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Every LinkedIn message you send from your business profile should include a subject line. When writing subject lines, be sure to make a good first impression and use the inmail best practices described in the article below.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What a subject line should include

  • If a very direct subject line is necessary

  • Examples of effective subject lines

  • How Kennected uses subject lines to boost LinkedIn inmail credits

Read on to learn all about LinkedIn inmail subject line examples and how a catchy subject line can make all of the difference for your LinkedIn messaging.

What Should a Subject Line Include?

Much like an email subject line, your message subject line should demonstrate intentionality and purpose.

Though your message will be coming from your LinkedIn profile, it is a good idea to include your own name in the subject line or in the first line of your message.

Think of your message like a blog post.

The very first few lines of your messaging are what grabs attention and appeals to your target audience, especially for a small business.

When it comes to LinkedIn inmails, it’s also important to emphasize the mutual connection between you and the person receiving your message.

Avoid cold outreach and capture attention with a common connection or a brief introduction.

This will help to not only strengthen your inmail messages but also to help increase your open and response rates.

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Do I Need To Use Subject Lines?

A subject line is truly necessary for LinkedIn messaging.

Here are a few benefits of using subject lines within your LinkedIn messages:

  • Establishes common ground

  • Piques interest on the end of the recipient

  • Makes your message more relevant

  • Helps to build trust

  • Makes your message personal

  • Can be used as a growth hacking tool

  • Increase response rate

  • Strengthens your professional network

  • Encourages response rates from sales prospects

Include the prospect’s company within your subject line, or their current job title.

Adding personalization to your messages when conversing with mutual connections is a great way to increase inmail response rates and to help you send messages that are relevant and helpful.

Include your company name in the subject line as well.

This helps your marketing endeavors as well as your ability to build trust with your recipients.

Examples of LinkedIn Inmail Subject Lines

Before we outline some examples of LinkedIn inmail subject lines, let’s first emphasize a few elements that will make all of the difference for your messages.

  • Add personalization.

  • Avoid common opening lines.

  • Use automation.

  • Do your research.

  • Make your subject line interesting.

  • Mention a point of reference for their industry.

  • Write carefully and with intention.

Now that we know some best practices for subject lines, let’s outline some LinkedIn inmail subject line examples.

“Knock, knock…”

“Quick question about ____”

“Congrats on the new position!”

“Hey there! I loved your post on ___”

Each of these examples includes personalization that will make your message stand out.

Be sure to make your subject lines interesting and appealing to those receiving your messages.

If your subject lines fall short, your messages may remain unopened.

How Kennected Uses Subject Lines To Boost Response Rates and LinkedIn Messages

Here at Kennected, we consider LinkedIn automated messaging to be a key function within the platform.

It is important to outreach to your client base frequently, and it is also helpful for your business and their prospecting efforts.

Make your messages stand out and use catchy subject lines whenever possible.

Your open and response rates will improve immediately!

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