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Compared to other social networking channels, LinkedIn is unique because it is focused on building professional relationships. Everyone who joins LinkedIn is looking to boost their career or develop their network of connections.

LinkedIn is not just for jobseekers and recruiters anymore. It is now used by business owners and B2B marketers to find leads, increase brand awareness, and connect with their target audience. Used correctly, you can find your ideal targets here and convert them. LinkedIn is now one of the most reliable marketing platforms for those who want to increase their revenue.

With the right tools, you can even use LinkedIn to import public data from the profiles you connect with. You can collect important information like email addresses and phone numbers, which you can then use for your other marketing efforts. If you are using email marketing and SMS marketing as one of your main strategies, this data will definitely come in handy.

The more people you connect with, the more relationships you can build, the bigger your network will be. It goes without saying that a big network will help your business in many ways. For instance, you can enjoy more recommendations and referrals if more people are talking about your brand.

With over 760 million users around the world, LinkedIn is a good channel to achieve your business goals. Here we will be talking about how you can import data such as email and phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles using Kennected.

How to Download Phone Number & Email Data with Kennected to Fill Up Your Sales Pipeline

Kennected is the tool marketers and business owners need to collect all this public data. Imagine being able to connect with everyone in your defined area or town that has a LinkedIn account. Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you have their email and phone number—all inside of the Kennected dashboard. That’s the power of Kennected.

You can use Kennected to send personalized messages and follow ups. Whether they buy something straight away or just connect with you, you win. Because once you make that connection, Kennected can scrape the LinkedIn profiles for the information you need, so long as the users have the data available to the public. helps you find the email address of any professional. You can find email addresses one by one or in bulk. Hunter’s email finder uses various signals to find the proven or most probable email address of any lead that you want to contact or connect with.

Find That Lead is great for searching specific new leads. You can get authentic business emails of new leads at any given company. All you need is their first name, last name, and website name. Emails can be verified in a matter of seconds.

Lastly, Anymail Finder lets you find your ideal customers even if you don’t know their name: simply use the Job Title Search feature. Anymail Finder also helps you hunt down multiple prospects using its Bulk Search feature.

Additionally, Kennected also has other integrations that will easily push all of these data into your favorite CRM like HubSpot.

Kennected will help you reach thousands of people in your target audience. And not only will this automation tool allow you to find your ideal clients on LinkedIn, it will also cost less than mailers and list buying. On top of all that, Kennected will also be a whole lot more effective than those traditional methods.

With access to email addresses and phone numbers, Kennected can then help you build up your email list, your SMS list, etc.

It’s about being everywhere your ideal potential customers are. Kennected can help you grow your business.

Why Use Kennected?​

Kennected is not just a scraping tool that extracts email addresses and phone numbers. It has plenty of other functionalities that make it the best LinkedIn automation tool in the market. Aside from importing public data into a CRM of your choice, Kennected also helps you with other aspects of your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Kennected is all about smart prospecting on auto pilot. It saves you lots of time and energy so you can focus on more important things like talking to your leads, building relationships, creating content, and improving your products. You won’t have to spend hours of your day spraying and praying on LinkedIn.

It uses LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to find your ideal targets. You can then use Kennected to send personalized messages and follow ups automatically—but not in bulk, as if you were sending them yourself. Personalized messages ensure that prospects are going to respond. The reply detection feature ensures that scheduled follow ups are stopped as soon as the user responds.

Not only can you find business emails and phone numbers with ease, you can also synchronize all your prospects’ details and activity to HubSpot with just a click.

Kennected isn’t just your typical LinkedIn automation tool. It can pull all your connection’s data and put them into a CRM via Zapier. As your business grows, you will eventually have to use a CRM to keep track of all the data coming your way. You can have all their email addresses, phone numbers, contact information, and your entire transaction history all in one place.

Once your business starts generating tons of data, you will need a CRM to manage all that customer data. A CRM also delivers actionable insights and helps facilitate team communication. Kennected’s integration with various CRMs makes it easier for business owners to track their progress and utilize LinkedIn marketing more effectively.

Kennected will help you build up your email list, SMS list, and LinkedIn network. It lets you make the most out of LinkedIn, which as we all know, is the biggest platform for professionals online. Kennected empowers you with the tools you need to grow your business using LinkedIn. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more!

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