How Do You Lead A Sales Team?

Building a sales team is simple: you find some highly-motivated people with pleasant personalities and train them to sell your products. But leading your sales team can be quite a difficult task. Knowing that your sales team can give you the most significant advantage over your competitors, you need to learn how to lead them towards success.

Think about it: if two companies sold products of the same quality, the one with the more skilled sales team would get the sale.

Kennected was able to grow very quickly within a short period of time, and part of that is because of our incredible sales team. It is important for your company to have people with the same level of drive and determination.

Today we will be discussing some of the most effective ways to strengthen your sales team so they can reach their goals and help your business grow. Let’s take a closer look.

Create a Results-Driven Culture

Once you’ve built your sales team, it is time to start developing a work culture that cultivates their skills and pushes them into becoming as effective as they can be. Your team should consist of results-oriented individuals who are motivated and driven.

Creating a culture that’s transparent will help you get better results. Make sure you are all on the same page and that everyone is focused on key sales metrics. By putting competitive people together in a transparent environment, you set your company up for success.

Establish Clear Goals

Being a leader of your sales team means directing these individuals towards a common goal, whether that’s to generate more leads or engage with more prospects. They can’t achieve their goals if they don’t know what it is. You need to be perfectly clear about your goals for your sales team.

In order to become transparent, you need to know where you are and where you need to be. This way, you can create a roadmap for your sales team and provide the right support that they need to reach your destination.

Set High but Achievable Goals

Always set the bar high. It is better to achieve just 70 percent of a stretch goal than to achieve 100 percent of a mediocre goal. When setting goals, make sure they are high but attainable. Your sales team should understand what you are trying to build, so they are all motivated to keep going.

Define “over-performance” and “under-performance” and establish where your sales reps need to be at all times. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to give them the support and training necessary to achieve those goals.

Invest in Sales Training and Personal Development

Like we said, building a sales team is simple—but building a successful sales team is another story. You don’t need to be a business expert to know that training matters. Make continuous learning a regular part of your office culture.

Training should highlight the fundamentals such as product knowledge, communication, prospecting, and opportunity management. Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing too much on product development, neglecting their sales team although it is actually their greatest asset. Your sales force has a greater impact especially if they are hitting or exceeding their targets consistently.

Give constant feedback to your sales team so they can keep on learning. Provide constructive feedback based on their performance and point them in the right direction so they can change their approach when necessary.

Think about how coaches and players in pro sports watch game tapes to analyze past performances and figure out how to get better. This also applies to sales. It is a collaborative journey.

Take an Individual Approach

Leading a team is more than just creating a cohesive unit, although that’s a big part of it. It is also about focusing on individual development. You need to work on building them up on an individual level so that they can be a stronger part of the team.

Encourage your team members to get into personal development. Get your team into listening to uplifting podcasts, reading books and content that will lift their mind and create a winning mindset. Help them develop healthy habits that keep them motivated and inspired.

Strategize Based on the Team You Have

For you to develop a strong sales team, you need to hire people who are coachable in the first place. You need hires that are good at taking feedback. You can gauge this through role playing sales scenarios. Have them conduct a demo for your product while you’re playing the role of a customer.

Ask them how they think they did and then give them feedback. Grade them not just on how smoothly the demo went, but how open they were to self-assessment, taking feedback and applying it.

Once you have individuals who are motivated and coachable, you can start thinking about them as a team. Remember that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution because your team will be made up of different people with different personalities. Try to learn about their motivations and use it to energize your sales team.

There will also be people who are naturally more talented, while others need more time and training before they can fully blossom. Keep that in mind while working with your sales team. You may have to be more patient with other team members before you can bring out their full potential.

Give Equal Opportunity for Success

On that note, it may be tempting to give your most skilled salespeople all of the best opportunities. But pay attention to how you distribute accounts. You want to create a fair and balanced system that gives every team member the opportunity to shine. With the right opportunities, people can succeed and produce amazing results, which will further motivate them into becoming stronger members of your sales team.

These are some of the tips you need to consider when working with a sales team. Remember that it’s better to be a leader than a boss: you need to make sure you are giving the right support so your sales team can take your business to the next level.

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