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A LinkedIn bot sends a LinkedIn auto message automatically to build connections.

Marketers must go through many mindless and boring lead generation tasks. Some things should be automated, and some things shouldn’t be.

A LinkedIn automation tool lets you automate repetitive, manual tasks. Social selling is all about forming relationships and engaging prospects.

Your LinkedIn message automation campaign can run in the background while you do other tasks.  

You shouldn’t automate your conversations with prospects. There are already too many people doing this, so LinkedIn automation has a bad reputation.

Instead, automate things like:  

  • Automate LinkedIn connections

  • Visiting profiles

  • Set message sending conditions

  • Automatically post

You can do about anything with LinkedIn, from simple outreach to using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Automation does all the repetitive tasks for you.

To succeed with LinkedIn lead generation in 2022, you have to personalize your outreach. Here’s how to go about it.  

Make A LinkedIn Account

Before doing anything, ensure you have a solid LinkedIn profile detailed with employment background, skills, a header, profile photo, etc.

What Are LinkedIn Tools?

LinkedIn isn’t easy to keep active like other social media platforms. Also, it takes a lot of time. If you’re like most marketers, time is a luxury you’re short on.

But LinkedIn automation can help.

With LinkedIn automation, you can automate things like:

  • Sending a connection request message.

  • Hyper-personalize your messages based on your target audience’s profile information.

  • Creating a social selling campaign with follow-ups.

  • Choosing your custom target audience for your outreach.

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Why Do Marketers Use LinkedIn?

If you work in B2B, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to distribute content and generate leads.

The whole platform is a bottomless well of sales opportunities so you can find just about anyone there. 

There’s no better way to get in touch with any decision-maker, and you’re just a click away from a filtered list of your audience – right down to their location and job industry.

Still, many people think LinkedIn automation is spammy and ineffective.

Keep This In Mind Before Running Any LinkedIn Automation

While you work on other business tasks, you can let your LinkedIn message automation campaign run in the background. How cool is that?

But before we get into all the ins and outs of LinkedIn message automation, you should know about safety. Safety is big. LinkedIn hates spam.

A lot of their automation tools violate their terms of service. Why is that? Their message quality is bad, and they send a ton of emails per day.

Having A Target Audience In Mind Is Key

Your automated LinkedIn outreach campaign can succeed or fail based on your target audience. You don’t want to send messages to the wrong people.

Getting retargeted with the same outreach methods that sound spammy and trying to sell with the first message is a pain. Understand their pain points and build a persona around them.


This small Chrome extension lets you automate LinkedIn connection requests and messages. Also, it lets you follow and visit profiles automatically.

Waalaxy’s best feature is its sequence feature that allows you to automate steps (visit/tracking/connection request/message) between them. 

InTouch Tool

LinkedIn can’t detect it because it’s designed to mimic human activity.

The InTouch Tool clicks buttons on LinkedIn’s website just like you do – unlike cloud-based automation solutions that put your LinkedIn account at risk. 

All actions are scheduled and performed in your browser, so LinkedIn automation looks like manual work.  

Here’s how to set up the tool:

  1. Set up your personalized connection request

  2. Choose your target audience from LinkedIn Search/LinkedIn Sales Navigator/your LinkedIn network or import them from your CSV file

  3. Press “Start”

What Are Connection Requests?

LinkedIn connection requests are personalized messages users send other users in hopes of connecting (much like friending someone on Facebook).

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LiProspects is LinkedIn automation software that automates outreach and follow-ups for you. Find new connections by autopiloting your outreach.

You can automate LinkedIn connection requests and follow-ups with personalized messages to target accounts. 


On our list of LinkedIn automation tools, we have another name you wouldn’t typically find on a social media tool. 

The If This Then That platform strives to build a better-connected world through artificial intelligence.

You don’t need to know how to code or use machine learning to use IFTTT. 

You can integrate IFTTT with many tools to make the most of your internet of things experiments or business applications.  

The kind of functionality this tool offers can be put to great use for LinkedIn automation. IFTTT has several presets called “recipes,” for example.

Here are the following recipes available for automation:

  • Automatically post images on LinkedIn you have uploaded on Instagram

  • Automatically share Facebook Page photos to your LinkedIn network with hashtags

  • Share your WordPress post as soon as it is published automatically to your LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn groups


You can use SocialPilot to post to multiple LinkedIn profiles and company pages. You can use it to build and execute your LinkedIn marketing strategy from the ground up.

You can create content, schedule your posts, analyze their performance, or even manage your brand’s online reputation on LinkedIn.  

What Is LinkedIn Message Automation?

Are you tired of sending 100s of LinkedIn messages daily? LinkedIn automation can do this for you.


Dux-Soup is pretty popular right now for LinkedIn lead generation automation. Using Dux-Soup, you can find leads easily, nurture them, and get them closer to conversion.

It’s easier to communicate with prospects on LinkedIn when you use Dux-Soup. 

You can add unique elements to your automated messages, like images, to make them seem more human. 

With Dux-Soup, even a beginner can set up drip campaigns for LinkedIn. 

You can drop notes and tags based on your observations when looking at prospects’ profiles or thinking about following up with them.

Afterward, you can use these tags, notes, etc., to frame your messaging.

Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred can help you maximize your LinkedIn connections’ engagement and conversions.

With its CRM functionality, you can run different LinkedIn campaigns to keep your audience engaged and connected. 

You get a complete insight into the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns in real-time. Log into the dashboard for actionable insights.

You can optimize your campaigns to get the best results. The list goes on. 


Aeroleads also lets you customize your messages while integrating with top CRMs. It even works with sites like Crunchbase and AngelList.

Aeroleads suggests emails that are updated and relevant, automating LinkedIn connections. You can export data to CSV files.

It works seamlessly with LinkedIn. You just need to install it in Chrome.

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Zopto is a great choice from this list of LinkedIn automation tools if you’re looking to boost your sales team lead generation efforts and get more qualified leads from LinkedIn into your sales funnel. 

You can set up Zopto in less than five minutes. Get started with Zopto right now with a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account.


Wiza is a great tool for sales teams who want to save time and concentrate on verified leads. It’s easy to integrate with your Sales Navigator

This tool can scrape real-time data to get accurate and up-to-date contact info. 

What Is A Visit And Extract Tool?

It’s easy to extract profile data from LinkedIn with this tool. A CSV file is created from scraping profile pages. 

It pulls names, workplaces, education, skills, interests, industry, mutual connections, and email (first-level connections only).

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For many people’s sales efforts, Sales Navigator has become their go-to prospecting tool. 

You will get a ton of business from creating relevant leads, account lists relevant to your territory, and finding accounts and leads not in your CRM.

Following them also lets you have introductory conversations relevant to their activity.

Linked Helper

You can automate LinkedIn actions with Linked Helper, like viewing profiles, adding people to your network, sending messages, etc. 

Most people would use the LinkedIn search tool if they wanted to target a specific audience, find the right people, or attract leads.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is more simple than the other tools on this list. It’s a powerful tool with a clear purpose.

You’ll get notified whenever someone views content you’ve shared with them through LinkedIn.  


Zapier can be a great way to automate things on LinkedIn. Your CRM can track results, or you can connect your favorite email outreach tool to target leads on other channels. 

Someone is almost guaranteed to reply to your email if they see your message on LinkedIn and get an email from you the next day. 

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What Are "Away Messages?"

People use away messages to let others know they’re busy. You can use LinkedIn autoresponders for more than just telling people you’re on vacation. 

Let people know you’ll follow up soon. Not checking your LinkedIn messages much? Let people know you’re busy, and you’ll get back to them as soon as possible.

Invite & Follow Up Campaigns

In addition to inviting people, this tool sends them a follow-up message after they’ve been filtered out. This is a great workflow for your first sales outreach on LinkedIn. 

Your network will expand quickly with people who fit your target audience, and you’ll qualify leads by sending them a follow-up with a few questions and/or your sales pitch.  

Send Semi-Personalized Messages On LinkedIn

You should send a message a few hours or days after a connection request is accepted. A week later, you should send another message with some content offer.

After a few more days, you should send another message with another content offer. Make a “hard ask” for a sales meeting or demo a few days later. 

Companies Extractor

You can extract information from LinkedIn company pages with this tool. When you type a keyword in the search field, you’ll see a lot of companies.

Use Companies Extractor to get info like: Company name, company URL on LinkedIn, website, domain, industry, number of followers, and more. 

That list can be further filtered to include only companies in a particular area or with a certain number of followers.

Cloud Kennect

Kennected offers a LinkedIn message sender that lets the user send automatic messages on LinkedIn in bulk.

Minimize your marketing efforts by looking at your existing network and building onto it.

Cloud Kennect will guarantee more leads and response rates, reducing your need to make sales calls.

Invite People To Events

LinkedIn recently added a great feature that lets you host events and invite your network. 

Using the LinkedIn Events feature is a good way to spice up your network, and many marketers do this to share content or research customer needs before contacting them.  

Additional Resources

For more effective lead generation and sales, you’ve got other options: the people you’re hoping to reach are in LinkedIn groups, they comment on posts and like them, or maybe you know what colleges they went to, and that’s just what you need. 

With the’ Collect Post Likers and Commentators’ tool, you can get a list of people who liked or commented on your post right away.  

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