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There are many LinkedIn automation tools that exist within social media platforms, but one of the most attractive platforms to use these tools is LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn account can benefit from an automation tool in many ways.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What a LinkedIn automation tool is

  • How to use LinkedIn automation tools effectively

  • What the best LinkedIn automation tools are and how they work

  • How LinkedIn sales navigator can streamline your LinkedIn campaigns

  • How Kennected utilizes LinkedIn automation tools and marketing tools

Read on to learn all about LinkedIn marketing software and how these services work to strengthen your marketing strategy and implementation.

What is a LinkedIn Automation Tool?

A LinkedIn automation tool is a software designed to help streamline processes within the platform, including lead generation, search engines, and curating content for LinkedIn users.

A tool like LinkedIn sales navigator helps your business to use existing LinkedIn tools to your advantage every single day.

Some other popular LinkedIn automation tools will specialize in a given area, like strengthening LinkedIn profiles or generating personalized messages.

The best LinkedIn automation tool is the one that can utilize the power of advanced LinkedIn automation software without putting your account at risk for suspension.

Let’s outline what the safest LinkedIn automation tools look like and how these valuable tools can be used for the betterment of your LinkedIn profiles and your business.

What LinkedIn Automation Tools Do For Your Business

The main goal of a LinkedIn automation tool is to help you reach your target audience more effectively.

Software like sales navigator exists to help get your LinkedIn messages out to a wider audience, getting you more leads for your marketing efforts in the process.

Here is what LinkedIn sales navigator and other LinkedIn marketing tools can do for your business:

  • Aid LinkedIn lead generation

  • Increase LinkedIn connections

  • Help with managing leads

  • Track LinkedIn performance

  • Use CRM tools to generate leads

  • Help with social selling

  • Reach relevant leads through automated messages

  • Manage multiple accounts and outreach campaigns

With LinkedIn premium, you have access to LinkedIn sales navigator, the official LinkedIn automation tool that can provide your business with all of the above benefits.

When using LinkedIn automation tools, your LinkedIn profile becomes stronger and more appealing every day.

Let’s outline how to choose a LinkedIn lead generation tool and how other LinkedIn automation tools stack up against one another.

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What are the Best LinkedIn Automation Tools?

According to Hyperise, these are the best LinkedIn automation tools that exist on the market today:

  • Expandi

  • Lempod

  • SalesHub

  • LinkedIn sales navigator

  • Phantom Buster

  • Texau

  • Zopto

  • WeConnect

  • GrowthLead

  • OctopusCRM

  • Wiza

Our own Kennected software, Cloud Kennect, is also a LinkedIn automation tool that functions similarly to the above platforms.

Each of these tools functions differently, but each shares the primary goal of strengthening your lead generation and LinkedIn presence for the betterment of your business venture.

Most LinkedIn automation tools utilize a chrome extension, meaning that they are linked to your browser and operate within your LinkedIn accounts.

The safest LinkedIn automation tool will utilize a cloud based system, meaning that your ability to access data and operate within the tool is easier and safer for the platform.

Sync your LinkedIn contacts with your other marketing tools and ensure that the right LinkedIn automation tool is working for you.

Do your research and find the platform that works best for you.

As one of the safest LinkedIn automation tools to exist, let’s review how LinkedIn sales navigator works and how your LinkedIn prospects will be transformed by this platform in particular.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn sales navigator helps your profile with the following functions:

  • Strengthening LinkedIn campaigns

  • Using an automation tool to gather data and customer preferences

  • Studying LinkedIn users to cater to them

  • Monitoring LinkedIn drip campaigns and their efficacy

  • Utilizing a LinkedIn network booster

  • Serving as a growth automation platform

  • Helping your LinkedIn messaging

  • Creating outreach campaigns

  • Aiding in LinkedIn social selling

  • Strengthening company search

  • Managing multiple LinkedIn accounts

LinkedIn sales navigator and tools like it primarily work to strengthen lead generation efforts and other lead outreach campaigns.

Each LinkedIn group you join and the connection requests you receive will be tracked by the LinkedIn tool, helping to guide your content creation and outreach through other tools.

To use the tool effectively, make sure that you are doing everything possible to set up your LinkedIn presence manually.

Don’t expect the automation tool to work its magic without any help from you.

Using LinkedIn automation tools is a great benefit to your lead generation and marketing efforts, but make sure you are putting in the work necessary to reap the benefits of the software.

How Kennected Utilizes LinkedIn Marketing Tools and Automation

Here at Kennected, we use our own software, Cloud Kennect, to accomplish a lot for our LinkedIn profiles.

Our software allows us to do the following:

  • Reach our target audience

  • Increase LinkedIn lead generation

  • Send personalized messages

  • Use a dedicated IP address

  • Monitor LinkedIn connection requests

  • Use advanced LinkedIn search features

  • Monitor human behavior on the platform

  • Strengthen the sales funnel through LinkedIn groups

  • Help to make our company pages more appealing

  • Conduct multiple outreach campaigns

Use LinkedIn automation tools to your advantage and get started with Cloud Kennect today.

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