How To Use LinkedIn Automation & Use Messaging That Generates Conversations

Most marketers prefer email marketing over cold calling. It’s less invasive, and it gives you more time to think about what to say. Generally speaking, it’s less stressful for everyone involved.

And thanks to new technologies like Kennected, you can even automate your messages to reach more prospects in no time. But it’s not easy to write a prospecting message that will actually get a response. Writing messages for prospects is an art form in itself.

Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to improve your prospecting messages so you can get more responses and generate conversations.

How to Make LinkedIn Prospecting Messages that Don't Suck​

The first thing you need to keep in mind when writing prospecting messages is that you’re not supposed to sell your products or services here. The real goal is to get a conversation going and hopefully set up a meeting with your prospect.

Understanding the real goal of sending prospecting messages will improve your LinkedIn outreach efforts significantly. So get yourself out of that selling mindset for now.

One of the main reasons why prospects don’t even open messages is that they know from the start that the sender is just trying to sell to them. It may also be because your first few lines bored them to death and they didn’t bother to read the rest.

In some cases, prospects don’t read messages when there’s nothing in it for them. The sender just spent most of their time talking about their company or brand, and the reader found nothing interesting in it.

Avoiding these common mistakes will help you get one foot in the door.

Show Genuine Interest from the Jump​

Sometimes prospects don’t want to read messages because marketers forget that they are talking to a human being. If you send canned messages to a bunch of different people, and they can tell it’s just a template, you won’t even get a reply. They might even think you’re a spammer.

When people click “I don’t know this person” on a LinkedIn connection request, it’s actually the same as marking that person as a spammer. If you get enough of this type of response, your account can get suspended or restricted—also known as being in LinkedIn Jail“.

LinkedIn is a very important social media channel for business owners and entrepreneurs. You don’t want to end up on LinkedIn Jail because you will miss out on a lot of opportunities.

So basically, you want to avoid spamming people. Treat every prospect like a human being. Show interest from the jump and start a real conversation with them.

Remember that you are messaging people—not robots. If you write something compelling, they are more likely to read it and engage with you.

There is no one size fits all approach. Do your research and customize your messages accordingly. People love it when the discussion revolves around them, so try to put them at the center of each conversation. Visit their profile, find a common interest and use that as a starting point.

You want to speak their language as much as possible. Try to find a point of commonality or talk about something that is relevant to their interests. It’s very easy to look people up on LinkedIn, Google, their website, or any other social media profile they may have. It takes just a few minutes and it improves the way you approach them.

Sometimes you can spend hours researching a particular person and still not get a response. It happens. But while that can be frustrating, there are other methods you could try to up your prospecting game.

Ask a Question​

Aside from personalizing your message to suit the recipient, another good way to show interest is by asking a question.

And no, don’t ask them to jump on a quick Zoom call. This isn’t the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020 where everyone had unlimited time to hop on a Zoom. People are busy now and that pitch made its way around LinkedIn enough that people are wary of “hopping on a Zoom call”.

Make sure your message is targeted, and then ask about something specific regarding your prospect’s journey. Ideally, your question will give them value by allowing you to provide a real solution.

Asking a question gives you credibility and also urges the prospect to respond. It encourages them to pay a little more attention to your message. It’s a simple and straightforward way to get a conversation going.

You can also end your message by asking them if they would like to set up a meeting or chat some other time. You’re not selling your product here—you are inviting them to talk to you again. This opens the door to more in-depth conversations about their struggles and how you can help them find solutions. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

Keep Your Intro Message Short​

The most important tip you will find here is to keep your message short and conversational. Nobody wants to read a whole essay that they didn’t ask for. Chances are, this is the first time they are hearing from you. You are a stranger in their LinkedIn profile.

First impressions matter, and you have to make an impact straight away. What better way to pique their interest than to do the exact opposite of what they’re expecting from a marketer? They’re expecting you to sell to them and list all the reasons why they should work with you. They’re already planning to ignore you. So instead, you have to send a short and simple message—just to attract their attention.

Follow the KISS principle and Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Always assume that your prospects are too busy to read long paragraphs from a total stranger—because they probably are.

If your prospecting message is too long, complicated, or boring, people won’t read them. Even if they do, they might not finish the whole thing. If something is too difficult to understand, it shouldn’t be in your prospecting message. Save it for when you are in an actual conversation with your prospect.

Offer to Help Them for Free​

As much as people love talking about themselves, they also love getting stuff for free. Doing your research on a particular prospect will give you an idea on how you can provide value to them.

Offering to help them for free will not only catch their attention, but also give you social proof. You can establish yourself as an industry leader by providing solutions to their existing problems.

Don’t just ask for a meeting without providing any sort of value. Demonstrate value by linking them to your content or letting them ask questions.

Send Them a Helpful Article​

On that note, sending them an article that can give them advice or help them solve their problems will put you in a good light. Since you’re already interrupting them with your message, might as well give them something for their troubles.

As you can see, a canned message won’t work here because then you won’t have any idea what type of article to send your prospect. But if you do your research beforehand, you can select the right content for the right target.

Giving them value through content is way more effective than just talking about yourself and your products. In this industry, you need to show and not tell.

Have Follow-Up Sequences that Provide Value​

Your follow-ups are just as important as your initial message. The truth is that a lot of your most valuable prospects are not going to reply right away. It doesn’t mean they are not interested.

There are a lot of reasons why people don’t respond to messages right away. Maybe they are too busy, or they simply haven’t checked their LinkedIn. Sometimes people do read a message and then forget to reply.

Sending that follow-up and providing value through it will help improve your click-through rate.

Use Kennected to set up sequences with automated follow-ups. What’s great about this LinkedIn automation tool is that it has a reply detection feature, which means it will stop sending scheduled follow-ups once the prospect replies.

Leverage this incredible tool to make your LinkedIn outreach more efficient. Kennected even lets you personalize your follow-ups so it doesn’t feel like spam. Instead of wasting time waiting for someone to reply, you can set up Kennected to handle it for you.

When writing your follow-ups, make sure you highlight your value. Maybe the conversational approach did not appeal to them. Now it’s time to put your value forward.

Use Automation Until They Respond​

Sending personalized messages is the most effective way to get a reply from someone on LinkedIn. But doing so manually is also tedious and time-consuming.

With Kennected, you can have the best of both worlds. Not only does it automate your prospecting messages, it also lets you personalize them. Just use LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to identify your target audience, post the URL onto Kennected, and then reach out to thousands of people automatically—but not in bulk. Kennected sends your messages one by one, as if you were sending them yourself.

Because personalization is important, Kennected makes sure your messages don’t come across as spam.

You can also set up personalized follow-ups. And when the prospects start responding, you can jump in and take over from there. Talk to them and have a genuine discussion. This will save you lots of time, allowing you to focus on more important things like improving your products or building relationships.

Imagine being able to send personalized messages to thousands of LinkedIn users in your defined geographic area. That’s the power of Kennected—it helps your business grow. Whether they buy something from you immediately or just connect with you, you win! Once they connect on LinkedIn, you have access to their contact information like their email address, phone number, company website, etc.

Kennected puts your LinkedIn outreach on autopilot so you can step in at the right moment and convert your leads. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more!

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