Is LinkedIn A Dating Site?

So you’ve tried Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, and many other dating apps. Now you want to try your luck on LinkedIn to see if you can get more responses there. LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networking platforms after all.

But can LinkedIn be used as a dating site? Here we will take a look at why you shouldn’t use it for that purpose.

Is LinkedIn A Dating Site? No.​

Career coaches, marketing experts, CEOs, and professionals from different industries all agree: LinkedIn is not a dating site. While this social networking site is designed to help you build relationships, it’s not meant to develop romantic ones. LinkedIn is a platform for building professional and business relationships.

What sets LinkedIn apart from other social networking sites is that it has a strictly professional focus. It’s not as “social” as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where you can share pictures of your pets. It is also not built as a dating app.

In fact, many LinkedIn users find it irritating when they accept a connection request from someone only to be hit on. Some members say that even the instant hard sales tactic is not as annoying. Even if you do use it to try and get a date, your chances of getting rejected are high.

Why We Need to Respect LinkedIn's Users

Like all social networks, LinkedIn has a set of unwritten rules that members should follow. “LinkedIn etiquette” helps you stay out of trouble. Following these rules also helps you build stronger professional relationships because other users view you as a respectful and responsible individual.

When using LinkedIn, keep in mind that it is a professional network. Therefore you should always post professionally and positively. Used correctly, LinkedIn can help you expand your network, build your brand, and find new career opportunities.

LinkedIn is the place to make business connections and establish thought leadership. With over 675 million users, it is the biggest platform for professionals out there. Do not waste its potential by trying to flirt with other users.

Don't Be Cringe and Ask For Dates on LinkedIn

Attempting to use LinkedIn as a platform for your love life comes with serious pitfalls.

First, you will look like a creep, turning off potential recruiters, clients, or leads. Even “compliments” that may seem harmless to the sender could come off as creepy to the recipient, so avoid sending those types of messages.

If you use LinkedIn as a dating site, you may close off promising business partnerships. People always remember how you met. If the way you join their network feels inappropriate, they will likely close that connection and start avoiding you. In some cases, they might even block you or tell others to do the same.

If your goal is to find a date, it is better to stick with the apps that are dedicated to that function. You will have much better luck there. But if you want to find more career opportunities, or build your brand, or develop your professional network, LinkedIn is the best platform to use.

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