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If you want to get more clients and grow your business, lead generation is a must. However, lead generation online can be difficult for a number of reasons, one of which is social media. While social media is an excellent business tool in many ways, the fact that it has taken over the Internet has narrowed down your options when you want to generate leads.

The good news is that LinkedIn has a variety of features designed to help professionals to connect with one another. This makes it an excellent tool for generating qualified leads, especially if you take advantage of the LinkedIn lead gen forms. In any case, let’s take a closer look at what LinkedIn is, and how it can be used for targeted lead generation.

What is Linkedin

LinkedIn is a B2B social media platform. When compared to other platforms, it is most similar to Facebook in design. However, unlike Facebook whose demographic consists of anyone and everyone between the ages of 25 and 35, LinkedIn is specifically for professionals.

In fact, LinkedIn doesn’t just target this demo, it was built from the ground up to serve the needs of professionals looking to network and connect with one another. As of today, LinkedIn is the world’s largest business and employment network online and has over 756 million users across over 200 countries.

LinkedIn also has many features that help its users to get more leads. When setting up your LinkedIn profile, you can edit your skills and even post endorsements. This lets others see what you’re capable of and who you’ve worked with. Done right, your page will attract people relevant to your business needs and help with lead generation.

If you want to take an even more focused approach to LinkedIn lead generation, you can use the Showcase Page feature. This feature allows you to create a page that focuses on specific services and/or products you provide or specific product/service categories. It was even stated by LinkedIn itself that this feature was created to help users connect with their target audience and generate targeted leads.

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Features

Since LinkedIn has been designed to help you generate leads, it should come as no surprise that the platform offers a variety of features and tools to help you do just that. It goes without saying that the better you understand these features, the more leads you’ll generate. Here is a brief overview of LinkedIn’s top features and how you can use them for lead generation.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

When it comes to lead generation online, it doesn’t get much easier or more convenient than LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Basically, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is a tool that automatically fills in a form with a person’s contact and profile information when they click on a certain element.

For example, if you had an image on your profile with a message prompting people to click it, the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form would come up when they did so. When this happens, they can then submit the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form with the click of a button to send you their information.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms can be used with more than just images to generate leads. Here is a quick list of the elements that can make use of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms:

  • Single Image

  • Carousel Image

  • Video

  • Message

  • Conversation Ad

  • Call-To-Action Button

The added level of convenience that LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms provide is a major asset when it comes to lead generation on the platform. In fact, LinkedIn itself stated that this feature surpasses the LinkedIn benchmark in terms of conversions. This makes LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms one of the most powerful tools on the platform for high-quality lead generation.

LinkedIn Ads

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has its own ad network. LinkedIn Ads can be a very fast and easy way to generate qualified leads. However, like most other ad networks, it does take a sizable budget to get the ball rolling since the initial stages of your campaign will likely consist of split testing to see which ads get the best conversions.

The great thing about running ads on LinkedIn is that its targeting system allows you to be as narrow or broad as you want. This is great for niching down and getting extremely high-quality leads that convert at a much higher percentage. As a result, your ad spend will down over time as your ads become more effective and your ROI will go up as you generate better leads.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

LinkedIn Sponsored Content is another form of paid advertisement that can be used for lead generation. However, it is a lot different than running ads on LinkedIn. Instead of creating a traditional targeted ad that will be featured on the site, this feature allows you to get greater visibility for your page updates.

For example, if you posted a video on one of your page updates, it would normally be seen by just your followers. However, if you use the Sponsored Content system, your update would be shown on LinkedIn’s homepage feed. How often your update appears is determined by factors such as your target audience, your bid and budget values, and how competitive your ad is compared to others in the system.

There are a variety of different page update types that can be used with the Sponsored Content system for lead generation. Here is a list:


  • Single Image Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Carousel Ads

  • Single Job Ads

  • Event Ads

Tools and Services for LinkedIn Lead Generation

While generating leads on LinkedIn is fairly simple given its design, there are tools and services that can make it even easier and more effective. For example, we offer LinkedIn automated lead generation services as a part of our Kennect SaaS platform. Using a simple four-step process, we’re able to put nearly the entire process on autopilot. This allows you to generate more leads with less effort.

To help you make the most of our automated LinkedIn lead generation tools, we also offer our Cloud Kennect onboarding service. Using this service, we help you to build your LinkedIn lead generation strategy based on your business results.

This includes vital tasks, such as optimizing your profile, and resources, such as messaging scripts and our library of over 80 training videos. We also offer coaching calls and lifetime support for LinkedIn lead generation strategy formation, campaign manager instruction, and more.

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Tying It All Together

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful lead generation tools in the world. Anyone who’s serious about B2B lead generation should be using LinkedIn and taking advantage of its features. Generating leads on LinkedIn is extremely easy once you’re familiar with the platform. However, using LinkedIn for lead generation can be time-consuming.

If you want to take advantage of LinkedIn as a lead generation tool but don’t have the time, or if you already have a LinkedIn page but want to optimize your efforts, Kennected can help. With our simple four-step process, we put LinkedIn lead generation on virtual autopilot. You can also take advantage of our Cloud Kennect onboarding service to optimize your campaign and get the support you need when you need it.

If using the power of LinkedIn to save time and generate targeted high-quality leads sounds like a good idea to you, Kennected can help. Our lead generation software is the best in the business when it comes to turning LinkedIn into an automated lead generation machine and our Cloud Kennect services allow us to help you every step of the way.

For more information on how Kennected and Cloud Kennect can help you generate more high-quality leads on LinkedIn, book a free demo with us today and learn more!


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