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LinkedIn is now one of the most valuable tools for marketers and business owners who want to reach their target audience online. Boasting a higher conversion rate compared to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn is the top choice for B2B marketers.

If you want to improve your email marketing campaign, LinkedIn is also the best way to find emails. You can get this information quickly because most people do share their contact details online, particularly on LinkedIn. That’s why you can easily build a list of emails through this channel.

And to make that process easier, you need to use the right tools. Here we will talk about everything you need to know about email marketing, SMS marketing, and how to build your contact list on LinkedIn using Kennected.

How to Find LinkedIn Contacts to Find Email & Phone Numbers​

The simplest way to find email addresses and phone numbers on LinkedIn is to browse their LinkedIn profiles. But first you’ll have to connect with them, and for that you need to send a connection request.

Start by connecting with people you already know: colleagues, friends, family members, former classmates, etc. These are the ones who are most likely to connect with you.

If you are sending a request to someone you don’t know in particular, don’t forget to add a note. Introduce yourself, tell them why you want to connect with them, and what value they can get out of it. Take the time to do some research and learn about your prospect before sending your message so you can personalize it. A personalized message is more likely to be read.

If you send them the default connection request message, you might get ignored—or worse, marked as spam. People don’t realize that clicking “I don’t know this person” on a connection request is exactly the same as marking them as spam. Receiving this type of response multiple times can lead to your LinkedIn account getting restricted, so be careful.

Once you’re connected, browse through their LinkedIn profile and click on “Contact Info” to find their email. Their email will only be visible if they opt to share it on their LinkedIn profile.

Although this is the most common way of finding emails through LinkedIn, it is also time-consuming. There’s also no guarantee that the person will have their email displayed on LinkedIn.

To improve your email marketing efforts and build your email list more effectively, you need the right tools. There are plenty of email finder tools out there that you can use, but Kennected offers a lot more helpful features.

Imagine being able to send personalized messages to thousands of leads in your defined geographic area or town that has a LinkedIn account. Send them an intro message, and whether they buy something from you or just connect with you—you win.

Kennected is a LinkedIn automation tool that offers smart prospecting on autopilot. It can help you find business emails with ease thanks to its integration with FindThatLead,, Anymail finder, and more.

Kennected not only helps you find your ideal audience on LinkedIn, it also helps you connect with them faster, and push data to HubSpot more easily. You can synchronize prospect details and activity to HubSpot with a single click.

It can also personalize your messages and follow ups to increase click through rate. Kennected has a reply detection feature that automatically stops future follow up messages when the user responds.

Kennected sends messages automatically, but not in bulk, as if you were sending them yourself.

Once they connect with you on LinkedIn, you automatically have their email and phone number all inside of the Kennected dashboard. That’s the power of Kennected. We can help you reach thousands of people at a lower cost than mailers.

Why Would You Want to Gather Email and Phone Numbers for Prospects?​

Email marketing is a strategy that is based around sending emails and building relationships with leads from there. You can tell that an email marketing strategy is effective if it converts prospects into paying customers. It can also encourage first time buyers to become recurring customers.

Even though social media marketing is all the rage these days, it doesn’t necessarily mean that email marketing is dead. It’s not even past its prime.

Email marketing remains one of the best strategies to use today—and your business can greatly benefit from it. In 2018, email marketing still ranked higher than social media, affiliate marketing, and SEO in terms of most effective marketing channels.

To put it simply: not everyone is on social media, but almost everyone has an email address. According to data from 2017, 85 percent of adult internet users in the US have an email.

When connecting with leads for the first time, sending an email is almost always the right call. An email does not require the recipient to answer right away, so they can respond as they see fit. It’s not invasive and it doesn’t put any pressure on them.

A well-written email also lets you give them all the information they need without the unnecessary back and forth. You can catch their attention with your subject line, keep them invested with your first few sentences, and then give them all the details in the email body. Email makes it easy for everyone involved.

So if you want to pursue an email marketing campaign, it’s certainly not a bad idea. But you have to do it right.

Email Marketing​

Kennected helps you build up your email list as you expand your LinkedIn network. You can be everywhere your ideal customers are: on social media, email, or SMS. Kennected can help you grow your business.

The thing about email marketing that everyone needs to remember is that when adding people to your list, you always need to be compliant. You can’t spam people and expect good results. Keep in mind that you are a guest in their inbox. Don’t bombard them with pitches and advertisements.

The first step in building your email list is getting permission. A good way to convince someone to join your email list is by giving them an incentive for doing so. Give them value right off the bat for signing up for your newsletter and product updates. People love free stuff.

Don’t just write “enter your email for updates” and call it a day. Some businesses offer free downloads, promos, etc., to convince people to leave their email address.

You can get creative with the incentives. It all depends on what kind of value you can provide—so incentives may vary from one business to another. Give them something interesting so that they’ll warm up to the idea of joining your email list.

You’ll notice that building an email list is easier once you’ve established your brand and built up a good reputation. Your prospects want to hear from someone who is credible and trustworthy. So spend some time building up your reputation through content marketing and other branding efforts.

Content marketing will help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, while giving valuable knowledge to your community. It also boosts your online presence and engagement. By making yourself the number one resource person in your industry, you can get more people to connect with you on LinkedIn and join your email list.

Make sure you are consistent when sending your emails. If you promised to send one email per week but instead send one daily, your prospects are going to get annoyed. On the flip side, if they are expecting daily updates but you don’t deliver, it will also lead to disappointment.

Of course, you’re not building an email list just for fun—you want to increase your revenue by converting them into customers. But it can be tricky to switch from an email list that provides free value into one that pitches products.

Luckily, this is something people already come to expect. You just need to have the right approach.

Think ahead about what you are going to pitch so you can give your prospects a solid offer. It’s good to personalize your sales pitches based on the customer. If they have expressed interest in a particular product or service that you offer, you can use that as a starting point.

Even if you don’t know their preference, offer something that you think they might get value out of. The reason you added them into your email list in the first place is because they are part of your target audience. Choosing a product or service to pitch should be easy.

If you are going to give them sales pitches regularly, do it consistently and predictably—just don’t overload them with pitches and you should be fine. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes.

Sending blind offers will cause you to lose permission to keep doing so. But as long as your email marketing strategy is consistent with the expectations you’ve set, you’re going to be fine.

SMS Marketing​

Just like with building your email list, Kennected can help you build your SMS list. With Kennected, you can easily add users to text messaging marketing lists.

SMS stands for short message service. SMS marketing is all about communicating with your customers via text. There’s no denying that everyone is using their cellphones on a regular basis. And if you can engage with your target audience through text, you can increase your revenue significantly.

SMS marketing is marketing through text. Businesses use this to increase brand awareness and promote their products.

Of course, this may feel invasive and unwelcome if the person does not opt-in, so getting permission is once again an important part of this marketing strategy. Keep that in mind while building your SMS list and collecting your LinkedIn connections’ phone numbers.

One benefit of SMS marketing is the lightning-fast delivery. Text messages are sent and received very quickly. When you send one, they are received almost immediately. If you have time-sensitive messages like promos, flash sales and other event-related announcements, this is one of the most reliable ways to get the word out. And because people always have their phones with them, you are guaranteed to reach hundreds of people effortlessly. 90 percent of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes.

SMS marketing is great because texts have incredibly high open rates. With email marketing, people have to check their inbox before they can see all the new messages. But with SMS marketing, people are instantly alerted to the text.

Not only are SMS messages opened more frequently, but they also have higher response rates. The average response rate is 45 percent for SMS marketing. Higher response rates can lead to more sales.

But because SMS messages are more direct and personal, you need to use them sparingly. They work best with limited-time events and other important announcements. Just because you have their contact number doesn’t mean you are free to use it. Get their permission before adding them to your marketing list so you don’t message them out of the blue.

It’s actually illegal to add people to your cellphone marketing list without permission. So after getting their phone number, make sure you get explicit permission from users before texting them.

Create an opt-in campaign where customers can check an opt-in box. This is similar to how they can opt-in to your email list. Also, don’t forget to tell users what type of text messages they can expect to receive from you. Be clear about how often your business will send a text and keep that promise.

Keep your text messages short, concise, and valuable. People who opt-in to your text messages will expect your messages to be worthwhile. So give them what they signed up for and offer flash sales, promos, etc. Exclusive offers will make them feel like VIPs.

Those are some of the best practices when using email and SMS marketing. Use Kennected to automate your outreach while keeping your messages personalized.

Kennected will bring you a steady stream of leads, connections, and sales—all on autopilot. Book a demo with Kennected today to learn more!

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