LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: How To Use Them


As most marketers know, LinkedIn is a great source of leads. However, LinkedIn ads can be expensive so you want to keep performance high and costs low as much as possible.

If you want to generate more leads from this social networking platform, you need to use the right ad format and the right conversion objectives.

Today we’re going to discuss LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms and how to use them. Here you will learn how to create Lead Gen Forms within your very own LinkedIn ad campaign.

Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Landing pages are necessary, but they can also add some friction in your customer’s journey that ultimately lowers your chances of successfully converting them. That’s because sending leads to your landing page gives additional steps that they need to complete.

A LinkedIn Lead Gen Form can help reduce or even eliminate that friction and keep your conversion rates as high as possible.

When a LinkedIn user clicks on the call to action button on a LinkedIn ad that has an attached Lead Gen Form it is automatically filled with their profile and contact information. This makes it easier for them to become leads. They just have to click the ‘Submit’ button. Advertisers can then collect the information from these high quality leads.

Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is easy. You just need to create an ad campaign on LinkedIn, set up your targeting, set up your ad format, create your Lead Gen Form ad, and then download your leads. Let’s take a closer look at each step.

Start a LinkedIn Ad Campaign

Setting up your LinkedIn ad campaign is simple. On the top right corner of your screen, simply hit the ‘Advertise’ button. From there you will see your accounts. Click on Create Campaign after choosing the right campaign group.

Take note that if you don’t see the Advertise icon, click on Work and choose Marketing Solutions. Then you can select Create Campaign.

Set Lead Generation as the campaign objective and you are ready to go.

Choose Your Target Audience

Next, you need to define the target audience for your ad. So for this step, it will mostly depend on who you want to collect data from.

You can use LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to hone in on your target audience. You can define Audience Attributes such as job experience and member skills to narrow down your search. You can even put some keywords in the search box that will help you find the most qualified leads. You may also set the audience size during this step.

If you don’t want LinkedIn to add other people to your search, make sure you deselect the checkbox for Enable Audience Expansion. This will ensure that LinkedIn only brings you the target audience you asked for.

Set up the Details for your Ad

You can choose any type of LinkedIn ad for your Lead Gen Forms. There are a few formats to choose from. It can be a single image ad, a carousel ad, a video ad, or a message ad.

Once you’ve selected a format, you will find the ad schedule and budget options below. Enter a bid amount. LinkedIn will tell you if your bid is way too low and then tell you what the minimum amount should be. This is perfect for when you have a limited budget. Click Next to start creating your LinkedIn ad.

Create Your Lead Gen Form Ad

This is the most important part: creating the Lead Gen Form for your LinkedIn ad.

After clicking Create New Ad, you have the option to fill up the ‘Name This Ad’ field, which can help you stay organized.

Enter the URL for your landing page on the Destination URL field. Based on the landing page you entered, LinkedIn will automatically fill up the headline and the description fields. LinkedIn takes the headline from your SEO page title, while the description is taken from the page’s meta description.

Create a convincing introductory text that will attract the attention of your leads and convince them to register through your Lead Gen Form. This will depend on your particular goals and where you are sending them to.

You can change the headline to describe the offer more accurately. The description part is not as important because it will not show up anywhere.

LinkedIn will also pull an image from your site for your Lead Gen Form. You may either keep it or upload your own. Keep in mind that the optimal size for your image is 1200 x 627 pixels.

Set Up Your Lead Gen Form

Now you’re ready to enter the details for your form. Remember that this Lead Gen Form will drop down from the ad so LinkedIn members can fill it out right there.

LinkedIn has different options for the call to action button—choose the one that’s most appropriate for your campaign. If you are promoting an event, for example, you may want to select Learn More for your CTA.

If you have already created a Lead Gen Form before and you want to use it, you can always add it to your LinkedIn ad. But you can also create a brand new one from scratch. Set the name and language for your Lead Gen Form.

Next, create an enticing headline that reminds the user why they should fill up the form. Use the Details section to convince them further. The next step is to add your website’s privacy policy URL, which is required.

After this, you have to choose what fields will be included in the form. This depends on what information you want to get from these LinkedIn members. Any information that you ask for that are already in their LinkedIn profile will be automatically filled in. This allows the user to complete the Lead Gen Form faster. It also reduces the chances of them clicking away.

By default, the Lead Gen Form will ask for their name and email address, but you can also add more lead details and custom questions. You may also add custom checkboxes in your form.

You can add a confirmation message at the end like a quick thank you, or something that informs the lead about what they should expect to happen next. You can write something like “we’re going to get back to you”. You can also use the Landing Page URL field to direct them elsewhere.

After that, you’re done setting up your form. All you have to do is click Create—and there you have it. You have set up your own LinkedIn Lead Gen Form. Your ad is completed and your Lead Gen Form will be attached to it. Finally, click Launch Campaign.

Download Your Lead

Once you launch your campaign, your ad will go live and it will become visible to your target audience. You can go to your dashboard and pause the campaign if you don’t want to run the campaign yet.

When you launch the campaign, your form will start generating leads. You will then have the ability to download the information you have requested from your leads. Go to Account Assets, choose Lead Gen Forms, and then select Download Leads on your chosen Lead Gen Form. This will give you a CSV file with all the data that LinkedIn gathered.

To make it easier, you can use LinkedIn’s integrations such as Salesforce, HubSpot, etc., to automatically download and update this information regularly.

Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is one of the most effective ways to generate leads on LinkedIn. Now that you know how to set them up properly, you can start reaching your target audience on this professional social platform.

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