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Back when you were just starting your business, managing your contacts wasn’t so difficult. There were only a handful of names to keep track of: your suppliers, your team members, and a few of your most loyal customers. Maybe you even had all of their email addresses memorized.

But now it’s not so easy. Things are going well and your business is finally growing. Now you’re making more money, but it’s also a lot more challenging to keep track of everything and everyone.

Businesses generate tons of data on a daily basis: it’s difficult to stay on top of everything that is going on. Your growing business needs a CRM to help keep everything on the right track. Here we will cover everything you need to know about CRMs, including how to use them.

A CRM, or customer relationship management app, is a system that you can use to manage customer data. That includes email addresses, contact information, and other important details of every customer interaction.

A CRM delivers actionable insights and helps facilitate team communication. Most CRM systems are cloud-based, offering access no matter where you are. You need a CRM system if you want to keep customer details up to date. This way, you won’t get drowned in the sea of information that’s coming your way. At the end of the day, it will improve your relationship with your customers, allowing you to deliver more value to them.

Having a CRM comes in handy especially if you are using social media for your outreach.

For example, LinkedIn is the biggest platform for professionals online. If you want to promote your business there, you’re gonna need a way to keep track of all those new connections.

Kennected is the best tool for business owners using LinkedIn marketing because it provides an easy way to import contacts into a CRM, on top of its LinkedIn automation features.

How to Import LinkedIn Contacts & Prospects into a CRM

We know that having lots of connections is great. But how do you monetize those connections? How can you sell to these people outside of LinkedIn?

You need a way to import your LinkedIn contacts and prospects into a CRM. A CRM system will serve as the central hub for all your customer and prospect data. It will track customer interactions, and even share it with your team for easy management. This way, you can manage relationships more efficiently and help your business grow at a steady pace. Instead of getting lost in the shuffle, all client information will be used properly.

With a CRM in place, you can answer every question and every service request. Even if you have thousands of customers, you can pull out every past contact information about every single customer. It’s all instantly available to you. Every time you interact with your customers, it is personalized and up to date.

Kennected is not just a LinkedIn automation tool: you can use it to pull all your connection’s data and put them into your favorite CRM via Zapier. For those of you who don’t know: Zapier acts like a glue that connects thousands of web applications. It is an application that instantly connects CRM with other apps. Kennected’s integration with Zapier allows you to focus on more important tasks instead of scrambling for customer information.

Choose your favorite CRM system and then use Kennected to import all your LinkedIn connections’ data. CRM systems let you track every email, every phone call, and every meeting.

There are a lot of different CRM apps out there, and they may vary in terms of functionality. So choose one that suits your needs. Some CRMs allow you to add notes, schedule follow-ups, etc.

Once you have the right CRM for your business, Kennected will import your LinkedIn connections. Kennected integrates with your favorite CRM using Zapier.

Use, Find That Lead or Anymail Finder​

What really makes Kennected shine is its multiple integrations with other apps like, Find That Lead, and Anymail Finder. This means if you ever need to locate a contact’s email address or any other important information, you can use Kennected to find them.

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you immediately get their email and phone number on your Kennected dashboard. But thanks to its integration with, Find That Lead, and Anymail Finder, you can also get other emails that are different from what they used to sign up on LinkedIn.

Because of these integrations, Kennected can easily push different data into HubSpot or any other CRM system. helps you find the email address of any professional. You can find email addresses one by one or in bulk. Hunter’s email finder uses various signals to find the proven or most probable email address of anyone you want to contact.

Hunter’s Domain Search also lists the names and email addresses of all the people working in a particular company. This powerful email finding tool has 100+ million indexed email addresses.

Find That Lead is great for searching specific new leads. You can get authentic business emails of new leads at any given company. All you need is their first name, last name, and website name. Emails are verified in a matter of seconds.

Find That Lead also gives you access to all the analytics you need to assess performance and grow your business.

Lastly, Anymail Finder lets you find your ideal customers even if you don’t know their name: simply use the Job Title Search feature. Anymail Finder also helps you hunt down multiple prospects using its Bulk Search feature.

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you can use Kennected to instantly import their details into your CRM. So whether they buy something from you off your first message, or if they just connect with you—you win. Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you immediately get access to their email and phone number. That’s the power of Kennected.

Kennected will help you build up your email list, SMS list, and LinkedIn network. We know that it’s all about being everywhere your ideal potential customers are. Kennected can help you grow your business.

We can help you reach thousands of people at a lower cost and be a whole lot more effective.

CRMs We Interface With​

We interface with tons of CRMs via Zapier. Because Kennected works with a wide array of CRMs, you can enjoy its benefits on top of being able to import all your LinkedIn connections instantly.

Kennected works with Salesforce. Salesforce is one of the biggest CRM systems in the world. It is designed to bring customers and companies together. According to Salesforce it is “one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments—including marketing, sales, commerce, and service—a single, shared view of every customer.

Kennected also works with CRMs including Dubsado, Follow Up Boss, Redtail CRM, Mojo, Streak, Insightly, Agile CRM, Freshsales, Zillow Tech Connect, and more.

If you don’t see your CRM on here, feel free to reach out. Most likely with Zapier, it can be integrated.

How it Works

A CRM system is important because it helps ensure accuracy and efficiency. It also saves a lot of time. Instead of having to dig around for your connections’ email addresses and phone numbers, you can have all this information in one convenient location.

Without a CRM system, all these important details can easily get lost or forgotten. As your business grows, you will have to process more and more data about new clients, leads, and prospects—on top of all your existing customers.

A proper customer relationship management system takes away all of the hassle associated with juggling thousands of data. Choose the right CRM for your business and you can easily update records and get access to relevant information when you need them.

And with Kennected, importing all of these into the CRM of your choice is even easier. You can focus on more important tasks like having conversations with your leads or building relationships with customers.

Kennected Crawls LinkedIn profiles for email addresses and phone numbers. There’s no need for third party tools. After connecting with a prospect on LinkedIn, Kennected brings you the information you need. You can then set up a Zap for your CRM.

On top of its ability to import connections into your CRM effortlessly, Kennected has plenty of other helpful features. It is a LinkedIn automation tool that puts your outreach on autopilot while bringing you a stream of connections, sales, and meetings.

Kennected uses data-rich filters to find your ideal targets on LinkedIn. You can then send personalized connection messages and follow-ups automatically—but not in bulk, as if you were sending them manually. Personalized messages are more likely to receive a response on LinkedIn. Kennected empowers you with the tools you need to grow your business.

It brings you smart prospecting on autopilot. Find business emails with ease and send them a connection request in a matter of seconds. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more!

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