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It’s your LinkedIn headline that tells recruiters, hiring managers, and prospective employers how you’re going to be perceived.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or looking to expand your network, LinkedIn is the place to be.

Job searching, networking, and career management are all made EASY with LinkedIn.

You can use many social media channels to promote yourself or your business, but LinkedIn is the best.

With over 800 million users, the LinkedIn community is BIG. You can increase your visibility on LinkedIn by incrementally updating your profile, and your headline is a great place to start.

It is challenging to condense your skills, ambitions, and experiences into LinkedIn headlines. So it’s no wonder most people use the platform’s default job title.

Customized LinkedIn headlines can help you stand out from a “sea of same” and get prospects & recruiters’ attention. 

Here’s how to write a killer LinkedIn headline.

What Is Your LinkedIn Headline?

The LinkedIn profile headline is your digital salutations.

You’ll see your headline under your name on LinkedIn & at the top of your profile. There used to be a limit of 120 characters for the headline.

The good news is that LinkedIn extended the headline limit to 220 characters in 2020. Don’t get hung up on writing out job titles.

The LinkedIn headline should tell people what you do, why they should connect with you, and how you can help them.

It’s the first line LinkedIn users see on your profile besides your profile picture.

That’s why we said earlier that a customized LinkedIn headline is ALWAYS better than a default LinkedIn headline.

Most of us have the default LinkedIn headline, our current job title. Using specific keywords in your headline will make you more appealing to LinkedIn prospects. 

It takes about 5-10 seconds to get people to click on your profile – so every second counts. A LinkedIn headline appears in Google search results.

Your short description gets picked up by Google, so people can learn more about you quickly. 

Where Do LinkedIn Headlines Appear?

Your LinkedIn profile is ALWAYS adorned with it – in the “People You May Know” section, LinkedIn searches, LinkedIn job applications, posts, messages, recommendations, and even invitations. 

It’s a BIG part of LinkedIn’s search algorithm. Make sure your LinkedIn headline makes you look credible.

LinkedIn headlines are the first thing you should change if you don’t have many views on your profile.

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Why Should You Customize Your LinkedIn Headline?

This is why you should always customize your LinkedIn headline.

  • There’s 46% more importance to your LinkedIn headline than your experience.

  • Your LinkedIn headline sets up your profile so people can read more.

  • Your LinkedIn headline is the MOST VISIBLE part of your profile; it’s why prospects see it in the search results snippet when looking for potential candidates.

A LinkedIn headline explains what you’ll bring as an employee. Wouldn’t you say it’s worth the effort?

Put Targeted Keywords In LinkedIn Headlines

You shouldn’t just include keywords in your headline. But they’re KEY to getting the right people to see your profile & show up in more LinkedIn searches.

Include keywords like your job title, skills, and specialties. 

If you use the right keywords on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll get MORE visitors who want to hire YOU. Like a resume, you want to draw people’s attention to the important stuff.

While a resume uses keywords tailored to a specific job posting, a LinkedIn profile uses keywords tailored to your career expertise.

Recruiters can’t fill a vacancy in a specific industry with a generic title or designation.

You should ALWAYS use a title that your prospects can EASILY recognize in your LinkedIn profile. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes.

What would YOU want if you were on the other side? What would YOU care about? Try to address that issue in your headline. 

Use Natural Language

DON’T use jargon in your headline, especially if you’re using LinkedIn for sales. You won’t have much luck if your prospect doesn’t understand what you’re selling.

Make your job title clear AND simple unless you’re looking for a specific role. Users you want to connect with might not understand what you do.

You might think the term “Business Development Manager” is clear, but the term “Sales Manager” is much more transparent.

What Should You Put In Your LinkedIn Headline If You're Unemployed?

First things first, don’t state the obvious.

Many job seekers make the mistake of stating the obvious & using words like ‘unemployed, ‘ ‘actively seeking employment, ‘ and ‘looking for the right opportunity.’

By doing this, job seekers make it HARDER for recruiters to find their profile among the thousands on LinkedIn. 

Make sure you don’t use words that won’t appeal to your target audience. When recruiters scroll down your profile, they’ll know if you’re available. 

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Provide Value To The Profile Visitors

You have to offer people something UNIQUE when they land on your profile, like your skills. You’re not using valuable real estate when LinkedIn puts in your current job at a company. 

For example, some people say ‘Managing Director at ACME Corp.’ Well, that does not convey anything substantial to the viewer.

Instead, here’s what you could say: “Closed over $800K in new business for SaaS businesses,” “Delivered 100+ lectures in Travel & Hospitality Management.”

Use Designations In Your Headlines

Use designations everyone will recognize in your headlines. If you work in sales, you could write “Sales Representative” or “Sales Associate.” 

People will know what you do if you use the word “sales.” It also helps potential prospects find you. 

LinkedIn Headline Examples

Check out a few examples below if you’re still struggling with the right words.

Our list features the most effective headline for LinkedIn profiles by freshers across various skills, internships, and industries. 

Edit your LinkedIn profile headline after you’ve taken inspiration from them.

  • “Lead Consultant In Soft Skills Training Transforming SMB & Corporate Clients On African Investment Opportunities”

Both the user’s job title & professional value are included. It’s both attention-grabbing & informative.

What if you’re an unemployed graphic designer? You can always talk about what you did for your last job. Here’s a good LinkedIn headline example for that.

  • “Graphic Designer | Motion Animation | I Help Companies Create Images That Lead To More Conversions & Sales”

  • “I Build Brands and Bridges, Let’s Unite and Build Them Together!”

The LinkedIn headline calls out both what the individual does AND the impact of it. The call to action will inspire people who want to learn more about that profession. 

Maybe you’re looking for a new employee:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Writer, and Possibly your future colleague.”

This headline from a job seeker starts as formal & bland, but then adds a twist at the end that is humorous & friendly.

  • “I Help People Land Amazing Jobs Without Applying Online”

This works because so many job-seekers apply for hundreds of jobs & get rejected, so they want to know WHY. 

  • “Developing Internal Tools for Sales Productivity & Enablement”

They let people know how they’ll add value to a company in a clear & concise headline. 

  • “I help purpose-driven Hoosiers grow their career with Indiana State Government, no matter the career path”

The headline not only lets candidates know that they can find purpose with the state government, but also that they don’t need a specific background. 

  • “Software Engineer @ Snap | Building AI That’s Boosted User Retention By 789%”

This headline stands out more than “Software Engineer at (Company).”

Here’s an example from an accounting consultant:

  • “I help women build profitable businesses.”

This headline highlights the benefits of their work, not just the tasks they do. You should do the same. You can also use data to make your point.

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How Do You Engage With Your Company's Followers On LinkedIn?

Personal branding is important, but so is helping your company grow. You may not be able to control who follows you, but you CAN influence them with your posts & comments.

You have to know who they are & what they like. 

Get MORE qualified leads with Lead Gen Forms. With this feature, LinkedIn profile data (like job title, company name, and contact details) is pulled into a form that members can fill out.

How To Change Your LinkedIn Headline

Editing & updating your LinkedIn headline is EASY. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage & click “View Profile” to get to your LinkedIn profile

  2. Click the “Edit” icon in your introduction section (the pencil icon below your cover photo)

  3. In the Edit intro pop-up window, write your LinkedIn headline in the Headline field & save the changes made

You’re ready to show off your new headline.

Have You Optimized Your LinkedIn Account?

LinkedIn profile optimization goes beyond headlines.

To maximize your profile’s potential, you’ll want to upgrade your profile picture, cover photo, “About” section, and the rest of your profile. 

The Bottom Line

You’ve got all the elements for a catchy LinkedIn headline; now put them together.

You need a headline that combines relevant keywords & your unique value proposition. Don’t forget to think about who you’re trying to attract.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself, as long as it doesn’t come across as too boastful. Take the first step towards creating a great LinkedIn headline.

Research what works in your industry & brainstorm headline ideas for your own headline.

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