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Using a LinkedIn connection message template is a great way to employ automation within your LinkedIn presence in a beneficial way. You can automate your messaging for connection requests, day-to-day messaging, and much more.

Throughout the course of this article, we’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • What a LinkedIn connection request entails

  • If a LinkedIn connection message template is necessary

  • How to manage LinkedIn connection requests

  • How to create a message template for your mutual connections

  • How Kennected uses LinkedIn connection message templates for success in our professional network

Read on to learn all about how to construct a LinkedIn connection message template and how these templates can help you to strengthen your LinkedIn profile and relationship with a mutual connection.

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What Does A LinkedIn Connection Request Entail?

On LinkedIn, a connection request is sent from one profile to another in hopes of essentially “following” each other on the platform.

Though you can send a simple connection request without any text attached, it is always a good idea to utilize LinkedIn messages when you can.

When you send connection messages, you accomplish the following:

Accompanying a connection request with personalized messages is a great way to encourage conversation and begin building a relationship with this individual.

Utilizing a connection request template is also helpful when it comes to automating these messages and sending out multiple at a time.

Is a LinkedIn Connection Request Message Necessary?

Connection request templates are very necessary, especially when you are sending LinkedIn requests to new contacts and leads.

LinkedIn connection messages are sent out frequently, and you want to make yours stand out from the rest.

When you send a message with the initial connection request, you immediately stand out as someone different and special.

Utilize a LinkedIn message within a LinkedIn group as well.

These message templates will help you stay up to date with any activity your leads are engaging in and help to keep you in the loop.

How to Manage LinkedIn Connection Requests

When you employ a LinkedIn connection message template, it becomes easier for you to manage your connection requests and all other messaging on the platform.

Here are some best practices for managing connection requests:

  • Creating LinkedIn groups

  • Compiling valuable resources for professional networking

  • Find your target audience and create a few questions for templates

  • See who recently commented on your posts

  • Send requests to warm leads with a shared interest

  • Focus on common interests

  • Use a specific person as a framework for generating leads

When you focus your attention on individuals within the same industry, you are likely to see improvements within your LinkedIn account.

Since you will primarily be using the platform for lead generation and networking purposes, focus on LinkedIn users that will provide benefit to you in some way.

Launch LinkedIn campaigns with intentionality and purpose.

Above all else, employ automation to ensure that none of your connection requests get lost in the pending station.

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How to Create a LinkedIn Connection Message Template

When creating a LinkedIn connection message template, it’s important to keep several items in mind:

  • Make your messages distinctive from other LinkedIn members

  • Include a LinkedIn article in your messaging

  • Include company name

  • Pick an appealing profile picture

  • Focus on great speaking points

  • Choose a great opening line

  • Create a personalized message for each scenario

With each LinkedIn connection request, you need to establish yourself and your business as different from the rest on the platform.

By utilizing the above tips, you’ll distinguish yourself from the masses and see better lead generation results.

How Kennected Uses Connection Request Message Templates for Success

Here at Kennected, it is easy to see how LinkedIn has made an enormous difference with our business prospecting and lead generation efforts.

A big part of what makes the platform so beneficial lies with our personalized messaging and automation tools.

Using automation to help us reach a wider audience with personalization included has made all the difference for us.

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