LinkedIn Marketing Agency | What Do They Do To Grow Your Visibility?

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A LinkedIn marketing agency can manage your LinkedIn presence AND create brand awareness to reach your target audience. Your LinkedIn marketing agency can also help you determine your target audience.

You can get an edge in business by networking. You can do some of it without leaving your desk.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or hoping to build connections and generate leads for your current one, LinkedIn is the most popular professional network. 

Using LinkedIn, you can create a marketing roadmap, establish your brand’s reputation, monitor your competition, join groups, publish content, engage with prospects, and increase visibility.

Creating a profile, logging in frequently, and being on LinkedIn isn’t rocket science. The trick is to use it like the powerful opportunity generator it is. 

This article is about improving your LinkedIn brand.

You’ll receive several LinkedIn marketing tips that will help you INCREASE metrics such as engagement with your posts & profile visits.

LinkedIn's Increase In Use

Many people use Facebook & Instagram for socializing, while LinkedIn is more for networking.

LinkedIn’s targeting is UNMATCHED in digital advertising. Small businesses can find out what industry, company size, and job role their typical customers are in. 

Suppose you’re selling customer support software to small businesses in America. 

In that case, you can set your ads to only show to those under 100 employees, and within that group, only to executives with customer support jobs.

LinkedIn has become one of the TOP social media channels for establishing online connections AND growing businesses. 

Most companies use LinkedIn to boost sales, build their brand, get more followers, and expand their networks.

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Your company page is an effective way to get exposure if you want your business to grow. But what if you’re a thought leader or have a big following? 

You can build your brand even more with your LinkedIn profile. 

Active prospecting (social selling) is the best way to generate new leads and prospects, but you want to ensure your profile is optimized.

Your profile should be optimized so people can find you EASIER.

Look at your managers’ or industry idols’ LinkedIn profiles for inspiration on how they use their digital space.

LinkedIn Introduction Card

Your introduction card is the FIRST thing people see when they look at your profile. Describe your current personal & professional status in this section. 

Introduce yourself, & highlight things you want people to know at a glance.

Your LinkedIn introduction card includes several key sections that can affect your ability to be found on LinkedIn, both directly (through LinkedIn’s search algorithm) & indirectly.

Don’t forget to use complete sentences, write in the first person, and address their pain points. There are a lot of people who prefer LinkedIn to a website.

This is your chance to introduce yourself to prospective clients & customers before they buy your product or service. The summary section should also include your contact info.

Profile Image

First impressions matter, especially online. Choose a professional profile picture where you’re recognizable, dressed professionally, smiling, and looking straight at the camera.

Cover Image

When people land on your profile, they’ll see your cover image, headline, and profile picture. You can let people know who you are personally AND professionally.

A professionally designed cover image will help you stand out & make a GREAT first impression on your prospects.

LinkedIn Headline

Your headline is the most important part of your profile. Include keywords in your headline that you want to be found to increase your chances of showing up in search results.

More than that, your headline must inspire your target market to take ACTION.

Create A SOLID Company Page

A company profile page is also important for an updated & consistent presence for your brand.

Content, images, and colors should match your website AND other social media profiles. Update it regularly, so the brand looks active & current.

Click here to learn how to create a LinkedIn Company Page, starting on the LinkedIn homepage.

Add A LinkedIn Company Page Link To Your Email Signatures

Use your email signatures to link to your company’s Linkedin profile. If the receiver is curious about your company, they’ll check out your website.

You should also add a link to your company’s LinkedIn page if you’re a guest blogger or if your company has an active blog.

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Share Status Updates & LinkedIn Publisher Articles In The News Feed

Engaging your audience requires valuable content exchange.

From your personal profile, you can create LinkedIn posts for FREE! Posting status updates consistently on LinkedIn is a simple, yet effective way to get noticed.

People among your first-degree connections will think of you more often when they need someone who does what you do.

The posts your first-degree connections interact with will end up in the news feeds of their connections (your second-degree connections) and so on. 

Your second-degree connections won’t just see your content but will also be able to see other people’s positive interactions with you, which INCREASES your social proof.

Add two or three relevant hashtags (e.g., #LinkedIn or #SocialSelling) to your posts so people beyond your first-degree network can find your updates when they search that topic.

Use popular hashtags – people won’t search for common topics with obscure hashtags. 

Keep your LinkedIn connections in the loop about your latest work, content, and business developments with status updates.

Comment On Trending Topics

Try initiating conversations on LinkedIn if you want to get NOTICED. Let people know what you think about trending topics.

People in your network might respond to your posts, which is a great way to get in touch with potential clients.

These topics can include the following but aren’t limited to:

  • Trends in your industry

  • Lessons learned from your first job

  • Shoutout to a mentor, co-worker, manager

  • Share quotes from your favorite business books

  • A picture or video featuring one of your hobbies

You’ve got to find enough reasons to engage with enough people to sustain consistent engagement. To do that, you need to EXPAND your network.

You’ll have more opportunities to engage with your prospects the bigger your network is.

Post Sponsored Updates

Share USEFUL content that your target audience can use for FREE to promote your brand.

If you want to monetize your content, you can create it, but if you want to keep your audience informed, you can share curated content.

Make your own content SEO-friendly so it can rank higher in search engine results & promote your brand even MORE. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aims to make your content rank higher by using relevant keywords. 

An updated sponsored post can be a POWERFUL way to promote thought-leadership content with a strong call to action.

People don’t want to see just ads anymore; they want something useful for FREE.

Collaborating on LinkedIn is like implementing an influencer marketing plan for your business. Connect organically with thought leaders in your industry. 

Then decide what kind of content you want to make, whether it’s a testimonial, a video, or co-hosting an event.

Browse For Possible Connections

If you connect with other LinkedIn users, you become one of their first-degree contacts, & all their connections will now see you in search results.

Now is a good time to browse LinkedIn & see who you know, whether you’re just getting started or have been there for years.

Increase your visibility by leaving positive recommendations for colleagues. 

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Start With Connections, Then Build Relationships

LinkedIn is a social network where professionals can connect.

Connecting with prospects, strategic partners, referral partners, and other business owners is important.

But you don’t want the conversations to end there.

Meet Your Connections In Person

Set up meetings with your connections after you’ve invested in your LinkedIn community! You can meet at a conference, grab lunch, or go out for coffee.

You’ll be able to significantly strengthen your network since face-to-face relationships QUICKLY build trust. 

Don’t hesitate to connect in person, even if there aren’t any clear business opportunities. 

Include A Call To Action

Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, make the most of it. Include a call to action whether you’re trying to drive downloads, leads, or revenue.

Making LinkedIn Influencers Engage With Your Posts

If someone likes or comments on your post on LinkedIn, the post is automatically re-shared to some of the connections of the person who liked your content – which drives the network effect.

What’s the best way to maximize this? Collaborate with LinkedIn influencers with thousands of followers & mention them in the caption to get them to engage.

Take Advantage of Popular Hashtags

For the most part, hashtags work the same on LinkedIn as on other social media channels

On social platforms, hashtags help people find the content they’re interested in. Members can find similar posts by clicking hashtag links on LinkedIn. 

You’ll appear in trending conversations when you use hashtags in your LinkedIn posts. 

Using hashtags, you can target each LinkedIn Page update to the most relevant audience.

You can add hashtags to LinkedIn company page posts by typing them manually. You can also click on any hashtag to add it right away.

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Add Videos Or Photos To Your LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is a VERY visual platform like Facebook. Posting videos & photos will get you more engagement than just sharing text.

Attach a document to a new status update by clicking on the paper icon. LinkedIn will upload the document & add a dialogue box.

This is where you put the title of your document. Then click “Next” and add some text to your post before publishing it.

Review Who's Viewed Your Profile

Some of the people visiting your profile are likely your IDEAL prospects.

It may be time to revamp your presentation if many people are looking at your profile but aren’t contacting you.

Send connection requests to people you think might be good prospects. 

Use The Network Effect

Utilize the network effect of employee advocacy to grow & activate your community. LinkedIn employees have 10x the connections as their companies.

You get more visibility when your colleagues share your stuff.

LinkedIn Live

You’re likelier to spark conversations among company page followers with native video.

Native video allows LinkedIn users to record & upload videos directly to their personal profiles or company pages.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to pre-recorded videos.

Also known for its impressive engagement metrics is the platform’s live-streaming tool.

Live videos get 7X MORE reactions & 24X MORE comments than native videos, according to LinkedIn. 

Streaming live video is FREE, but not yet available to all LinkedIn members, so keep an eye out when it’s rolled out to your profile.

Live video is a great way to grow your reach, gain exposure, and increase your visibility on LinkedIn. 

Eighty-percent of people says they prefer live videos over regular posts on social media. 

The LinkedIn algorithm considers engagement probability, so hosting a LinkedIn live could be a good way to INCREASE your company’s reach. 

Run A/B Tests On LinkedIn

Test your campaigns & compare results to make sure they’re working. LinkedIn Ads doesn’t have an automated A/B testing option, but you can set one up manually. 

Make a campaign & duplicate it. Change one element in the new campaign, such as the headline, the creative, or the targeting. Run both campaigns & compare their reach. 

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Act On LinkedIn Page Insights

Engage with your audience through relevant content marketing & personalized interactions as a social media manager to drive awareness & advocacy for your brand.

Unless you know who you’re engaging & what content drives engagement, it’s hard to drive results.

Join LinkedIn Groups

People make the mistake of only participating in industry-specific groups.

Join LinkedIn groups your ideal clients belong to take advantage of the increased network LinkedIn groups provide. 

Check out some of the groups your prospects & clients are in. You might also find some of them useful.

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