How To Get Leads For Mortgages Online

A mortgage lead is someone who is a potential customer for a mortgage loan. Mortgage loan professionals, brokers, loan originators, and loan officers rely on these leads that they can turn into borrowers. However, it’s not easy to find these leads.

For those who are only starting out, they can mine their network for mortgage leads. Friends and family members are a good start. They can also join a local organization to get in touch with members of their community. Simply being an active member of the local community can help generate leads.

Best Way Find Mortgage Leads On LinkedIn

A lot of mortgage lead generation is done with business cards, networking, and physical advertisements. But sooner or later you are gonna have to expand your horizons. You will need to take lead generation online.

Those who want to generate even more mortgage leads can rely on the many tools available online. If you do your research, you’ll find that there are many ways to get mortgage leads through proper lead generation. When generating leads, be it online or in person, do not be pushy. A potential customer might get annoyed.

Instead of being overbearing, it is better to show a genuine appreciation for people’s problems, concerns, and desires. It will help build rapport, and it will go a long way in the mortgage loan business.

Why LinkedIn Is Great For Networking

When it comes to online mortgage lead generation, there is no better platform than LinkedIn. It is the largest channel in terms of the sheer number of professional profiles on the internet. If you want to find professionals in a certain niche, this is where they are.

For loan officers, LinkedIn can serve as a well of opportunities when it comes to finding prospective clients. The chance of generating high quality leads on LinkedIn is just too big to ignore.

Most of the time, using LinkedIn to its fullest potential is all about knowing who your target audience is. But loan officers can easily narrow it down by using the right keywords and filters when using LinkedIn’s search function.

To get the most out of LinkedIn for mortgage lead generation, you need to join the right groups. You can join groups full of other loan officers, because this is beneficial when it comes to keeping up with professional practices. But keep in mind that this is not likely to get you any leads. Other loan officers in that group won’t be likely to have you do their next loan or refer their clients to you, especially when they are your direct competitors.

So instead, you need to join groups that are full of ideal clients and referral partners. If you are looking for more VA loans, join and prospect within groups full of professionals who are veterans. If you want to do more FHA loans, find groups of young professionals. Find groups full of real estate investors, financial planners, CPAs, and even estate planning attorneys.

Once you have joined the right groups, try to engage with content in the groups. Many posts in groups receive virtually no engagement, so engaging with posts from ideal prospects and referral partners can catch their attention. It is a much more organic way of starting a conversation than by direct message.

Why is the Tool that can Help You

If you do want to send messages directly, there are ways to automate this process without making it feel like spam. Kennected is a tool that lets you personalize automated messages as well as follow-ups so that you can focus on other lead generation efforts like engaging in conversations with leads who are already interested.

Another way to generate leads on LinkedIn is to provide high-quality content for free. It’s a good way to offer value to prospects. It can be a free article, a video, or anything that is informative or helpful. You can give it for free in exchange for their email address if you are trying to build a mailing list for your website.

Following these steps can help build a steady stream of leads. Visit to help optimize your lead generation efforts.

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