Why LinkedIn Marketing Is Important For Your Business

If you are a marketer or a business owner, you should be using social media. There is no doubt that digital marketing and social media marketing have become invaluable tools for B2B marketers over the years. But if you’re still not sure which social networking platform to focus on, we highly recommend LinkedIn.

In fact, we’re here to talk about just how important LinkedIn is for your business, and how impactful it can be if you incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

To cover the basics, LinkedIn is a social networking platform that is focused on building professional and business relationships. LinkedIn is the biggest platform for professionals online, with over 706 million users around the world.

When people think about LinkedIn, they immediately think: job search. And while it is certainly helpful for recruiters looking for qualified candidates and jobseekers looking for a new job, LinkedIn is also valuable for B2B marketers. This is because of its professional focus.

While LinkedIn doesn’t have as many users as Facebook, it generates more valuable leads. It’s easy to think that business owners might prefer Facebook simply because of its sheer size, but LinkedIn is now more important for B2B companies. Here’s why.

Why LinkedIn Marketing is Important for Your Business​

LinkedIn’s professional focus allows it to generate high quality leads. It means people who use LinkedIn are more likely to convert than Facebook users. LinkedIn users have a business-oriented mindset and they are always looking for ways to invest in themselves. This is why LinkedIn is an excellent source of leads.

Not to mention that LinkedIn also helps you build a strong network of individuals who can add value or help you develop your sales pipeline. This is another advantage LinkedIn has over conventional social media.

Clever marketers are now using LinkedIn to generate leads, build their sales pipeline, meet potential clients, establish thought leadership, increase brand awareness, and boost their revenue. LinkedIn is unrivaled when it comes to developing professional connections—that’s why you should invest in it.

LinkedIn is now one of the most popular social platforms among business owners. Statistics show that around 62 percent of business owners use LinkedIn. There is also a steady rise in LinkedIn’s user base as more and more people are realizing its potential.

In terms of conversions, LinkedIn has the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate among the different social networking sites—with numbers that are even higher than Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn also makes it easier to find and connect with leads online. You can use it to establish thought leadership by posting content that relates to your target audience’s interests. LinkedIn is a very good platform for content marketing because users are more likely to read posts—especially if your content is engaging and informative.

LinkedIn is the best social platform for establishing yourself as an industry leader. Use it as a micro blogging platform where you can post long form articles like press releases, blog posts, case studies, etc. Keep your content schedule full by posting shorter updates that encourage conversations.

By posting regularly on LinkedIn, you can attract a much wider audience while positioning yourself as a thought leader. This way, you will find it easier to build your own community online.

On top of all these benefits, you can also use LinkedIn to increase brand visibility. By optimizing your profile, you can showcase your brand’s value long before people even decide to buy from you. Use relevant keywords in your profile and content to rank higher in search results. This boosts your profile’s visibility and exposes you to a bigger audience.

LinkedIn has gradually evolved into the most important social networking platform for business owners. And because the platform is still growing, now is the time to put your energy into it.

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