being an active member of LinkedIn Groups can benefit your business. For starters, it helps you connect with a large group of people who share similar interests but don’t belong in your network. This lets you message them even without InMails. LinkedIn lets you send up to 15 messages to fellow group members per month—for free!

Playing an active role by engaging in discussions and sharing your own content can help you cement your status as a thought leader in your industry. This will help you build trust with all these new faces. It makes it easier to reach out to them and connect with them later on.

Alternatively, you can also create your own LinkedIn Group and grow your community from there.

Use LinkedIn Groups to grow your contact list, boost brand awareness, and become an expert in your field.

Share Your Own Network Updates​

LinkedIn has its very own version of a Facebook news feed. The Network Updates found on your LinkedIn homepage serves this very purpose. This feed is a collection of everything your connections, customers, and competitors are sharing.

You can see what your network is up to, and you can even share your own updates. Keep people up to date on business news, promos, etc. Part of LinkedIn marketing is staying active on the platform and making sure you’re on everyone’s minds.

Knowing what everyone is up to will also help you stay in the loop. It can even help you maintain and develop your relationships and connections.

Highlight Your Brand​

No matter what strategy you are currently using, whether it’s content sharing or cold outreach, you always need to showcase your brand. Your brand is the identity of your business. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else—and it’s what people are going to connect with on an emotional level.

Without solid branding, people will struggle to connect with your business and they may find it hard to trust you. Remember that people use their emotions to justify their purchases. If your brand doesn’t shine through, customers will go elsewhere.

Start with the basics: optimize your profile and make sure your name and headline are easily viewable to all your visitors. Then start incorporating tone, colors, and logos to everything you put out there. This will increase brand recall and it will benefit your business greatly.

Check Out Who's Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile​

Convincing people to visit your profile is not an easy thing to do. And it’s not easy to convince those people to actually communicate and build a working relationship that eventually leads to a sale. That’s a skill you need to develop.

That’s why people who view your profile voluntarily—without being prompted to do so—are extremely valuable. These people have already taken the first step. They’ve already reached out. The interest is there, and it is up to you to capitalize on that initial contact. These profile visitors may be potential leads.

Use the Who Viewed Your Profile feature to identify the people who have visited your page. This is valuable information that you can use to your advantage. Now that you know who they are, go ahead and send them a message.

Leverage Second and Third-Degree Connections​

Growing your network on LinkedIn will eventually help you grow your business. Having a large network means you have a lot of prospects and potential partners to work with. It opens up a lot of opportunities.

Most of the time, entrepreneurs focus on their immediate circle: their first degree connections. But second and third-degree connections can become members of your network too. A second or third-degree connection is someone who is connected to a person you know. Think of it as a mutual friend on Facebook—that’s exactly what it is.

Import your contacts from your email and try to connect with the people they are connected with. They may ignore you, or they may become part of your network. These connections are valuable, so try to create new connections as much as possible—without spamming people.

Try Using LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Native Ads​

You can’t go wrong with some direct to the point advertising. Paid advertising is the perfect way to complement your organic LinkedIn marketing efforts. So while you’re working on things like content and making new connections, you can have your LinkedIn ads attracting leads in the background.

The targeting options you get from LinkedIn advertising are incredible: it’s really one of the biggest reasons why you should go for LinkedIn ads. You can target specific job functions, industries, job titles, or even company size. There are a lot of targeting options that really let you hone in on your ideal targets.

Link Your Account to Other Pages

LinkedIn is great on its own, but if you’re using other social networking platforms anyway, might as well link your accounts. This creates coherence, and establishes that you are an active presence online. So no matter where your ideal audience is hanging out, they can always find you.

Add a page follow button to your website: LinkedIn lets you add a LinkedIn Company Follow button to your website, so you can promote your LinkedIn there. This is one good way to make sure your followers can see your latest updates on LinkedIn. It can even drive more traffic from your website to your LinkedIn page. Overall, this should increase your engagement and conversions.

Of course, you can also add links to your other social networks via your LinkedIn page. Draw more attention to your brand instead of sending them to a different business.

Use LinkedIn Automation: Get Kennected

One of the best reasons to use LinkedIn for marketing is that a lot of it can be automated. Sure, you can’t afford to automate important things like conversations and building relationships. But you can use an automation tool for things that are time-consuming and repetitive.

And since you’re automating on LinkedIn, you might as well use the best LinkedIn automation tool out there: get Kennected today.

Kennected is the safest, most effective tool for automating on LinkedIn because you can just set up sequences and automatically target your ideal audience on the platform. You can either set up your own personalized messages or use Kennected’s award-winning templates. Either way, you are bound to get a response.

People won’t ignore your messages because they know it’s coming from a real person. Yes, Kennected sends the messages automatically, but not in bulk. It’s as if you are sending them yourself.

If they don’t reply, Kennected will also send a set of follow ups, so you don’t have to waste your time waiting for everyone to respond. Instead, you can focus on converting those who are actually invested enough to reply.

Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more about why it’s the best tool for automating on LinkedIn.

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