Why LinkedIn Is The Healthiest Social Media Platform

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When it comes to social media marketing, LinkedIn is the friendliest platform that exists. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn connections go two-ways, and the platform is driven by trusted relationships.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What the LinkedIn platform is all about

  • What other social media platforms exist

  • How LinkedIn progresses your professional network in a non-toxic environment

  • How to use LinkedIn as an effective content marketing tool

  • How Kennected uses LinkedIn as a slowed down social media site for the entire business

Read on to learn why LinkedIn is the healthiest social media platform and how LinkedIn’s business model aligns with your business related themes and interests.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media networking site that helps business leaders and professionals connect with one another.

The platform specializes in professional networking and connecting fellow users to continue fostering social media leads and professional assets.

Unlike Twitter’s retweets, businesses can use LinkedIn to show off the “good life.” LinkedIn’s feed includes personal posts and relevant news catered to user interests.

For upgrades and automation tools, LinkedIn’s users pay for all the tools they need for digital marketing purposes.

Above all else, LinkedIn is a platform where business professionals go to do business.

You can tailor your LinkedIn profile to highlight the best features of your business, and use the platform for lead generation, connectivity, or building relationships with clients.

The platform ensures that you can keep your business model aligned with your feed and professional connections.

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What Social Media Platforms Exist?

The main other social media platforms that exist on the market today include the following:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

  • YouTube

  • Snapchat

Each of these platforms has their strengths and weaknesses, both regarding business model and structure.

The only other social media platform that has the same mutual connection feature as LinkedIn is Facebook.

All of the other platforms utilize an “unfollow” feature, allowing a potential lead or connection to simply leave your network without notifying you.

However, Facebook struggled to keep business tactics and networking at the forefront of their platform.

The platform has become outdated and utilized mostly for family content and social life updating.

While Instagram, Twitter and TikTok can all be useful tools for digital marketing, the platforms are self-serving in nature.

This means that follower count and post outreach are valued above authentic connections, making LinkedIn a healthier place to do business.

How LinkedIn Outperforms Other Social Media Platforms

In nature, LinkedIn is the healthiest social media site that exists for your business.

It outperforms other social media platforms in several ways.

First, the business model incentivizes authentic connectivity and communication.

LinkedIn prioritized high quality content and a scaled network, ensuring that it is easy to connect with like minded business people and their posts.

Other social platforms do not pay attention to the network’s tone, allowing the potential to ridicule peers and invite cringeworthy growth hackers into the mix.

LinkedIn’s feed helps you filter out inappropriate contacts and find your people through a broader range in comparison to what most other social media platforms offer.

Additionally, features like Twitter’s trending column focus on specific content that is reaching a wide audience.

This puts a spotlight on other people’s posts, but it also forces the platform to sacrifice short term engagement.

By focusing on the “slow life,” LinkedIn ensures your posts reach your audience and precious engagement metrics.

When it comes to ad business, promoting social events, and growing your network, LinkedIn is the least toxic of the social media platforms that exist today.

How to Grow Your Professional Social Network Without Stress

The best way to grow your professional network without stress or toxicity is to utilize LinkedIn effectively.

You can grow your social network easily through outreach and connectivity efforts without fear of losing followers.

With contact information readily available on the platform, you can also form authentic connections that will last you a lifetime.

Your network’s peers will be connected to you out of genuine respect and admiration, rather than self-serving reasons that exist on other platforms.

Additionally, you can focus on nurturing leads without worrying about internet trolls and other nuisances that exist on other platforms.

Expand your social network in a healthy and productive way by using LinkedIn.

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How Kennected Uses LinkedIn for Business Networking in a Healthy Way

Here at Kennected, we are big fans of social media marketing and all that it can provide for our business.

While we utilize all of the social media platforms for various purposes, LinkedIn is a fan favorite due to all of the reasons mentioned above.

The platform truly exists to connect business leaders with one another, and it is unlike any other social media site that exists today.

Use LinkedIn to your advantage today and start growing your business in a healthy manner.

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