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LinkedIn offers a series of marketing courses that teach digital marketing beginners about social media marketing, SEO practices, and the right tools to master your LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn is an American job-hunting online service through mobile apps & websites.

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn focuses on career building, networking, and sharing. It helps job seekers update their CVs, hire companies, and build a professional network.

It’s considered the BEST job site. As a social network that strictly restricts professional conversations & engagement, it’s also evolved into a great marketing tool.

Through hands-on demos, the LinkedIn marketing free courses walks you through the nuances of building a solid presence and prospecting

In this LinkedIn Marketing course, you’ll learn what LinkedIn marketing is & how businesses can benefit from a well-crafted LinkedIn marketing strategy. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to make an ALL-STAR LinkedIn profile & leverage LinkedIn’s resources. 

Analyze & develop new opportunities for businesses as a digital marketing specialist.

This path guides you through digital marketing best practices and principles, from marketing plans to content strategy.

This course will teach you to target a quality audience, market to influencers, decision-makers, and executives, and produce new opportunities.

Let’s get to it.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing uses social media platforms to promote a product or service.

Social media marketing is becoming more popular both for practitioners & researchers, despite the dominance of e-marketing & digital marketing in academia.

The 12 Pillars of Online Marketing

The key to realizing traffic & sales goals are the 12 pillars of online marketing which are:

  1. Website Hierarchy, Navigation, and Design

  2. Organic Search Rankings (SEO)

  3. Video Marketing

  4. Paid Search Advertising

  5. Social Media SEO

  6. Mobile Marketing

  7. Optimized Content Curation & Distribution

  8. Direct Call to Action

  9. Sales Funnel Management

  10. Email & APP Marketing

  11. Back Link Strategies

  12. APPS

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What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

With LinkedIn marketing, you’re creating/generating leads, driving website traffic, building brand awareness through LinkedIn ads, and targeting professionals based on their job titles.

Traffic Building

You can build links & drive traffic with LinkedIn.

Every social networking site lets users share content in their status updates, which you’ll see on your homepage & in LinkedIn Groups or communities you’re a part of. 

This works GREAT for business-related content. LinkedIn is the most popular social network for sharing these continents.

Increased Profits & ROI

Niche marketing of your products & services on Linkedin can build long-term, geo-targeted website traffic with those most likely to take advantage of your offer(s).

Generating Leads

LinkedIn is the BEST place to generate leads. Leads are identified, engaged, and converted into potential customers in a very personal way. 

The process to accomplish them includes listening, analyzing, participating, sharing, networking, and responding.

Using LinkedIn to connect with potential clients & market to them increases your chances of making sales. 

LinkedIn Groups

Create an influential LinkedIn group by finding the right groups, making new connections, and showcasing your work.

These details can be found in the module in-depth.

Building A Professional LinkedIn Profile

This free course will help you make your LinkedIn profile relevant to the viewers you want to attract.

Online Marketing Foundations With Brad Batesole

Develop an online marketing strategy that engages potential customers throughout the digital landscape to promote your business. 

Email & Newsletter Marketing Foundations

Make email part of your marketing plan. Make email campaigns that engage AND convert with strategies, tips, and expert training. 

What Is Required To Complete The Courses?

You must have a complete LinkedIn profile, Gmail account, a general understanding of Google Chrome extensions & a basic proficiency in Microsoft Excel.

How Do Beginners Learn About LinkedIn Marketing?

Beginners can learn LinkedIn Marketing by starting with the basics.

The LinkedIn marketing free course takes you through the nuances of establishing a solid presence and various prospecting methods through hands-on demos.

After you’ve mastered LinkedIn Marketing basics, you can move on to advanced stuff.

You can understand better if you watch the learning videos in sequence. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete The LinkedIn Marketing Free Course?

You’ll learn the basic concepts of LinkedIn Marketing in one hour of video content.

Can You Complete The Free LinkedIn Marketing Course In 90 Days?

You can finish this free LinkedIn Marketing course in 90 days.

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Building A Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy

In this course, you’ll learn how to balance organic AND paid content to guide your audience.

This course starts by explaining full-funnel marketing, then shows you how to create & implement a content strategy using it. 

Do You Get A Completion Certificate After Completing The Introductory Course?

You’ll get a digital certificate upon completing the Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing course. You can put the certificate on your LinkedIn profile or download it as a PDF.

You can access each course with your LinkedIn account through SkillJar.

What Are The Next Best Learning Options After Completing The LinkedIn Marketing Course?

Simplilearn offers a Digital Marketing Certification Course after you finish the LinkedIn Marketing course.

Looking For A New Career?

Digital marketing is among the top 10 jobs with the most openings, has shown steady growth over the past four years, pays a living wage, and, best of all, especially in today’s remote world-require, skills you can learn online.

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According to HubSpot, 61% of companies name their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads.

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So many business owners & sales professionals that come to us are struggling to get ahead because they’re stuck relying on referrals, lead lists, or manual prospecting.

This is taking up too much of their time and isn’t creating the consistent income they’re looking for to fund the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

Four years ago, the founders of Kennected had the same struggles. They found that lead generation was way too complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, knowing there had to be a better way.

So they developed a new way of getting qualified leads that turn into new customers on the #1 platform for B2B lead generation… LinkedIn.

In the four years since we developed this lead gen strategy, we’ve earned a spot on the Inc. 5,000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America.

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