How To Use Linkedin Automation Without Being Spammy

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Hey everybody. Welcome back to a brand new video. My name is Elliot Drake. I’m one of the co-founders at Kennected. And today we’re going to be talking about how to use LinkedIn automation without being spammy.

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So I have six things I want to go over with you today, we get this question all the time. How do we leverage the power of using LinkedIn automation, LinkedIn in general, but using automation and all the benefits that come from it, like saving us time allowing us to do our prospecting, an efficiency rate that’s almost unattainable without having a full time employee? But how do we get the most amount of results? And how do we not come across spammy, which when you come across spammy, that’s probably going to affect the results that you get, because you’re using automation, because you want to get more clients more leads, build more relationships, whether it’s grow your brand, get more exposure.

Be Different​

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So that goes into point number one, which point number one is what makes you different. A lot of the problem is when you start using the LinkedIn automation tool, or something along the lines, what we find is that individuals don’t ever want to try new things, we all understand how, hey, don’t reinvent the wheel. But at a certain point, you have to try to make things different, what stands you apart from everybody else. 

So a lot of the spam Enos comes from individuals getting the same exact messages that you’re sending, really look at how yourself and your company’s different you as an individual, and try to find those differentiating points, I encourage you, here’s a little exercise is get a piece of paper out and write down, like five things that you think make you different verse, all of the other competitors. Okay, so that’s point number one, understand what your differentiating factor is, because that’s going to help you tremendously. And one of the biggest reasons and biggest ways that you know, you’re better than your competitors. 

Understand Your Customer​

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And then number two is understanding your customer, and what is their language, right. So one of like not being spammy. And where I see people go wrong is they’re not taking into account or doing their research, understanding who that prospect is, what makes them tick. What kind of language do they have? example is if I was crafting my messaging for my automation tools, right, my automated messages, and I was going after lawyers verse, and then also going after e commerce brand like that millennial CEO in Silicon Valley, the messaging and the way that I would talk to that those two individuals are night and day difference. 

So when you’re using LinkedIn automation, really take into account of who that customer is, and what makes them tick, what’s their language? How do they, on average, tend to act, and then allow that to help you craft your messages to be in alignment with who that individual is? A perfect example is you might be a little bit more formal with a lawyer right? Or someone of that caliber verse that Silicon Valley CEO that might use more power. I’m not saying use profanity, but might use more profanity is more like laid back, the way that you would talk to those people is completely different. So understand that that’s going to help you tremendously when crafting your messaging and not being spammy. 

Get A Pattern

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Point number three is going to be pattern interrupts a lot of the biggest, like some of the most important things with marketing is how do we grab their attention? And so one of the biggest ways that you can start to get more responses and open rates with your automation is having messages and sentences and phrases that will get a pattern interrupt, right? How can we catch their attention? If an individual is going through their messaging box, and they’re getting hit up by other people? What message and what thing are you sending? That is like, catches their attention, like interrupts their thinking process, right? 

Same thing with content. If you’re going through the newsfeed, there’s a reason that you stop and look at specific posts verse just continuing to scroll, right? Because that piece of content in some way or another, interrupt your pattern. Now it’s a pattern interrupt, especially in today’s age, everybody is like short attention span. For instance, whenever someone comes to your LinkedIn profile, you have first three seconds to hook them in. So is your banner pattern or up getting their attention? Do you have a nice headshot is your headline showing exactly how you can help or hitting on a pain point that positions yourself as an individual that your target prospect wants to connect with verse coming across as someone who’s just spammy, not high value, not high authority. They’re just going to skip over and never engage with point number four is focus on relationship. 

Focus on Relationships

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Kinships one of the biggest points that has changed our business and my life is focusing on relationship first, how do we build trust and start to building a relationship in general, just how in person you would build a relationship with a, you know, girl or male before you ever start dating, right? You build that relationship in that dating process, it’s the same thing online and with your target prospects, nobody’s going to give money, or work with an individual that they do not trust and believe can get them to where they want to go at the end of the day. So, focus on those relationships. One of the ways that you can do that as don’t come across super salesy your main focus when you’re doing this outreach, and prospecting is getting to know them, and figuring out what their goals are almost like a doctor model, figure out their goals, getting to know who they are, and can we actually help and just build that relationship? 

The three ways to build a relationship is number one, the focus on is one, how are you making them feel? Right? So, when they’re when you’re chatting with them, or ever or you’re on the phone with them? Or the way the content you put out from the way you position yourself online as a brand? How are you making that customer feel? Most people react on their feelings? Do they feel like you’re a trustworthy person? So, focus on that? How are you making them feel? Number two is how consistent Are you with communicating with them? Right? Do you just hit them up randomly? Whenever you want something, you just say, hey, buy my stuff? Or are you checking on them are you spending lots of time are your follow ups, good consistency, keeping yourself top of mind. And one other tip for that is if you want a really good way to like for your network, and just like clients in general, like keep notes and have like a spreadsheet of when their birthday is or if you have a call with them first, but they’re maybe not interested in, you somehow found out about their kids birthday, or they like a sports team and an event happens. And that’s a way to reconnect with them and say, Hey, like Happy birthday, hope you’re doing well, yada, yada. Those are some really like high value tactical steps that we do with big relationships that we’re wanting to cultivate and leverage over time. The last thing is action, which is these are all honestly an order action is the last one because it’s the most important is do you actually do what you say you’re going to do. It’s really that simple. If you tell them, you’re going to do something for them, maybe you say, 

Hey, I’m gonna make this introduction for you. Or if they buy your service and you act on it, right? It’s all about action. So, focus on those relationships. One, how are you making people feel? Two? how consistent Are you with following up with them with engaging with them? And then number three, are you actually delivering on the actions that you tell them you’re going to do relationships are built around trust, customers are going to buy from you if they trust you. 

Know Your Funnel

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So, action, number five is going to be knowing your funnel. So, your funnel is the journey that a customer goes down from not knowing you to becoming a paying customer. Many of you probably no funnel is going from know like and trust, also shown as awareness engagement to conversion, that for relationship. So you should spend time breaking down and understanding Okay, the customer first before talking about LinkedIn here, they’re going to first we’re gonna send a connection with that little note, right, which you automate through automation. But then they’re going to go to your profile, and then see what you have on there. So is your profile optimized, you’re getting their attention, you’re getting them to trust you because you show all of your experience, you have client recommendations, you have endorsements, you have pieces of content, that add value, and also solve their problem. 

So, then you’re looked at as a thought leader. So then after they see that, then they actually accept your request, then you’re sending that first follow up message to them. That’s, you know, the text that’s kind of trying to engage in that relationships, it’s a first message you kind of send and then the message is going on from there, my goal is to get them on a 15-minute chat on that chat, the goal is to do this. And then from there, I want to land an actual sales call, what is your funnel structure out and spend time really dialing in the steps that your customer goes down to becoming a paying customer. And then whenever you have it laid out, you have that blueprint, you then have eyes and ears to be able to properly optimize and make changes based on where the gaps are. So, if you are getting a high acceptance rate, and then people are accepting you on LinkedIn, but then that first message, people aren’t responding, you can say, Oh, well, this is the part of my funnel that I need to change and tune and optimize. Vice versa. 

If people are not accepting your request, maybe that little note that you send with the connection and then your profile, are somehow rubbing them the wrong way and not making them accept you. Or, hey, we are getting them on the first phone call but they are not actually becoming interested in Let’s optimize that. So, I encourage you to understand and put a lot of time and energy into figuring out what your funnel is. 

Pick A Good Automation Tool

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The sixth and final point is going to be picking a good automation tool. As you know, I am one of the founders of Kennected and what we do is simplify and automate Legion. So, we have our own tool. If you go to WWW dot demo Kennected, spelled k e n n e c t e Link in the description, you can book a demo, having a good automation tool is important, right? So, we pride ourselves on the safety and really taking our time and working with our customers. There are other automation tools out there. 100%. But we come from a digital marketing background, we work with you, we give you support, and we help you with the overall strategy, which a lot of people do not do and is very important. There are things like, you know, are you over 500 connections? Is your profile optimized enough to where you are not going to get flagged or get in trouble? Do you have time delays set up to where it mimics human like behavior, lots of things that are important whenever using automation to not come across spammy, that comes from just picking a good automation tool, and a good team to work with. That is going to be everything for this video. 

Thank you, guys, so much for watching. This has been Eliot Drake. And if you want some more videos, make sure to subscribe, like this video, comment down below other kind of videos we can make for you and we look forward to helping you simplify and automate your Legion.

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