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Anyone can become an accredited LinkedIn marketing expert by taking LinkedIn’s free marketing certification program.

The program is for professionals who want to show that they know LinkedIn in addition to social media marketing. 

It helps employers and clients know when a marketing professional is good at LinkedIn advertising

You will differentiate yourself from other marketers. But what all is involved with getting certified? And who can get certified?

What Is LinkedIn?

Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network with over 830 million users. 

Business professionals use LinkedIn to find information, and business partners, find new prospects, and get recommendations on various business topics.

By understanding the features and functionality of LinkedIn, you’ll be able to attract followers and drive engagement for your business.

Who Should Expand Their LinkedIn Marketing Expertise?

  • Marketing managers

  • Business owners

  • Social media managers

If you want to increase brand awareness for a company, this new certification program will likely benefit you.

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How Does Someone Get LinkedIn Marketing Certified?

Getting certified lets marketers show off their LinkedIn marketing expertise, demonstrating their understanding of best practices with advertising tools.

There are two exams you have to pass to get the certification: LinkedIn advertising fundamentals and LinkedIn marketing strategy.

You’ll have 60 minutes to answer 60 multiple choice questions and get a certificate when you pass.

Marketers need to know how to launch a successful LinkedIn advertising campaign, optimizing targeting, and report on results to pass the certification exam.

These topics piece together the LinkedIn advertising foundations.

You can showcase your new credentials on your LinkedIn profile, email signature, and portfolio.

What Are LinkedIn Ads?

With LinkedIn Ads, marketers can connect with an audience with a business mindset. There are four main types of LinkedIn advertising:


  • Sponsored Content: A sponsored content ad looks like a standard post, except with a “sponsored tag.”

  • Sponsored Messaging: Sponsored messaging ads appear as messages in users’ inboxes, which is awesome. They have a sponsored tag and a CTA button, but users have to open the message to mark it as read, and it stays in their inbox.

  • Text Ads: Users can see text ads in the right-hand sidebar while browsing the platform. They’re like Facebook’s sidebar ads.

  • Dynamic Ads: Unlike text ads, a dynamic ad shows up on its own. The biggest advantage of dynamic ads is they grab the user’s attention with their name and picture. It’s a great way to showcase a job, product, or service.

LinkedIn Marketing Courses

LinkedIn just launched an on-demand video series to help you master LinkedIn marketing.

These six videos cover everything from LinkedIn Ads to lead generation to content marketing to measuring and optimizing campaigns. 

The LMS website has five modules in the form of guides, case studies, and data sheets in which you can learn about LinkedIn sponsored content, sponsored InMail, dynamic ads, and display ads. 

What Makes LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications Stand Out?

LinkedIn marketing labs certifications are free. In addition, there are free, optional courses and a practice test to help you pass the exams.

However, LinkedIn marketing lab certifications are only available in English. It’s expected that additional languages will be available in the future.

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What Optional Courses Are Offered?

The optional courses include:


  • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads: Learn to create an ad campaign, measure its success, and optimize it to reach company goals.

  • Using LinkedIn’s Ad Targeting: Learn how LinkedIn’s targeting works and best practices.

  • Reporting and Analytics for LinkedIn Ads: Learn how to improve campaign analytics through optimization tips.

Why Should Someone Become An Accredited LinkedIn Marketing Expert?

Digital marketers aren’t strangers to certification courses, and newbies to digital marketing are probably looking for ways to learn more.

Experienced or novice, ambitious marketers understand the importance of ongoing marketing practices.

Staying knowledgeable about modern marketing techniques can improve your social media strategy.

Visit LinkedIn Marketing Labs and get certified today!

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