What Is Linked Helper?

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Linked Helper is a Chrome plugin and desktop application that automates various LinkedIn functions like:

  • Inviting people to connect

  • Endorse contacts

  • Messaging first connections

  • Creating autoresponder messaging for new connections

  • Inviting 1st connections to join groups 

LinkedIn has a rich and ever-growing ecosystem of inexpensive (sometimes free) tools that you can use to achieve your business aims on autopilot.

With Linked Helper, you can focus on converting leads. Automate your LinkedIn lead generation and marketing with Linked Helper. 

It’s a tool that will help you achieve your business aims on autopilot while watching.

LinkedIn automation tools will help you collect contacts, expand your network, send automated messages, and do much more.

They’re an automated service for LinkedIn that claims to be able to help you with all of your LinkedIn connections. Or can they?

What Is A LinkedIn Automation Tool?

LinkedIn automation is when you use tools to automate tasks you’d otherwise have to do manually.

Sending out connection requests, messaging prospects, and following up are all examples.

Why Do People Use Automation Software?

Just think you have to send 300 messages, and you’re trying to expand your community. Can you imagine how much time these manual tasks take?

Why do it manually when you can automate it? The goal of automation software is to make your life easier.

Is Linked Helper Illegal?

Like any other third-party LinkedIn software, using Linked Helper is against the LinkedIn user agreement, but it is not illegal. So, you use it at your own risk.

These tools are designed to automate some of LinkedIn’s most mundane activities.

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What Is Linked Helper 2?

When you want to use Linked Helper 2, the first thing arising to mind is whether this is a safe tool or not.

Linked Helper 2 works like a smart browser locally on your computer.

It imitates human behavior by making random pauses between steps, limiting your daily actions to a reasonable amount, clicking the buttons, and navigating to the profile page via LinkedIn search.

Linked Helper 2 is a LinkedIn automation tool with an internal CRM and drip campaign features.

Users can track interactions with LinkedIn profiles, search by tags, and add notes to profile cards.

Linked Helper 2 automatically responds to new connections’ messages using reply detection. This enables smart message chains.

You want to create smart message chains because you can build follow-up campaigns in specific time intervals.

Chain messaging ensures you will never miss another LinkedIn message in your drip campaigns.

You will keep people interested when you continuously engage with newly added connections.

Collecting & Extracting Contacts

When you want to use Linked Helper 2, one of the main draws is that you can acquire contacts from a vast range of different places on LinkedIn, like the My Network page on LinkedIn, Project page in Recruiter, or Saved Leads list in Sales Navigator.

It helps to grow market share and acquire customers.

Linked Helper also helps to automate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter gaining automatic profiles visiting and exporting to CSV file (Google Sheets/MS Excel).

By default, CSV files will be compatible with Google Sheets, but you have the option of switching to MS Excel format.

What Systems Allow Access To Linked Helper 2?

  • Web-based desktop

  • Mac desktop

  • Windows desktop

  • Linux desktop

  • Chromebook On-Premise

  • Android mobile

  • iPhone mobile

  • iPad

Features of Linked Helper

Linked Helper automates your LinkedIn marketing and lead generation process.

Linked Helper features include:

  • Expanding the social networks to an unlimited number of contacts

  • Auto mailing system to reach the business partners

  • Invite connections

  • Send messages to recently added connections

  • Send messages to LinkedIn group members

It’s also possible to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts from one Linked Helper Launcher on one PC (you just need to have separate IP addresses, but the guide on managing multiple LinkedIn accounts covers that).

This is a great feature for agencies that do growth hacking, lead generation, and personal brand building.

You can use this feature even if you’re a startup or a small sales team, like when one person manages a lot of stuff.

Linked Helper's Built-In CRM

CRM is customer relationship management, which means that Linked Helper has an internal tool that will help you get contact information and export that information to a CSV file to help you build a targeted mailing list.

When you are extracting those profiles, you can apply different filters. How will it help you with this feature?

You can collect all these profiles into a campaign by adding them to the CRM and then using them for your LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Collecting all the data of your potential customers and then putting it in the CSV format does help a lot.

You can even export emails of your 1st connections or even try to export emails of your 2nd and 3rd connections via the workaround mentioned here.

It makes it easier to build a fully targeted mailing list on your interested topic.

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Why Should You Gain More LinkedIn Contacts?

Linked Helper makes expanding your contacts easy, but you can remove them if necessary. You can automatically remove contacts that don’t match your criteria.

Expanding your LinkedIn contacts will give you more leads to nurture and convert. You can also boost your profile by getting endorsements and expanding your contacts. 

You can invite 2nd and 3rd contacts to build new relationships. Set your parameters, and Linked Helper takes care of the rest.

You can use Linked Helper to collect 1st connections from the search page, alumni page, or my connections page. 

You can invite them to events or follow your company page.

Profiles Auto-Follower is another way to expand your connections with Linked Helper. You can customize your settings and create a new list based on them. 

How To Create Message Templates On Linked Helper

Expand your social networks to an unlimited number of contacts in a few clicks:

  1. Open LinkedIn or Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite search page and your filters.

  2. Choose Relationship: 2nd or 3rd

  3. Choose “Collect, Select & Invite 2nd Contacts”

  4. From the dropdown menu, click “Collect Contacts For Inviting”

  5. Set invitation message template using {first name}, {last name}, {company} & {position}

  6. Click “Start Profiles Inviting”

Does Linked Helper Work With Every Version of LinkedIn?

Linked Helper works with the free version of LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Recruiter.

Automation will allow you to connect with many prospects by still staying personal; thousands of marketers use it.

Can You Use One Account License On Two LinkedIn Accounts Simultaneously?

You can’t use one license on two LinkedIn accounts. Still, you can switch it between them at any moment.

Get Hundreds of Endorsements

Linked Helper endorses contacts automatically. In return, 10-30% on your contact list will endorse you.

  1. Press “Collect Contacts For Endorse”

  2. Open LinkedIn in a separate tab or window

  3. Press “Endorse My Contacts”

Personalize Your Messages With Images

Want to send 2nd & 3rd-level contacts a personal note?

Sending personalized messages does wonders. Linked Helper allows you to send custom images.

Double or triple your conversion rate with a wide range of standard and custom variables.

In addition, you can use the smart message template editor to build flexible templates.

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How To Add Your Signature To Messages

Automatically add your signature to messages:

  1. Go to “My Signature” settings

  2. Write your signature & click the “Save” button

  3. Switch on “Adds Signature” mode

Linked Helper Alternatives

Alternatives to Linked Helper include:

Is Linked Helper Free?

Linked Helper offers a subscription-free trial for 14 days, and then you have to pay $15 per month to access the app.

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