The Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Courses You Need To Take

Entrepreneurs are using LinkedIn to promote their business and increase brand awareness. But mastering the art of LinkedIn marketing is no easy feat. If you want to boost your revenue, you need to use this social networking platform properly.

The good news is that everything you need to learn about LinkedIn marketing is available on the internet. You just need to look them up. So if you ever want to “go to school” again and learn everything LinkedIn has to offer, you can simply surf the web and find all the answers.

Better yet, you can sign up for a LinkedIn marketing course online and let the experts teach you everything you need to know. You’re only a few clicks away from becoming a LinkedIn marketing expert yourself. Here we will talk about some of our recommended LinkedIn marketing courses, which can help improve your approach to selling.

Want to Level Up Your LinkedIn Marketing? Try These 10 Courses​

Even if you are a marketing expert, there’s always something new for you to learn. Not to mention that your competitors are always looking for ways to improve and stand above. So if you want to rise to that challenge, you can learn from these LinkedIn marketing courses listed below.

If you’re a beginner, there are plenty of basics you need to learn: setting up and optimizing your profile, automating your LinkedIn outreach, etc.

When choosing a LinkedIn marketing course, consider your personal goals and what you want to learn. There are specific courses that cover topics like lead generation and brand building. There are also a lot of general courses that teach you a bit of everything about how to make LinkedIn work for you. So keep your goals in mind and look for a program that can teach you what you need to know.

Whether you’re only getting started on LinkedIn, or you’re a LinkedIn veteran, there are courses out there that are suitable for you.

Boot Camp Digital: LinkedIn Marketing Master Class​

Boot Camp Digital specializes in training advertising agencies, marketing teams, and PR firms.

Their master class gives you everything you need to know from LinkedIn essentials to advanced techniques. Beginners and experts alike will learn ways to build their credibility, find leads, and grow their LinkedIn network.

Book Camp Digital teaches efficient ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can enjoy better results. For beginners in particular, the master class shows why LinkedIn is such a powerful tool for businesses. Some of the most valuable professional connections you will make are on LinkedIn. Utilizing that can help you grow your business or find important career opportunities. LinkedIn also boasts a high conversion rate—higher than Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media.

This master class will teach you strategic ways to grow your network while developing a strategy that will maximize your impact.

Experienced LinkedIn users can also learn how to create better LinkedIn ads and analyze data to improve each campaign. The Book Camp Digital LinkedIn marketing class is full of real-world examples that make it easier to put each lesson into perspective.

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn: The LinkedIn Learning Course​

You can go for this handy LinkedIn marketing course if you want a great launching pad for LinkedIn marketing. This course is made up of educational videos from award-winning global content creator Alex Rynne. For years, she has been revolutionizing content marketing for LinkedIn.

This LinkedIn Learning Course can teach you everything about how to achieve your goals on the social networking platform.

While it mostly covers the basics of LinkedIn marketing, it also touches up on how to separate your brand from the competition.

Social Media Marketing Foundations​

Everyone is using social media marketing to reach their target audience these days. But to truly succeed here, you need a solid plan and a proper marketing strategy. This course helps you create your own social media marketing strategy.

The instructor for this course is Brian Honigman, CEO of Honigman Media. The course teaches entrepreneurs how to get the most value out of content marketing, SEO, and social media platforms like LinkedIn.

This course goes in depth on social media best practices and how to set up a good foundation for your social media campaign.

B2B Marketing on LinkedIn​

For B2B marketing companies looking to leverage LinkedIn, this is a course that focuses on your needs. LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen shares some tips and best practices for making the most out of your LinkedIn campaign. This course gives you detailed steps on using InMail, videos, updates, and other features to get the best results.

This is also the best course for learning how to use Company Pages for B2B marketing. Since LinkedIn isn’t just for jobseekers anymore, a course that explores the proper way of B2B marketing on the platform is very much welcome.

Writing to Be Heard on LinkedIn​

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for content marketing because its user base loves industry articles. So if you want to show thought leadership, you need to work on your content.

The challenging part is rising above the sea of content that’s already flooding LinkedIn. So if your goal is to be heard on LinkedIn, this course is for you.

Daniel Roth, executive editor of LinkedIn, teaches you how to write for the LinkedIn audience. It’s all about playing to your strengths and achieving the objectives you set out for.

Online Marketing Foundations​

This LinkedIn course teaches you how to evaluate your LinkedIn page and identify conversion goals. Madecraft Chief Learning Officer Brad Batesole explains how to build a successful online campaign using all digital channels, from search engines to emails.

Learning how to promote your business online can be tricky, but this course covers everything you need to know.

Beyond the LinkedIn marketing strategies, Online Marketing Foundations also teaches how to use a marketing funnel, how to choose an effective domain name, and how to build a great website.

With this course, you can navigate the current digital landscape and develop a smart plan of action that is designed for your own goals.

Learning Personal Branding​

Knowing how to stand out from the rest of the competition is vital for your LinkedIn success. Learning Personal Branding is a course that’s full of advice on how to develop your unique personal brand. The course teaches you how to be authentic, genuine, and consistent while delivering your company’s message.

This LinkedIn marketing course explores your personal brand from a content marketing framework. This means you can use what you’ve learned about content marketing and apply it here.

The instructor, Chelsea Krost is an expert when it comes to influencer marketing and personal branding. The course will help you create a distinct competitive advantage no matter where you promote your business.

Growing Your Small Business with LinkedIn​

Perfect for small business owners, this course will help you grow your business using the limited time and resources that you have. LinkedIn will play a significant role in your growth, because this powerful tool works with companies of all sizes. Learn how to use all the free tools available to you through LinkedIn.

Garrick Chow shows you how to connect with clients and fellow small business owners, and prospects so you can take your business to the next level. Chow works as the Senior Staff Instructor at LinkedIn Learning. He will teach you everything from optimizing your LinkedIn profile to converting leads.

Business Storytelling​

Prospects and leads love a good story. That’s why your brand should reflect your story as an entrepreneur. Becoming an effective storyteller will improve your marketing efforts in every way, and this course teaches you how to do just that.

Award-winning content creator C.C. Chapman shows you how to cut through the fluff and deliver captivating stories that will turn leads into loyal customers.

People love to hear stories—it’s one of the ways we process information and develop attachments to different things. Do not ignore the power of a good story—it may just take your business to the next level.

Impact School MBA

Impact School MBA is perfect for coaches, consultants, course creators, agency owners, trainers, and freelancers who want to make a strong impact online. If you are a coach looking to grow your business, this is the course for you.

Impact School has helped thousands of clients globally. They can teach you how to develop your business whether you are brand new or experienced.

In this course, your business coach will be Lauren Tickner, a coaching expert who has helped over 2,000 aspiring coaches replace their job income with online income. Her 5-Day Impact MBA course is free and it can help you get started on making money as a coach or consultant online.

These are some of the best courses you can try if you want to improve your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. After learning all these tips, strategies, and best practices, you can take it even further and start using LinkedIn automation.

Kennected is the best LinkedIn tool for automating your outreach. Imagine being able to send personalized messages to thousands of LinkedIn users in your defined geographic area. You wouldn’t have to spend hours and hours of your time manually sending those connection requests and hoping to get a response. Instead, you can just set it up on Kennected, choose your target audience, and automatically reach out to them. You can even set up and schedule personalized follow-ups.

When they accept your request and connect with you on LinkedIn, you can jump right in and start having a real conversation with them. That’s the power of Kennected. You can focus more time and energy on converting your leads rather than spraying and praying on LinkedIn.

Whether they buy something off your first message or two, or if they just connect with you, you win. Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you have their email, phone number, company website, etc., all inside of the Kennected dashboard.

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