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LinkedIn is a great content marketing platform where users can utilize the blog to gain traction for lead generation.

Want to build your network, boost leads and conversions, and increase revenue? LinkedIn is often underutilized because new social networks pop up all the time.

In the past few years, LinkedIn lead generation has grown so much.

LinkedIn is a great tool for social media content. Without a doubt, LinkedIn is the biggest platform for professional networking and is used by Fortune 500 companies. 

Marketing on LinkedIn helps you engage a community of professionals to drive actions relevant to your business.

Here are some LinkedIn tips you can implement immediately to increase brand awareness, share marketing content, and grow your business using the platform. 

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

With LinkedIn marketing, you make connections, generate leads, build brand awareness, foster business relationships, share content, and drive traffic to your site.

Due to its effectiveness in expanding professional networks, LinkedIn is an integral part of many successful marketing strategies.

What's The Point of LinkedIn Marketing?

Regarding social media marketing, you might be tempted to focus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

While those are great platforms for reaching your target audience, excluding LinkedIn is a huge mistake. 

With LinkedIn being the world’s largest professional network, it generates leads 227% better than Facebook and Twitter, so it’s an essential marketing tool.

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The LinkedIn Algorithm

The LinkedIn algorithm is fairly simple compared to other social media algorithms (YouTube is crazy complicated).

Likes and reactions give LinkedIn’s algorithm some juice, but comments make a difference. Not just any comments.

Lengthy comments — especially those that spark conversation by other users.

LinkedIn’s algorithms aim to show users a feed with diversified content from their networks, like many other platforms.

Your followers might be notified or see it on their feeds when you launch a stream on LinkedIn Live. Similarly, a video might catch a user’s eye more than a text post.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

You should optimize the following sections of your LinkedIn profile before doing outreach:

  • Background image

  • Profile image

  • Tagline

  • Summary (about section)

  • Featured content

  • Job experience

  • Skills & endorsements

Optimize your LinkedIn profile like a landing page.

Use The Blog & Website Links On Your LinkedIn Profile

Updates are great for sharing thoughts, but linking to a blog post or interesting website will give you even more context.

LinkedIn lets you add portfolio links and social networks. You can also add links to your content and business info to your profile.

Using this feature, you can drive traffic to specific areas of your page.

Consider Your Targeted Audience

Think about who the content is for before you post anything and tailor your message to them. If your target audience is sales professionals, choose topics they care about. 

Can you tell me what problems or obstacles they’re trying to solve? Make content that speaks to them.

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Make Your LinkedIn Page Look Good

LinkedIn pages have changed a lot over the years. Check that yours is set up correctly and optimized for the latest layout, with a compelling banner image.

Add A LinkedIn Background Photo

Add an on-brand background photo to your LinkedIn profile. You can update yours to show off your brand and special interests, or catch the eye of hiring managers and recruiters. 

The LinkedIn background photo should be 1584 x 396 pixels, and it must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF. 

Add A Page Follow Button To Your Website

Promote your company’s LinkedIn presence, and content on your website with the LinkedIn company follow button.

Your website visitors will automatically become connected to you when they follow your LinkedIn page through your site. 

You can boost your engagement and connections by driving traffic directly from your website to LinkedIn. 

Sponsored Content, LinkedIn Ads, & Native Ads

LinkedIn ads are a great way to complement your organic LinkedIn marketing efforts. LinkedIn advertising has a lot of targeting options.

With LinkedIn’s PPC ads, you can target specific job titles, functions, industries, or company sizes – the people who are more likely to buy. 

You Can Use Open Profile To Message People You're Not Connected To

By sending them a personalized message, make new connections with potential partners, customers, and other industry leaders.

Except for LinkedIn group members, you can only message people with whom you have a first-degree connection. 

But did you know some people let you send them messages even if you’re not friends?

Don't Sound Salesy

Social media marketing is about promotion, but you don’t have to hard sell. An authentic voice will perform better than a hollow sales pitch.

People are smart, and can spot dishonesty faster than you think. 

Share Quick Status Updates

LinkedIn’s “LinkedIn Status Update” (also called “Network Update”) is one of its most underutilized features. Staying in front of your target audience regularly is key. 

When used correctly, these little messages pack a punch. You’ll find your status update “block” below your picture on your homepage.

When you share an update, it’s broadcast to everyone on your network. 

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Keep Posting

Everyone wants to go viral, but you can get great visibility without it.

LinkedIn’s publishing platform is another great way to distribute content. 

The LinkedIn platform needs to show something new on the home page every time users log in. Otherwise, they’ll get bored and won’t come back. 

Everyone can publish on the platform. Use this feature to support your marketing goals by creating and promoting content on LinkedIn.

Posts like this help you feed the LinkedIn machine and yourself. The people who post consistently and continuously are always at the top of your LinkedIn feed.

You should promote your stuff in LinkedIn groups and other social media channels and reach out to influencers in your niche once you’ve published something worth sharing.

Keep doing this consistently, and you’ll see your following grow. You’ll start getting leads as soon as you prove you’re an authority in your niche.

Join LinkedIn Groups

These sites let you and other members share content, grow your contact list, establish yourself as an expert, and boost brand awareness.

Joining LinkedIn groups has several other benefits. You’ll inspire thought leadership by joining groups related to your industry and participating in discussions there.

By joining a group, you can also see complete profiles of other members without being connected.

Tag LinkedIn Users In Posts

To tag someone in a LinkedIn post, include the “@” symbol immediately followed by the user’s or company’s name in your status update or post.

As a result, that user/company page will be alerted that you mentioned them, and the status updates itself.

This is a great way to boost engagement and interaction on your content and improve brand awareness.

Sponsored Content

User profiles have their news feed on the LinkedIn homepage. Your sponsored content will appear in LinkedIn’s news feed and reach many people.

It’s labeled “promoted,” so it stands out.

This marketing format sends messages right to your prospects’ inboxes. It’s a great way to drive awareness, generate engagement, or generate leads. 

LinkedIn has two types of sponsored messaging: message ads and conversation ads. Because you’re usually targeting a particular niche, sponsored messages tend to be direct.

So, they can be effective for driving action. 

What Is The Difference Between LinkedIn Articles & LinkedIn Posts?

LinkedIn posts and status updates are limited to 1,300 characters, but articles can be as long as you want.

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Video Ads

LinkedIn video ads can be a great way to reach a professional audience. The first thing you need to do is figure out what your video campaign is about:

  • Awareness

  • Consideration

  • Conversion

You should then craft your message in video format. It should be visually appealing and direct.

Grow Your Audience

You have to wait for people to follow you organically. You can grow your LinkedIn audience through connection requests as a personal profile. 

Don’t write a message with your connection request unless it’s personal. People’s inboxes get cluttered. Find people who fit your target audience.

If your company sells content marketing management software, you can search for “content marketers” and connect with them. This works great with LinkedIn marketing.

Make sure you add 2nd-degree connections as an additional filter to increase your chances. 

Use Hashtags

You can use hashtags to change your marketing strategy by adding emphasis to your LinkedIn posts.

Simple phrases preceded by hashtags are goldmines for reaching new audiences, industries, and niches.

But using too many, or worse – the wrong ones, can hurt your reach. You’ll want to strike a balance between relevant and popular hashtags.

Offer Exclusive Content

It’s tempting to publish the same content on multiple platforms, but that’s a mistake. Make sure your LinkedIn audience gets exclusive content. 

It’s not uncommon to have the same followers on several platforms, so don’t overdo it.

Add A ProFinder Badge To Your Profile

Consider adding a ProFinder badge to identify freelancers on LinkedIn’s ProFinder. Contractors are matched with project managers looking for help.

A ProFinder badge shows prospective clients your skills, expertise, and recommendations.

Lead Gen Forms

You want your ads to convert leads, and collecting their info makes the process easier for them and you. You can use these pre-filled forms on LinkedIn to collect and record leads.

How To Search For Jobs On LinkedIn

You can search for jobs on LinkedIn by clicking the “Jobs” icon. Enter a job title and position here. You’ll see several job postings that match your criteria.

You can further filter jobs using the advanced filters above, or click “All Filters” to see them all.

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Co-Branding Opportunities

Do you know a thought leader, or want to partner with a non-competing brand? You can do this with video.

If you feature a Q&A with an expert or a co-produced film on your LinkedIn and tag the affiliated influencers or brands, their networks will see it, too. 

How To Change Your LinkedIn URL

You can do this by clicking “View Profile” and “Edit Public Profile and URL.”

Your LinkedIn URL can be anything you want – like your first and last name or business name – as long as it’s not already taken. 

Text Ads

Your LinkedIn desktop feed might have text ads on the right-hand side or at the top. This shouldn’t be your first ad option since you won’t get enough clicks to make a difference.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

There are various marketing solutions to use on LinkedIn. But two stand out to us more than others.


Expandi has been tested time and time again for sales and lead generation. You can skyrocket your business with LinkedIn message automation, including:

  • Automating your connection requests to your target audience

  • Automating your follow-ups to ensure your sales leads respond and see your message

  • Integrate with other marketing tools to ensure true omnichannel outreach on different channels

  • Use advanced hyper-personalization so that your messages look authentic

#1 Platform For Generating Leads: Kennected

According to HubSpot, 61% of companies name their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads.

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Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

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