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The LinkedIn marketing strategy is a plan of action for a specific goal used by small businesses & established companies alike.

You can do a LOT with LinkedIn, from connecting with people & forming partnerships to generating leads & boosting your brand awareness. 

There are over 800 million registered professionals on LinkedIn, making it the BIGGEST resource for B2B marketers.

B2B sites get nearly 50% of their social traffic from it. Ninety-one percent of executives choose LinkedIn for professionally relevant content.

These are just a few reasons to focus on LinkedIn marketing and optimize your existing strategy. 

If you haven’t used the platform to its full potential, now is the time to reconsider.

You can boost your brand & your business with the right LinkedIn marketing strategy

Often, serious decision-makers who don’t care about Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets, YouTube videos, or Instagram images still read thought-provoking posts on LinkedIn.

Therefore, most firms should be on LinkedIn as part of their online marketing strategy. B2B businesses should make LinkedIn part of their marketing strategy.

Find out how to improve your LinkedIn marketing efforts–whether you’re marketing yourself or your company. 

These are the #1 tips for making the PERFECT LinkedIn marketing strategy.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is essentially a professional social network. The focus is career development, professional connections, industry discussions, and other business stuff.

LinkedIn is a great place to find customers, employees, and partners.

Why Is Having A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Important?

Building & promoting your brand is easy with LinkedIn’s connections and networking opportunities.  

Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn isn’t about selling.

Using LinkedIn to blatantly push your business, spamming, or hard selling is HIGHLY frowned upon. This is why you need a marketing strategy tailored to the platform.

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Define Your LinkedIn Marketing Goals

LinkedIn marketing is the same as any other social media marketing. Defining & setting your goals is the first step in any campaign.

What’s the point of this LinkedIn marketing campaign? What are you hoping to get out of it? You want your goals to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

To measure your campaign’s success, ensure you have some good metrics. 

Optimize Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

Putting faces to ideas is why personal profiles are so important for LinkedIn.

When you’re focused on more advanced LinkedIn marketing tactics, it’s easy to overlook this step.

It’s crucial to make certain profile improvements whether you’re marketing through a company page or your personal account. 

Each personal profile provides unique insights based on that person’s skills and personality while still tying back to your key themes.

Start with creating a high-quality profile picture that’s relevant to your brand. You get 21X more profile views with a photo.

Add a summary, experience, and awards to your profile. Make your profile picture either a photo or a video.

It’s easy to overlook the summary section. You’ve got 2,000 characters to speak directly & persuasively to your target audience. 

Make sure you use complete sentences, write in the first person, and address their pain points.

Personal LinkedIn profiles are like portfolios: every post lives under your activity tab, so people can revisit your particularly insightful content.

If you write detailed posts with expert insights, you’ll appear more credible as an industry expert.

Update your profile with important company announcements, articles about your company, and/or recent work experiences.

Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Matter

You can share company updates and articles on LinkedIn company pages.

Make sure your brand has a consistent presence with a company profile page. Content, images, and colors on this page should match your website & other social media profiles.

Make sure it’s updated regularly.

LinkedIn posts from companies get less engagement because people don’t connect as easily with brands as they do with people.

However, company pages have more audience targeting & paid ads. You can easily target your audience if you’re willing to spend some money on LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Encourage People To Follow Your Company Page

You can’t grow your audience unless you have a compelling company page. You should optimize your company page for search, but you should also encourage people to follow it.

You need visibility to create a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy. It ensures your updates show up in their LinkedIn Feed, increasing your reach.

A high follower count also strengthens your company’s credibility. 

Get Your Employees Involved

The whole point of LinkedIn is to make connections.

Besides being your brand’s BEST advocates, your employees can help broaden your reach & strengthen your network on the platform.

Employees need to be heavily involved in your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Encourage employees to add your company to their profiles.

As a result, they become followers, & your company gets NOTICED.

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What Are The 5 Essential E's of An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

The five E’s include:

  1. Explore Opportunities

  2. Expand Network

  3. Engage Connections

  4. Establish Relationships

  5. Expert Positioning

Share Content From Other LinkedIn Pages

Besides publishing your content, you should also share other pages’ useful & ENGAGING content.

It helps you build relationships with other brands & gives your company page new energy. As a result, your LinkedIn marketing strategy will be even more effective. 

Ensure your updates have a descriptive caption, attractive images, appropriate emojis, bullet points, etc. It can help break up the monotony of text-based articles.

Your LinkedIn account is all about being useful to your target market, & collating other people’s relevant content can help you do that.

Run Ads Using The Matched Audiences Feature

A GREAT LinkedIn marketing strategy is targeting relevant users when you run ads.

Matched Audiences lets you retarget people who have visited your website and those on your existing account or email list.

Link To Your Company Page

Inbound links are one of the BIGGEST factors determining a page’s search engine ranking.

To solidify your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you need to optimize your LinkedIn company page for search. You can just link to your LinkedIn profile.

You could put them on your website, blog, social media profiles, etc. Your email signature & newsletter can link to your LinkedIn page.

This allows your subscribers & website visitors to become followers with a single click.

Invite your existing customers to follow your new LinkedIn company page.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups have a place in your LinkedIn marketing strategy, even though they’re not discussed much anymore.

LinkedIn groups can connect people in the same industry or with similar interests. Consider setting up a LinkedIn employee advocacy initiative.

Most people join groups related to their industries, so those groups are FULL of competitors.

You can expand your network by joining groups your ideal clients are in – even if they’re not active. There are up to 100 different groups you can join.

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Start A LinkedIn Group

Connect with like-minded professionals by creating LinkedIn groups. You can invite people you know who are interested in your product or service.

Send Out Personalized InMail

Personalized InMails are a great way to get employees involved in your LinkedIn marketing.

This is a great way to connect with influential members on the platform.

You can get their attention & possibly get them to accept your connection request by accompanying your request with a personalized InMail.

It’s only available to Premium accounts, not a LinkedIn company page, but this would be a great way to tap into your company’s expertise. 

Recruiters & salespeople can often get results by delivering an InMail directly to prospects’ inboxes.

Create A Content Calendar

You must consistently keep your audience hooked on your LinkedIn company page. You can’t have a successful LinkedIn strategy without it.

Regularly publishing engaging content builds anticipation among your followers. The result is a higher engagement & more reach.

Sharing content once in a while, randomly, won’t create the same level of authority or trust as consistently creating content.

It’s important to complement your LinkedIn strategy with a content marketing strategy. 

What's The Best Time To Post On LinkedIn?

There’s no one best time. It depends on when your target audience is on LinkedIn. There’s a LOT to consider, from time zone to schedule.

Long-Form Posts

You can post long-form content on LinkedIn, which many business leaders use to build their thought leadership reputations.

Long-form content can make you look like an industry expert & innovative leader. 

LinkedIn company posts can be 700 characters, & personal status updates can be 1,300 characters.

Even though you shouldn’t treat every update like a blog post, there are benefits to going long. 

Add Imagery To Your Posts

You don’t have to limit yourself to text-only posts just because LinkedIn is a professional social media platform.

Adding visually appealing elements like photos and videos can help you CAPTURE the attention of your LinkedIn target audience. 

You’ll get TWICE as many comments on your posts if you use custom images.

You can also increase your engagement rate by 5X with video, which makes it a critical part of your LinkedIn marketing.

A LinkedIn Live Video will get you 24X more engagement.

Include LinkedIn Ads In Your Campaign

Buying ads on LinkedIn will BOOST your brand’s performance. With LinkedIn’s targeting tools, you can ensure your ads reach the right people. 

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What Are Showcase Pages?

Showcase pages should target one customer segment & provide relevant information: a bigger header image, more above-the-fold updates, and a place to link to your company.

As a result, it’s different from company pages in a few ways.

Measure Audience Engagement

Understanding your audience and what they’re into is key to a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy. 

Make sure you’re on track toward your goals. You’ll find the relevant data in LinkedIn Analytics for your company page. 

This data will give you VALUABLE insights into how visitors engage with your content.

You can access your company page analytics by clicking ‘Me’ (under your photo), selecting ‘Company:’ [your company name], then ‘Analytics.’

The LinkedIn analytics home page will show the last 30 days of unique visitors, new followers, post impressions, and custom buttons.

How Does The LinkedIn Algorithm Work?

There’s been a lot of transparency about LinkedIn’s algorithm. An AI bot checks your content to make sure it’s not spam.

If it fails this test, you’re unlikely to see your content in many people’s feeds. Share only high-quality stuff on LinkedIn.

Post Job Listings

LinkedIn users LOVE posting job listings & recruiting. LinkedIn has 49 million job seekers every week. You can post a free listing, which shows up on your company page.

It’s also worth it to advertise your job listings. 

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