Why LinkedIn Is The Best Platform To Recruit On

LinkedIn’s effectiveness when it comes to recruiting is undeniable. If you are a corporate recruiter or business owner looking for a source of prospects, this massive online platform is perfect for you. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, LinkedIn has a strictly professional approach. This means it is full of leads and prospects that are looking to get hired.

This is only one of the many reasons why you should be using LinkedIn for recruitment. Here we will list down the biggest advantages offered by LinkedIn when it comes to finding the best candidates.

The LinkedIn User Base​

LinkedIn is the number one online platform for professionals, with over 675 million users and counting. The number of members continues to increase daily, and so if you’re not using LinkedIn to your advantage, you are missing out.

Its professional focus attracts a specific user base—the exact demographic that you want to target if you’re a recruiter. In fact, it has become a standard practice for most professionals to have a profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profiles are Comparable, Searchable, and Accurate​

It is a nightmare to view hundreds of different resumes: each with different formats and styles. But LinkedIn profiles have one consistent look, meaning they all contain the same format in every profile. Users can add sections that are relevant to them, but overall LinkedIn profiles are easy to compare side-by-side because of their consistency.

LinkedIn also makes it easy for recruiters to search their database on a variety of topics and categories such as industry, connections, job title, location, professional, and education. You can even access targeted updates and follower statistics.

On top of all of these advantages, LinkedIn profiles are also more accurate than resumes. Because profiles are seen by so many colleagues and individuals, it is much harder for an individual to put up a profile with inaccurate information. LinkedIn profiles are therefore more likely to be up-to-date compared to resumes. It also helps that LinkedIn periodically encourages users to keep improving and updating their profile.

LinkedIn is Recruiter-Friendly

LinkedIn makes recruitment a lot easier by providing job-posting capabilities. LinkedIn lets you post and distribute current job openings, which is great if you are seeking active candidates. You can use LinkedIn job postings to supplement your normal job-posting channels.

LinkedIn is also referral-friendly. It makes it easy for you and your employees to identify and connect with others in the same profession that may eventually become an employee referral. LinkedIn puts great focus on expanding your network, which is great for recruitment.

Another great quality of LinkedIn is that it facilitates introductions. With its introduction feature, employees can introduce a recruiter or another colleague to one of their contacts. Even if you are not directly connected with someone, you can reach out to them using InMail, LinkedIn’s very own email tool.

LinkedIn Supports Brand Building​

Sometimes, the best way to recruit people is to let them come to you. Luckily, LinkedIn also helps you build your brand, reputation, and identity. Building a strong employer brand is essential if you want to attract the very best.

LinkedIn lets you set up your own Company Page and populate it with materials for brand building such as content. You can update it with articles, news items, blog posts, and press releases—all of which can strengthen your employer brand. The Company Page can also be used to highlight your company’s products and services.

Overall, LinkedIn is an easy to use and inexpensive way to expand your network, find leads, and recruit the most suitable candidates. It is definitely the best platform to recruit on.

LinkedIn Automation Tools​

The days of manual prospecting are over. You don’t have to waste your time looking for perfectly suitable candidates on LinkedIn, because there are automation tools that are designed to do it for you. Kennected, for example, is the best automation tool because it brings you a steady stream of connections and appointments. It uses laser accurate data to find the most suitable leads for you.

Kennected automates and fine tunes your outreach so that you can connect with more people at scale. You can use it to personalize your messages and follow-ups, to increase your chances of getting a response.

With Kennected, recruiters can focus on more important tasks, such as interviewing candidates. Book a demo with Kennected today and learn more.

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