How To Use LinkedIn Automation To Generate Sales


As a business owner or marketer, it is important to consider how much time and energy you are spending on generating leads. Those are some of your most important resources. Unfortunately, B2B prospecting can be time-consuming.

If you are using a social platform like LinkedIn, you have to spend time sending connection requests, personalizing your messages, and figuring out how many leads have actually responded to your outreach. No one has that kind of time.

The best solution to this problem is using LinkedIn automation. Today we are going to discuss how you can use LinkedIn automation to generate more sales while saving time and energy.

How to Use LinkedIn Outreach Software to Generate Leads

First let’s talk about what LinkedIn automation is. This is a marketing strategy that involves automating your LinkedIn outreach using outreach software—one great example of this is Kennected’s very own Cloud Kennect.

LinkedIn automation tools can complete different tasks depending on the tool you are using, but most of them can automatically send out connection requests, create and send messages, etc. These tools can replace manual efforts, making your LinkedIn outreach much easier. Automation even lets you reach more people in a shorter amount of time.

But why LinkedIn, you ask? It’s simple: out of all the popular social networking platforms out there right now, LinkedIn is the only one that focuses on building professional and business relationships. This means it is full of highly qualified leads. Additionally, it has over 756 million users around the world. LinkedIn is where you want to be if you want to generate sales.

The thing about LinkedIn is that it can be time-consuming since there are so many prospects to reach out to. You don’t have time to examine every single profile to find out if they are worth engaging. That’s why you need LinkedIn automation.

First Off Let’s Talk About How Not to Do It

Now we’re gonna go into how you can use LinkedIn automation properly to get the best results. First things first: do not use automation to spam other LinkedIn users.

Some marketers send the same recycled templates over and over again, and it’s clear to people that they are spammers. This is an easy way to get yourself in LinkedIn Jail. That’s when your profile gets restricted or suspended by LinkedIn because you broke their user agreement.

You will know that an automation tool is worth your time when it can still automate your outreach without spamming your prospects with unwanted messages.

Do not send your prospects a calendar link to “jump on a zoom” in your first message. Your intro message is very important, so keep it short and to the point. There’s a proper way to reach out to your targets on LinkedIn, and spamming is not the way to do it.

What to Do Instead: Build Relationships with Prospects and Leads

Your first message on LinkedIn should be aimed at establishing a relationship, since you are most likely reaching out to someone you don’t know yet and are not connected to.

When setting up your message on Cloud Kennect for your LinkedIn outreach, think about an intro that will grab their attention, introduce who you are, and also make them want to continue the conversation. This part of the outreach process is an art form, and only high quality automation tools can give you the level of personalization that you need to create those relationships.

Your prospects will only want to connect with you if they can see that you genuinely care about them and want to bring solutions to their problems.

Ask Questions about Them

Make the conversation about them. Learn about your prospects’ interests, goals, pain points, etc. You will benefit from having as much information about them as you can get. These topics drive conversations.

One of the best things about LinkedIn is that people here are usually more open to these types of conversations because that’s what they are there for. Most people are using LinkedIn for personal and career development. If someone can come up to them and actually help them with their problems, they will be more responsive.

Even if you don’t know how to help them, you can directly ask your prospects how they think you can give them value. By genuinely caring about them, you can open more doors. Help them reach their goals, and even if you can’t—put them in touch with someone that can.

Provide So Much Value That the Law of Reciprocity Kicks In

LinkedIn outreach is all about value: giving value to your audience so that you can eventually get value from them. The same thing applies to strategies like content marketing wherein you give people so much information that they can’t help but to see you as an industry expert. It boosts your credibility and it makes it easier to convert your followers into paying customers.

You can do the same thing with your LinkedIn outreach. Provide so much value to them that the Law of Reciprocity kicks in. The Law of Reciprocity is when someone feels compelled to do something for someone who has helped them along the way. They will return the favor without you even asking them to. This is something that a lot of businesses are learning to employ in their own marketing strategies.

This means when you are reaching out to people through LinkedIn automation, you should always think about what kind of value you can give to them.

Once You Have an Army of Fans Who Love You—Then You Can Ask for Referrals

Over time, you are going to build your own community of followers, fans, and loyal customers who love your brand. They know your products and services are effective and they are always purchasing what you have to offer. Once you’ve hit this stage, it is time to use this influence to reach even more people. That’s when you ask for referrals.

Referrals are undeniably impactful. In fact, customers are four times more likely to buy when they have a recommendation from a friend. Referrals are an example of word of mouth marketing, which according to marketing executives is the most effective form of marketing. Consumers are more likely to trust a company that was recommended by someone they trust.

So now that you have loyal clients who are willing to speak on your behalf, simply ask them for a referral. It doesn’t have to be anything big: they can just mention you to their friends and how you’ve helped them accomplish their goals. Some businesses even give small incentives for customers that give them valuable referrals.

Don’t Forget to Ask for the Sale When it fits

After establishing a connection and building a relationship, don’t forget to pitch your product and ask for a sale when the time is right. While you shouldn’t pitch right away, do not hesitate to ask for the sale if it’s a good fit, otherwise you miss your opportunity.

Closing is usually the easiest part of selling because it comes once you’ve gained the other person’s trust and confidence. Now that you have helped the lead identify a problem and proposed a solution, you can go ahead and ask them to purchase your product. If you did everything right, this should lead to a conversion.

The Goal of Automated LinkedIn Messages

The goal of automating your LinkedIn outreach is to simplify the prospecting process and see who actually wants to generate a conversation. No need to reach out to every single person manually when you can use an automation tool to get immediate responses from qualified leads.

When a person responds to your LinkedIn outreach, that’s when you focus on them and start building that relationship. You take over from there: you jump into the conversation and get to know them more. Start providing value and work towards that conversion.

Automation is not about being lazy; it’s about being efficient. LinkedIn automation can save hours if not days of work.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

LinkedIn automation is incredibly powerful: and with great power comes great responsibility. Wield automation properly and you will reap its benefits.

There are tools out there that spam other users, and it only gets you in trouble. You want to avoid that as much as possible so you can focus on being productive instead of spending time in LinkedIn Jail.

Spamming LinkedIn users also hurts your credibility, which is not a good thing if you are trying to build up a good reputation.

Use a high quality automation tool that gets the job done without getting your LinkedIn account in trouble. Use Cloud Kennect to automate your LinkedIn outreach safely and responsibly.

Why Use Cloud Kennect from Kennected for Your Lead Generation on LinkedIn

Cloud Kennect is not just the best automation tool for your LinkedIn outreach, it is also the safest. That’s because it only automates the mundane and repetitive tasks that are keeping you from being productive. It sends your connection messages automatically, but not in bulk—as if you were sending them yourself.

This is your new revenue engine that builds a stream of connections, leads, appointments, and meetings, all on autopilot. And it does all that without spamming LinkedIn users.

All you have to do is identify a targeted list of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn, copy and paste the URL into Kennected and set up your message. Cloud Kennect lets you set up proven cold outreach messaging sequences that actually get responses because they are personalized.

Cloud Kennect sends these messages to your identified prospects every single month, but limits the number of messages sent per day to keep your account safe. When a user responds, you are notified, and you can continue the conversation from there. Cloud Kennect makes it easy to build relationships and close deals.

Kennected was created so that entrepreneurs and sales professionals like you don’t have to waste time on manual prospecting. The days of manual prospecting are over.0 Turn your cold connections into sales conversations on LinkedIn using Cloud Kennect.

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